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HBV Citations List: March, 2021

Literature Citations

This month, no relevant HBV articles were identified.

Patent Citations

1. Pyrrolesulfonamides and Related Compounds as Hepatitis B Antiviral Agents and Their Preparation. Chen, C.-M., C.-C. Lin, C.-P. Huang, and C. Chiang. Patent. 2021. 2020-US49312 2021046286: 62pp.
[Patent]. HBV_03_2021.

2. Functionalized Heterocycles as Antiviral Agents and Their Preparation. Panarese, J., N.T. Kenton, S. Bartlett, D. Davis, and Y.S. Or. Patent. 2021. 2020-17022660 20210079014: 33pp.
[Patent]. HBV_03_2021.

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