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HBV Citations List: May 2023

Literature Citations

1. Synthesis of Novel Entecavir Analogues Having 4'-Cyano-6''-fluoromethylenecyclopentene Skeletons as an Aglycone Moiety as Highly Potent and Long-acting anti-Hepatitis B Virus Agent. Kumamoto, H., N. Higashi-Kuwata, S. Hayashi, D. Das, H. Bulut, R. Tokuda, S. Imoto, K. Onitsuka, Y. Honda, Y. Odanaka, S. Shimbara-Matsubayashi, K. Haraguchi, Y. Tanaka, and H. Mitsuya. RSC Advances, 2023. 13(23): p. 15999-16011. PMID[37265996]. PMCID[PMC10230191].
[PubMed]. HBV_05_2023.

2. A Novel anti-HBV Agent, E-CFCP, Restores Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)-induced Senescence-associated Cellular Marker Perturbation in Human Hepatocytes. Takamatsu, Y., S. Hayashi, H. Kumamoto, S. Imoto, Y. Tanaka, H. Mitsuya, and N. Higashi-Kuwata. Virus Research, 2023. 329: 199094. PMID[36933835]. PMCID[PMC10194405].
[PubMed]. HBV_05_2023.

3. Discovery, Optimization and Biological Evaluation of Novel HBsAg Production Inhibitors. Zhang, L., X. Ge, H. Jin, D. Lu, S. Chen, Y. Zhang, X. Wang, H. Xu, W. Ao, and Y. Zhang. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2023. 256: 115387. PMID[37187088].
[PubMed]. HBV_05_2023.

Patent Citations

This month, no relevant HBV patents were identified.

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