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1. 47600 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Geminal Disulfones as HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors

Meadows, DC, Mathews, TB, North, TW, Hadd, MJ, Kuo, CL, Neamati, N, and Gervay-Hague, J

J Med Chem 2005. 48(14): 4526-4534


2. 47601 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Identification of N-phenyl-N'-(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-piperidin-4-yl)-oxalamides as a new class of HIV-1 entry inhibitors that prevent gp120 binding to CD4

Zhao, Q, Ma, L, Jiang, S, Lu, H, Liu, S, He, Y, Strick, N, Neamati, N, and Debnath, AK

Virology 2005.


3. 47602 HIV-LS-326; EMBASE-HIV-7/11/2005

The anti-HIV-1 effect of scutellarin

Zhang, Gao-Hong, Wang, Qian, Chen, Ji-Jun, Zhang, Xue-Mei, Tam, Siu-Cheung, and Zheng, Yong-Tang

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2005. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


4. 47603 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Synthesis of 6-(3,5-Dichlorobenzyl) Derivatives as Isosteric Analogues of the HIV Drug 6-(3,5-Dimethylbenzyl)-1-(ethoxymethyl)-5-isopropyluracil (GCA-186)

Sorensen, ER, El-Brollosy, NR, Jorgensen, PT, Pedersen, EB, and Nielsen, C

Arch Pharm (Weinheim) 2005.


5. 47604 HIV-LS-326; EMBASE-HIV-7/11/2005

HIV chemokine receptor inhibitors as novel anti-HIV drugs

Princen, Katrien and Schols, Dominique

Cytokine & Growth Factor Reviews 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


6. 47605 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Structure-based design, synthesis, and in vitro assay of novel nucleoside analog inhibitors against HIV-1 reverse transcriptase

Liu, X, Xie, W, and Huang, RH

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


7. 47606 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Novel P1 chain-extended HIV protease inhibitors possessing potent anti-HIV activity and remarkable inverse antiviral resistance profiles

Miller, JF, Brieger, M, Furfine, ES, Hazen, RJ, Kaldor, I, Reynolds, D, Sherrill, RG, and Spaltenstein, A

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005. 15(15): 3496-500


8. 47607 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Synthesis and biological evaluation of new N-substituted-N'-(3,5-di/1,3,5-trimethylpyrazole-4-yl)thiourea/urea derivatives

Kaymakcioglu, BK, Rollas, S, Korcegez, E, and Aricioglu, F

Eur J Pharm Sci 2005.


9. 47608 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Antiviral activity of 4-benzyl pyridinone derivatives as HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors

Andreola, ML, Nguyen, CH, Ventura, M, Tarrago-Litvak, L, and Legraverend, M

Expert Opin Emerg Drugs 2001. 6(2): 225-238


10. 47609 HIV-LS-326; EMBASE-HIV-7/11/2005

Chemokine receptor-5 (CCR5) is a receptor for the HIV entry inhibitor peptide T (DAPTA)

Polianova, Maria T, Ruscetti, Francis W, Pert, Candace B, and Ruff, Michael R

Antiviral Research 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


11. 47610 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Interaction of silver nanoparticles with HIV-1

Elechiguerra, JL, Burt, JL, Morones, JR, Camacho-Bragado, A, Gao, X, Lara, HH, and Jose, Yacaman M

J Nanobiotechnology 2005. 3(1): 6


12. 47611 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Biyouyanagin A, an Anti-HIV Agent from Hypericum chinense L. var. salicifolium

Tanaka, N, Okasaka, M, Ishimaru, Y, Takaishi, Y, Sato, M, Okamoto, M, Oshikawa, T, Ahmed, SU, Consentino, LM, and Lee, KH

Org Lett 2005. 7(14): 2997-2999


13. 47612 HIV-LS-326; EMBASE-HIV-7/11/2005

Intracellular measurements of anti-HIV drugs indinavir, amprenavir, saquinavir, ritonavir, nelfinavir, lopinavir, atazanavir, efavirenz and nevirapine in peripheral blood mononuclear cells by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry

Colombo, S, Beguin, A, Telenti, A, Biollaz, J, Buclin, T, Rochat, B, and Decosterd, LA

Journal of Chromatography B 2005. 819(2): 259-276


14. 47613 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of (+/-)-beta-2',3'-dideoxy-5-fluoro-3'-thiacytidine with efavirenz and stavudine in antiretroviral-naive human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients

Herzmann, C, Arasteh, K, Murphy, RL, Schulbin, H, Kreckel, P, Drauz, D, Schinazi, RF, Beard, A, Cartee, L, and Otto, MJ

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(7): 2828-33


15. 47614 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of the antiviral agent beta-D-2',3'-dideoxy-3'-oxa-5-fluorocytidine in cells and rhesus monkeys

Hernandez-Santiago, BI, Chen, H, Asif, G, Beltran, T, Mao, S, Hurwitz, SJ, Grier, J, McClure, HM, Chu, CK, Liotta, DC, and Schinazi, RF

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(7): 2589-97


16. 47615 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Cyclotriazadisulfonamides: promising new CD4-targeted anti-HIV drugs

Vermeire, K and Schols, D

J Antimicrob Chemother 2005.


