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HBV Citations List: September, 2021

Literature Citations

1. Identification of Novel HBV/HDV Entry Inhibitors by Pharmacophore- and QSAR-guided Virtual Screening. Kirstgen, M., S.F. Muller, K. Lowjaga, N. Goldmann, F. Lehmann, S. Alakurtti, J. Yli-Kauhaluoma, K.H. Baringhaus, R. Krieg, D. Glebe, and J. Geyer. Viruses, 2021. 13(8): 1489. PMID[34452354]. PMCID[PMC8402622].
[PubMed]. HBV_09_2021.

2. Synthesis, Antiviral Activity, Preliminary Pharmacokinetics and Structural Parameters of Thiazolide amine Salts. Stachulski, A.V., J.F. Rossignol, S. Pate, J. Taujanskas, C.M. Robertson, R. Aerts, E. Pascal, S. Piacentini, S. La Frazia, M.G. Santoro, and P.M. O'Neill. Future Medicinal Chemistry, 2021. 13(20): p. 1731-174 PMID[34402654].
[PubMed]. HBV_09_2021.

Patent Citations

3. Preparation of Hexahydropyrroloazepines as Hepatitis B Capsid Assembly Modulators Useful as Antiviral Agents. Yao, J., G. Coburn, B. Liu, C. Benetatos, S.A. Boyd, S.M. Condon, and T. Haimowitz. Patent. 2021. 2021-US20397 2021178362: 69pp.
[Patent]. HBV_09_2021.

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