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HBV Citations List: July 2023

Literature Citations

1. Inhibition of Hepatitis B Virus Activities by Rhazya stricta‑derived Acacetin and Acetyl‑Β‑carboline. Parvez, M.K., T.A. Alhowiriny, M.S. Al-Dosari, M. Amina, M.T. Rehman, H.M. Al-Yousef, A.R. Alanzi, and M.F. Alajmi. Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, 2023. 26(1): 327. PMID[37346405]. PMCID[PMC10280320].
[PubMed]. HBV_07_2023.

2. Tannic acid Suppresses HBV Replication via the Regulation of NF-kB, MAPKs, and Autophagy in HepG2.2.15 Cells. Wang, X., B. Hu, H. Hu, S. Zhou, M. Yin, X. Cheng, Z. Zhang, and H. Liu. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2023. 71(29): p. 11069-11079. PMID[37450882].
[PubMed]. HBV_07_2023.

Patent Citations

3. Modulation of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Expression. Cheng, G. and C.Y. Yang. Patent. 2023. WO2023-CN30 2023131098: 248 pp.
[Patent]. HBV_07_2023.

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