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1. 60863 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Cyclopentenol nucleoside compounds, intermediates for their synthesis and methods of treating viral infections

Chu, David CK, Cho, Jong Hyun, and Kim, Hyo-Joon

PATENT: WO 2007047793 ISSUE DATE: 20070426

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 121pp.

ASSIGNEE: (University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. USA

2. 60864 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Immunogenic peptide compositions and their use in the pharmaceutical compositions active against hepatitis C virus

Inchauspe, Genevieve, Fournillier, Anne, Himoudi, Nourredine, and Martin, Perrine

PATENT: US 2007072176 ISSUE DATE: 20070329

APPLICATION: 2006-44493 PP: 116pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 514,762.


3. 60865 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Anti-viral agent, and method for treatment of virus-infected cell

Yoshinaka, Yoshiyuki, Yamamoto, Naoki, Ozawa, Satoshi, and Arai, Jun-Ichiro

PATENT: WO 2007034741 ISSUE DATE: 20070329

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 25pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Daikin Industries, Ltd. Japan

4. 60866 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/18/2007

Genetics, genomics, and proteomics: Implications for the diagnosis and the treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Asselah, T, Bieche, I, Paradis, V, Bedossa, P, Vidaud, M, and Marcellin, P

SEMINARS IN LIVER DISEASE 2007. 27(1): 13-27


5. 60867 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Preparation of 6-substituted uridine analogs as Odcase inhibitors used in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections

Kotra, Lakshmi P and Pai, Emil F

PATENT: WO 2007038860 ISSUE DATE: 20070412

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 54pp.


6. 60868 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Inhibition of filovirus replication by the zinc finger antiviral protein

Mueller, Stefanie, Moeller, Peggy, Bick, Matthew J, Wurr, Stephanie, Becker, Stephan, Guenther, Stephan, and Kuemmerer, Beate M

J. Virol. 2007. 81(5): 2391-2400

7. 60869 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Antiviral profiles of novel iminocyclitol compounds against bovine viral diarrhea virus, West Nile virus, dengue virus and hepatitis B virus

Gu Baohua, Mason Peter, Wang Lijuan, Norton Pamela, Bourne Nigel, Moriarty Robert, Mehta Anand, Despande Mehendra, Shah Rajendra, and Block Timothy

Antivir Chem Chemother 2007. 18(1): 49-59

8. 60870 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Galactan sulfate of Grateloupia indica: Isolation, structural features and antiviral activity

Chattopadhyay, Kausik, Mateu, Cecilia G, Mandal, Pinaki, Pujol, Carlos A, Damonte, Elsa B, and Ray, Bimalendu

Phytochemistry (Elsevier) 2007. 68(10): 1428-1435

9. 60871 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Use of 2-substituted-4-heteroarylpyrimidines that are protein kinase inhibitors for treating a variety of disorders

Wood, Gavin, Meades, Christopher Keith, Fischer, Peter, Wang, Shudong, Duncan, Kenneth, Zheleva, Daniella, McInnes, Campbell, and Thomas, Mark

PATENT: WO 2007042786 ISSUE DATE: 20070419

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 81pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Cyclacel Limited, UK

10. 60872 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

The in vitro activity of geraniin and 1,3,4,6-tetra-O-galloyl-b--glucose isolated from Phyllanthus urinaria against herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 infection

Yang, Chien-Min, Cheng, Hua-Yew, Lin, Ta-Chen, Chiang, Lien-Chai, and Lin, Chun-Ching

J. Ethnopharmacol. 2007. 110(3): 555-558

11. 60873 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Preparation of 6,6-bicyclic ring-substituted sulfur-containing heterobicyclic protein kinase inhibitors

Ji, Qun-Sheng, Mulvihill, Mark Joseph, Steinig, Arno G, and Weng, Qinghua

PATENT: US 2007032512 ISSUE DATE: 20070208

APPLICATION: 2006-40223 PP: 54pp.


12. 60874 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

pharmaceutical compositions having a high antiviral and antibacterial efficacy

Fuls, Janice Lynn, Taylor, Timothy J, Fox, Priscilla S, Rodgers, Nancy Day, Towner, Harry Ernest, and Dalton, James

PATENT: WO 2007044032 ISSUE DATE: 20070419

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 70pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The Dial Corporation, USA

13. 60875 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Anti-enterovirus activity and structure-activity relationship of a series of 2,6-dihalophenyl-substituted 1H,3H-thiazolo[3,4-a]benzimidazoles

De Palma Armando M, Heggermont Ward, Leyssen Pieter, Purstinger Gerhard, Wimmer Eva, De Clercq Erik, Rao Angela, Monforte Anna-Maria, Chimirri Alba, and Neyts Johan

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2007. 353(3): 628-32.

