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HBV Citations List: August, 2021

Literature Citations

1. Sophaloseedlines A-G: Diverse Matrine-based Alkaloids from Sophora alopecuroides with Potential anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activities. Luo, D., Z.N. Wu, J.H. Zhang, Q. Lin, N.H. Chen, S. Chen, Q. Tang, Z.C. Zhan, C.L. Fan, Y.L. Li, G.C. Wang, and Y.B. Zhang. Chinese Journal of Chemistry. 39(9): p. 2555-2562. ISI[000678860900001].
[WOS]. HBV_08_2021.

2. Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activity and Hepatoprotective Effect of Des(Rhamnosyl) verbascoside from Lindernia ruellioides in Vitro. Mou, J.F., X.Z. Lin, H.L. Su, H.L. Lu, Q.B. Liu, B. Liang, X. Chen, C.Q. Liang, and X.L. Zhou. Phytotherapy Research, 2021. 35(8): p. 4555-4566. PMID[34146352].
[PubMed]. HBV_08_2021.

3. A New High-content Screening Assay of the Entire Hepatitis B Virus Life Cycle Identifies Novel Antivirals. Yang, J., A. König, S. Park, E. Jo, P.S. Sung, S.K. Yoon, E. Zusinaite, D. Kainov, D. Shum, and M.P. Windisch. JHEP Rep, 2021. 3(4): 100296. PMID[34222850]. PMCID[PMC8243515].
[PubMed]. HBV_08_2021.

Patent Citations

4. Spirocyclic Inhibitors of Hepatitis B Virus. Di Fabio, R., V. Summa, L.I. Bencheva, R. De Francesco, L. Donnici, L. Guidotti, M. Iannacone, A. Prandi, M. De Matteo, and P. Randazzo. Patent. 2021. 2021-EP53099 2021160617: 85pp.
[Patent]. HBV_08_2021.

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