17. 47616 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Anti-HIV properties of cationic fullerene derivatives

Marchesan, S, Da Ros, T, Spalluto, G, Balzarini, J, and Prato, M

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005. 15(15): 3615-3618


18. 47617 HIV-LS-326; EMBASE-HIV-7/11/2005

The N137 and P140 amino acids in the p51 and the P95 amino acid in the p66 subunit of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase are instrumental to maintain catalytic activity and to design new classes of anti-HIV-1 drugs

Auwerx, Joeri, Van Nieuwenhove, Joke, Rodriguez-Barrios, Fatima, de Castro, Sonia, Velazquez, Sonsoles, Ceccherini-Silberstein, Francesca, De Clercq, Erik, Camarasa, Maria-Jose, Perno, Carlo-Federico, Gago, Federico, and Balzarini, Jan

FEBS Letters 2005. 579(11): 2294-2300


19. 47618 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

CCR5 N-terminal region plays a critical role in HIV-1 inhibition by toxoplasma gondii derived cyclophilin-18

Golding, H, Khurana, S, Yarovinsky, F, King, LR, Abdoulaeva, G, Antonsson, L, Owman, C, Platt, EJ, Kabat, D, Andersen, JF, and Sher, A

J Biol Chem 2005.


20. 47619 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Simultaneous determination of six HIV protease inhibitors (amprenavir, indinavir, lopinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir and saquinavir), the active metabolite of nelfinavir (M8) and non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (efavirenz) in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography

Hirabayashi, Y, Tsuchiya, K, Kimura, S, and Oka, S

Biomed Chromatogr 2005.


21. 47620 HIV-LS-326; PUBMED-HIV-7/11/2005

Role of T139 in the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase (RT) sensitivity to (+)-calanolide A

Auwerx, J, Rodriguez-Barrios, F, Ceccherini-Silberstein, F, San-Felix, A, Velazquez, S, De, Clercq E, Camarasa, MJ, Perno, CF, Gago, F, and Balzarini, J

Mol Pharmacol 2005.


22. 47621 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/3/2005

Antiretroviral compounds: Mechanisms underlying failure of HAART to eradicate HIV-1

Shehu-Xhilaga, M, Tachedjian, G, Crowe, SM, and Kedzierska, K

CURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 12(15): 1705-1719, 15


23. 47622 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/3/2005

Synthesis of 2-(aminocarbonylmethylthio)-1H-imidazoles as novel Capravirine analogues

Loksha, YM, El-Barbary, AA, El-Badawi, MA, Nielsen, C, and Pedersen, EB

BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 13(13): 4209-4220, 12


24. 47623 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/10/2005

The molecular mechanism of human resistance to HIV-1 infection in persistently infected individuals - A review, hypothesis and implications

Becker, Y

VIRUS GENES 2005. 31(1): 113-120, 8


25. 47624 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/10/2005

Isolation and characterization of the ALP1 protease from Aspergillus fumigatus and its protein inhibitor from Physarium polycephalum

Davies, DA, Kalinina, NA, Samokhvalova, LV, Malakhova, GV, Scott, G, Venning, G, Volynskaya, AM, and Nesmeyanov, VA



26. 47625 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/10/2005

Sesquiterpenes and butenolides, natural anti-HIV constituents from Litsea verticillata

Zhang, HJ, Van Hung, N, Cuong, NM, Soejarto, DD, Pezzuto, JM, Fong, HHS, and Tan, GT

PLANTA MEDICA 2005. 71(5): 452-457


27. 47626 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/10/2005

Pharmacokinetics of didanosine and drug resistance mutations in infants exposed to zidovudine during gestation or postnatally and treated with didanosine or zidovudine in the first three months of life

Kovacs, A, Cowles, MK, Britto, P, Capparelli, E, Fowler, MG, Moye, J, McIntosh, K, Rathore, MH, Pitt, J, and Husson, RN



28. 47627 HIV-LS-326; WOS-HIV-7/10/2005

Antiviral activity of lamivudine in salvage therapy for multidrug-resistant HIV-1 infection

Campbell, TB, Shulman, NS, Johnson, SC, Zolopa, AR, Young, RK, Bushman, L, Fletcher, CV, Lanier, ER, Merigan, TC, and Kuritzkes, DR

CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2005. 41(2): 236-242, 7


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