14. 60876 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Inhibitors of poxvirus protein kinases and their use as antiviral agents

Sefton, Bartholomew M and Schulte, Roberta J

PATENT: WO 2007047339 ISSUE DATE: 20070426

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 259pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA

15. 60877 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Recent developments in the virology and antiviral research of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus

Yeung, Kap-Sun and Meanwell, Nicholas A

Infect. Disord.: Drug Targets 2007. 7(1): 29-41

16. 60878 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Development and validation of a high-throughput screen for inhibitors of SARS CoV and its application in screening of a 100,000-compound library

Severson, William E, Shindo, Nice, Sosa, Mindy, Fletcher, Thomas III, White, ELucile, Ananthan, Subramaniam, and Jonsson, Colleen B

J. Biomol. Screening 2007. 12(1): 33-40

17. 60879 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

The emergence of adamantane resistance in influenza A(H1) viruses in Australia and regionally in 2006

Barr, IG, Hurt, AC, Deed, N, Iannello, P, Tomasov, C, and Komadina, N

Antiviral Res. 2007. 75(2): 173-176

18. 60880 DMID-LS-145; SCIFINDER-DMID-5/21/2007

Influenza viruses and MAP kinase cascades - Novel targets for an antiviral intervention?

Ludwig, Stephan

Signal Transduction 2007. 7(1): 81-88

19. 60881 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/18/2007

The lamivudine resistant mutation rtM204I and its effect on HBV replication in vitro

Isom, HC, Heipertz, RA, Miller, TG, and Kelley, CM

FASEB JOURNAL 2007. 21(5): A72


20. 60882 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/18/2007

In vitro studies of initiation of replication by the HCV RNA dependent RNA polymerase NS5B and the impact of NS5A

Quezada, EM and Kane, CM

FASEB JOURNAL 2007. 21(5): A282


21. 60883 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/18/2007

Systemic distribution of West Nile virus during encephalitis with a review of the literature

Armah, HB, Chute, DJ, Dulai, MP, Gyure, KA, Kleinschmidt-Demasters, B, Omalu, BI, Smith, R, Vinters, H, Wang, GJ, and Wiley, CA

FASEB JOURNAL 2007. 21(5): A403-A404


22. 60884 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/18/2007

Arachidonic acid- and docosahexaenoic acid-enriched formulas modulate antigen-specific T cell responses against influenza virus in neonatal piglets

Bassaganya-Riera, J, Guri, AJ, Noble, AM, Reynolds, KA, King, J, Wood, CM, Ashby, M, Rai, D, and Hontecillas, R

FASEB JOURNAL 2007. 21(5): A377


23. 60885 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/11/2007

Synthesis, reactions, and antiviral activity of 6 '-amino-2 '-thioxo-1 ',2 '-dihydro-3,4 '-bipyridine-3 ',5 '-dicarbonitrile

Attaby, FA, Elghandour, AHH, Ali, MA, and Ibrahem, YM



24. 60886 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/11/2007

Recent expansion of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1: a critical review

Gauthier-Clerc, M, Lebarbenchon, C, and Thomas, F

IBIS 2007. 149(2): 202-214


25. 60887 DMID-LS-145; WOS-DMID-5/11/2007

Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates: Past, present and future - Bridging chemistry to HIV, HBV, HCV, HPV, adeno-, herpes-, and poxvirus infections: The phosphonate bridge

De Clercq, E



26. 60888 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Emergence of drug resistance: implications for antiviral control of pandemic influenza

Alexander, ME, Bowman, CS, Feng, Z, Gardam, M, Moghadas, SM, Rost, G, Wu, J, and Yan, P

Proc Biol Sci 2007.


27. 60889 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Chemical and biological effects of substitution of the 2-position of ring-expanded ('fat') nucleosides containing the imidazo[4,5-e][1,3]diazepine-4,8-dione ring system: The role of electronic and steric factors on glycosidic bond stability and anti-HCV activity

Zhang, P, Zhang, N, Buckwold, VE, and Hosmane, RS

Bioorg Med Chem 2007.


28. 60890 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Whole genome expression profiling of hepatitis B virus-transfected cell line reveals the potential targets of anti-HBV drugs

Ding, XR, Yang, J, Sun, DC, Lou, SK, and Wang, SQ

Pharmacogenomics J 2007.


29. 60891 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Combinatorial computational approaches to identify tetracycline derivatives as flavivirus inhibitors

Yang, JM, Chen, YF, Tu, YY, Yen, KR, and Yang, YL

PLoS ONE 2007. 2: e428


30. 60892 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Hopes dashed for HCV drug


AIDS Patient Care STDS 2007. 21(4): 290


31. 60893 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Antiviral activity of arbidol against influenza A virus, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, coxsackie virus and adenovirus in vitro and in vivo

Shi, L, Xiong, H, He, J, Deng, H, Li, Q, Zhong, Q, Hou, W, Cheng, L, Xiao, H, and Yang, Z

Arch Virol 2007.


32. 60894 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Complete inactivation of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus by 1,5-iodonaphthylazide

Sharma, A, Raviv, Y, Puri, A, Viard, M, Blumenthal, R, and Maheshwari, RK

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2007.


33. 60895 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Avian influenza A (H5N1) infection: targets and strategies for chemotherapeutic intervention

De Clercq, E and Neyts, J

Trends Pharmacol Sci 2007.


34. 60896 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

The anti-papillomavirus activity of human and bovine lactoferricin

Mistry, N, Drobni, P, Naslund, J, Sunkari, VG, Jenssen, H, and Evander, M

Antiviral Res 2007.


35. 60897 DMID-LS-145; PUBMED-DMID-5/21/2007

Derivatives of oxoisoaporphine alkaloids: A novel class of selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

Tang, H, Ning, FX, Wei, YB, Huang, SL, Huang, ZS, Chan, AS, and Gu, LQ

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007.


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