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1. 60982 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Ebola virus infection of human PBMCs causes massive death of macrophages, CD4 and CD8 T cell sub-populations in vitro

Gupta, Manisha, Spiropoulou, Christina, and Rollin, Pierre E

Virology 2007. 364(1): 45-54


2. 60983 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

A review of studies on animal reservoirs of the SARS coronavirus

Shi, Zhengli and Hu, Zhihong

Virus Research 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 148


3. 60984 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Structure and Function of Flavivirus Ns5 Methyltransferase

Zhou, Y. et al.

Journal of Virology 2007. 81(8): 3891-3903


4. 60985 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Sulfated Homologues of Heparin Inhibit Hepatitis C Virus Entry Into Mammalian Cells

Basu, A. et al.

Journal of Virology 2007. 81(8): 3933-3941


5. 60986 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Protective efficacy of neutralizing antibodies against Ebola virus infection

Takada, Ayato, Ebihara, Hideki, Jones, Steven, Feldmann, Heinz, and Kawaoka, Yoshihiro

Vaccine 2007. 25(6): 993-999


6. 60987 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

29 Antiviral drugs; Side Effects of Drugs Annual: Side Effects of Drugs Annual 29 - A worldwide yearly survey of new data and trends in adverse drug reactions

Fux, Christoph, Evison, John, Schlegel, Matthias, Thurnheer, Christine, and Furrer, Hansjakob

Side Effects of Drugs Annual 2007.: 300-314


7. 60988 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

A rapid DNA hybridization assay for the evaluation of antiviral compounds against Epstein-Barr virus

Prichard, Mark N, Daily, Shannon L, Jefferson, Geraldine M, Perry, Amie L, and Kern, Earl R

Journal of Virological Methods 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 3207


8. 60989 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Electrophile-promoted addition of hydroxymethylphosphonate to 4',5'-didehydronucleosides: a way to novel isosteric analogues of 5'-nucleotides

Tocik, Zdenek, Dvorakova, Ivana, Liboska, Radek, Budesinsky, Milos, Masojidkova, Milena, and Rosenberg, Ivan

Tetrahedron 2007. 63(21): 4516-4534


9. 60990 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Unsaturated fluoro-ketopyranosyl nucleosides: Synthesis and biological evaluation of 3-fluoro-4-keto-[beta]-d-glucopyranosyl derivatives of N4-benzoyl cytosine and N6-benzoyl adenine

Manta, Stella, Agelis, George, Botic, Tanja, Cencic, Avrelija, and Komiotis, Dimitri

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 1998


10. 60991 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Hbv Pathogenesis in Animal Models: Recent Advances on the Role of Platelets

Iannacone, M. et al.

Journal of Hepatology 2007. 46(4): 719-726


11. 60992 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Identification of 1-isopropylsulfonyl-2-amine benzimidazoles as a new class of inhibitors of hepatitis B virus

Li, Yun-Fei, Wang, Gui-Feng, Luo, Yu, Huang, Wei-Gang, Tang, Wei, Feng, Chun-Lan, Shi, Li-Ping, Ren, Yu-Dan, Zuo, Jian-Ping, and Lu, Wei

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 1278


12. 60993 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Peptides coupled to the surface of a kind of liposome protect infection of influenza viruses

Nagata, Tomoya, Toyota, Toshiaki, Ishigaki, Hirohito, Ichihashi, Toru, Kajino, Kiichi, Kashima, Yoshitaka, Itoh, Yasushi, Mori, Masahito, Oda, Hiroshi, Yamamura, Hiroyuki, Taneichi, Maiko, Uchida, Tetsuya, and Ogasawara, Kazumasa

Vaccine 2007. 25(26): 4914-4921


13. 60994 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Synthesis and Antiviral Screening of Some Novel Pyridazine and Triazolopyridazine Nucleosides

Rashad, A. et al.

Heteroatom Chemistry 2007. 18(3): 274-282


14. 60995 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Development of Motavizumab, an Ultra-potent Antibody for the Prevention of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in the Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract

Wu, Herren, Pfarr, David S, Johnson, Syd, Brewah, Yambasu A, Woods, Robert M, Patel, Nita K, White, Wendy I, Young, James F, and Kiener, Peter A

Journal of Molecular Biology 2007. 368(3): 652-665


15. 60996 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

The use of hepatitis C virus NS3/4A and secreted alkaline phosphatase to quantitate cell-cell membrane fusion mediated by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus S protein and the receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2

Chou, Chih-Fong, Shen, Shuo, Mahadevappa, Geetha, Lim, Seng Gee, Hong, Wanjin, and Tan, Yee-Joo

Analytical Biochemistry 2007. In Press, Uncorrected Proof: 665


16. 60997 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Efficacy of Delayed Therapy Using Combinations of ST-246 with CMX-001 Against Systemic Cowpox Virus Infections in Mice

Quenelle, Debra, Prichard, Mark, Keith, Kathy, Collins, Deborah, Jordan, Robert, Hruby, Dennis, Painter, George, Robertson, Alice, and Kern, Earl

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A70-A45


17. 60998 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Sequential Treatment With Lamivudine and Alpha-Interferon in Chronic Hepatitis B: a Pilot Study

Niro, G. et al.

