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HBV Drugs in Development

Drug ClassSponsor and/or CompanyDrug NameAlt NameDrug StatusNotesAIDS#
Antibody, MonoclonalVir BiotechnologyVIR-3434 Phase 1Recruiting 
Antibody, MonoclonalGreen Cross CorporationGC1102Recombinant Hepatitis B ImmunoglobulinPhase 2Completed 
Antibody, Monoclonal (PDL1 Inhibitor)Ascletis PharmaceuticalsEnvafolimabASC22; KN035Phase 2Recruiting 
Apoptosis InducerAscentage Pharma GroupAPG-1387 Phase 1Recruiting 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorJanssen SciencesJNJ 56136379JNJ-6379Phase 2Completed 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorQilu PharmaceuticalsQL-007 Phase 1Unknown 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorEnanta PharmaceuticalsEDP-514 Phase 1Recruiting 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorAligos TherapeuticsALG-000184 Phase 1Recruiting 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorAssembly BiosciencesABI-H3733 Phase 1Completed 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorAssembly BiosciencesABI-H2158 Phase 2Recruiting 
Core Protein / Capsid InhibitorAssembly BiosciencesVebicorvirABI-H0731Phase 2Recruiting 
FXR AgonistEnyo PharmaEYP001a Phase 1Completed 
RNA Gene Silencer (Antisense Oligonucleotide)Ionis Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKlineIONIS-HBVRxGSK3228836Phase 2Completed 
RNA Gene Silencer (RNAi / siRNA)Dicerna PharmaceuticalsDCR HBVS Phase 1Recruiting 
RNA Gene Silencer (RNAi / siRNA)Janssen Research & DevelopmentJNJ-73763989JNJ-3989Phase 1Completed 
RNA Gene Silencer (RNAi / siRNA)Vir BiotechnologyVIR-2218 Phase 2Active, Not Recruiting 
TLR-8 AgonistGilead SciencesSelgantolimodGS9688Phase 2Completed 
Viral Polymerase InhibitorGlaxoSmithKlineTenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate; GSK548470A prodrug of the nucleotide,TenofovirPhase 3Completed 
Viral Polymerase InhibitorDong-A ST Co.Tenofovir Disoproxil Orotate; DA-2802A prodrug of the nucleotide,TenofovirPhase 3Completed 
Viral Polymerase InhibitorAntios TherapeuticsATI-2173 Phase 1Active, Not Recruiting 

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