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Literature Surveillance Memos

This page contains links to bi-weekly literature surveillance memos that identify relevant published research therapies on pre-clinical experimental therapies for HIV, the opportunistic infections (OIs) associated with AIDS and other viral pathogens.

Note: Where available, URL links to article abstracts have been included for the convenience of the user. Abstract links to PubMed ( are available to all users. Abstract links to Web of Science ( or Science Direct ( are only available to NIH staff inside the NIH firewall or to other registered users of these Websites.

HIVOpportunistic InfectionsOther Viral Pathogens
HIV 2011-12-22Opp Infect 2011-12-22Other Viruses 2011-12-22
HIV 2011-12-08Opp Infect 2011-12-08Other Viruses 2011-12-08
HIV 2011-11-24Opp Infect 2011-11-24Other Viruses 2011-11-24
HIV 2011-11-10Opp Infect 2011-11-10Other Viruses 2011-11-10
HIV 2011-10-27Opp Infect 2011-10-27Other Viruses 2011-10-27
HIV 2011-10-13Opp Infect 2011-10-13Other Viruses 2011-10-13
HIV 2011-09-29Opp Infect 2011-09-29Other Viruses 2011-09-29
HIV 2011-09-15Opp Infect 2011-09-15Other Viruses 2011-09-15
HIV 2011-09-01Opp Infect 2011-09-01Other Viruses 2011-09-01
HIV 2011-08-18Opp Infect 2011-08-18Other Viruses 2011-08-18
HIV 2011-08-04Opp Infect 2011-08-04Other Viruses 2011-08-04
HIV 2011-07-21Opp Infect 2011-07-21Other Viruses 2011-07-21
HIV 2011-07-07Opp Infect 2011-07-07Other Viruses 2011-07-07
HIV 2011-06-23Opp Infect 2011-06-23Other Viruses 2011-06-23
HIV 2011-06-09Opp Infect 2011-06-09Other Viruses 2011-06-09
HIV 2011-05-26Opp Infect 2011-05-26Other Viruses 2011-05-26
HIV 2011-05-12Opp Infect 2011-05-12Other Viruses 2011-05-12
HIV 2011-04-28Opp Infect 2011-04-28Other Viruses 2011-04-28
HIV 2011-04-14Opp Infect 2011-04-14Other Viruses 2011-04-14
HIV 2011-03-31Opp Infect 2011-03-31Other Viruses 2011-03-31
HIV 2011-03-17Opp Infect 2011-03-17Other Viruses 2011-03-17
HIV 2011-03-03Opp Infect 2011-03-03Other Viruses 2011-03-03
HIV 2011-02-17Opp Infect 2011-02-17Other Viruses 2011-02-17
HIV 2011-02-03Opp Infect 2011-02-03Other Viruses 2011-02-03
HIV 2011-01-20Opp Infect 2011-01-20Other Viruses 2011-01-20
HIV 2011-01-06Opp Infect 2011-01-06Other Viruses 2011-01-06

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