Gastroenterology 2007. 132(4): A200


18. 60999 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

In vivo imaging of cidofovir treatment of cowpox virus infection

Goff, Arthur, Twenhafel, Nancy, Garrison, Aura, Mucker, Eric, Lawler, James, and Paragas, Jason

Virus Research 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 232


19. 61000 DMID-LS-146; EMBASE-DMID-6/4/2007

Optimization and determination of the absolute configuration of a series of potent inhibitors of human papillomavirus type-11 E1-E2 protein-protein interaction: A combined medicinal chemistry, NMR and computational chemistry approach

Goudreau, Nathalie, Cameron, Dale R, Deziel, Robert, Hache, Bruno, Jakalian, Araz, Malenfant, Eric, Naud, Julie, Ogilvie, William W, O'Meara, Jeff, White, Peter W, and Yoakim, Christiane

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2007. 15(7): 2690-2700


20. 61001 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Favorable Cross-Resistance Profile of Hcv-796 and Sch-503034 and Enhanced Anti-Replicon Activity Mediated by Combination Treatment

Ralston, R. et al.

Gastroenterology 2007. 132(4): A738


21. 61002 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Pharmacodynamic Analysis of the Antiviral Activity of the Non-Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor, Hcv-796, in Combination With Pegylated Interferon Alfa-2b in Treatment-Naive Patients With Chronic Hcv

Maller, E. et al.

Gastroenterology 2007. 132(4): A740


22. 61003 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

A Randomized Trial of Telbivudine Vs Adefovir for Hbeag-Positive Chronic Hepatitis B: Efficacy Through Week 76, Predictors of Response and Effects of Switching to Telbivudine

Bzowej, N. et al.

Gastroenterology 2007. 132(4): A764


23. 61004 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Final Results From a Phase Iia Pharmacokinetic Study of Valopicitabine (Nm283) and Peg-Ifn Alpha-2b in Patients With Genotype 1 Chronic Hepatitis C

Rodriguez-Torres, M. et al.

Gastroenterology 2007. 132(4): A778


24. 61005 DMID-LS-146; WOS-DMID-6/4/2007

Characterization of Hcv Ns3/4a Protease Inhibition by Itmn-191 Reveals Picomolar Potency and Slow Dissociation: Implications for the Use of Itmn-191 in Chronic Hcv Treatment

Rajagopalan, P. et al.

Gastroenterology 2007. 132(4): A782


25. 61006 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Novel C-6 Fluorinated Acyclic Side Chain Pyrimidine Derivatives: Synthesis, (1)H and (13)C NMR Conformational Studies, and Antiviral and Cytostatic Evaluations

Prekupec, S, Makuc, D, Plavec, J, Suman, L, Kralj, M, Pavelic, K, Balzarini, J, Clercq, ED, Mintas, M, and Raic-Malic, S

J Med Chem 2007.


26. 61007 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Monitoring the anti-viral effect of interferon-alpha on individual cells

Kim, CS, Jung, JH, Wakita, T, Yoon, SK, and Jang, SK

J Virol 2007.


27. 61008 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Small-molecule activators of RNase L with broad-spectrum antiviral activity

Thakur, CS, Jha, BK, Dong, B, Das, Gupta J, Silverman, KM, Mao, H, Sawai, H, Nakamura, AO, Banerjee, AK, Gudkov, A, and Silverman, RH

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2007.


28. 61009 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of human monoclonal antibodies against H5N1 influenza

Simmons, CP, Bernasconi, NL, Suguitan, AL, Mills, K, Ward, JM, Chau, NV, Hien, TT, Sallusto, F, Ha, do Q, Farrar, J, de, Jong MD, Lanzavecchia, A, and Subbarao, K

PLoS Med 2007. 4(5): e178


29. 61010 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

NS5A protein of HCV enhances HBV replication and resistance to interferon response

Pan, Y, Wei, W, Kang, L, Wang, Z, Fang, J, Zhu, Y, and Wu, J

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2007.


30. 61011 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Drug resistance in antiviral treatment for infections with hepatitis B and C viruses

Yotsuyanagi, H and Koike, K

J Gastroenterol 2007. 42(5): 329-35


31. 61012 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Synthesis of neutral and cationic tripyridylporphyrin-d-galactose conjugates and the photoinactivation of HSV-1

Tome, JP, Silva, EM, Pereira, AM, Alonso, CM, Faustino, MA, Neves, MG, Tome, AC, Cavaleiro, JA, Tavares, SA, Duarte, RR, Caeiro, MF, and Valdeira, ML

Bioorg Med Chem 2007.


32. 61013 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Novel linear polymers bearing thiosialosides as pendant-type epitopes for influenza neuraminidase inhibitors

Matsuoka, K, Takita, C, Koyama, T, Miyamoto, D, Yingsakmongkon, S, Hidari, KI, Jampangern, W, Suzuki, T, Suzuki, Y, Hatano, K, and Terunuma, D

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007.


33. 61014 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Inhibition of influenza viral neuraminidase activity by collectins

Tecle, T, White, MR, Crouch, EC, and Hartshorn, KL

Arch Virol 2007.


34. 61015 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Progress for dengue virus diseases

Melino, S and Paci, M

FEBS J 2007. 274(12): 2986-3002


35. 61016 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

1,2-Mannobioside Mimic: Synthesis, DC-SIGN Interaction by NMR and Docking, and Antiviral Activity

Reina, JJ, Sattin, S, Invernizzi, D, Mari, S, Martinez-Prats, L, Tabarani, G, Fieschi, F, Delgado, R, Nieto, PM, Rojo, J, and Bernardi, A

ChemMedChem 2007.


36. 61017 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Replication of hepatitis C virus

Moradpour, D, Penin, F, and Rice, CM

Nat Rev Microbiol 2007. 5(6): 453-63


37. 61018 DMID-LS-146; PUBMED-DMID-6/4/2007

Development of potent inhibitors of the coxsackievirus 3C protease

Lee, ES, Lee, WG, Yun, SH, Rho, SH, Im, I, Yang, ST, Sellamuthu, S, Lee, YJ, Kwon, SJ, Park, OK, Jeon, ES, Park, WJ, and Kim, YC

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2007. 358(1): 7-11


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