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1. 47765 HIV-LS-329; PUBMED-HIV-8/23/2005

Novel 8-Substituted Dipyridodiazepinone Inhibitors with a Broad-Spectrum of Activity against HIV-1 Strains Resistant to Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

O'meara, JA, Yoakim, C, Bonneau, PR, Bos, M, Cordingley, MG, Deziel, R, Doyon, L, Duan, J, Garneau, M, Guse, I, Landry, S, Malenfant, E, Naud, J, Ogilvie, WW, Thavonekham, B, and Simoneau, B

J Med Chem 2005. 48(17): 5580-8


2. 47766 HIV-LS-329; PUBMED-HIV-8/23/2005

Effect of naturally-occurring gp41 HR1 variations on susceptibility of HIV-1 to fusion inhibitors

Chinnadurai, R, Munch, J, and Kirchhoff, F

AIDS 2005. 19 (13): 1401-5


3. 47767 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

HIV protease inhibitors with potential for once-daily dosing and reduced side effects

DeGoey, David A, Flosi, William J, Grampovnik, David J, Flentge, Charles A, Klein, Larry L, Yeung, Clinton M, Dekhtyar, Tatyana, Colletti, Lynn, Waring, Jeffrey F, Ciurlionis, Rita, Marsh, Kennan C, Schmidt, James M, Swanson, Sue J, Stoll, Vincent, Mamo, Mulugeta, Mo, Hongmei, Kati, Warren M, Molla, Akhteruzzaman, and Kempf, Dale J

Abstracts of Papers, 230th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, United States, Aug. 28-Sept. 1, 2005 2005.: MEDI-189

4. 47768 HIV-LS-329; PUBMED-HIV-8/23/2005

A non-natural dinucleotide containing an isomeric L-related deoxynucleoside: dinucleotide inhibitors of anti-HIV integrase activity

Newton, MG, Campana, CF, Chi, GC, Lee, D, Liu, ZJ, Nair, V, Phillips, J, Rose, JP, and Wang, BC

Acta Crystallogr C 2005. 61(Pt 8): 518-20


5. 47769 HIV-LS-329; PUBMED-HIV-8/23/2005

HIV-1 protease inhibitor induces growth arrest and apoptosis of human prostate cancer LNCaP cells in vitro and in vivo in conjunction with blockade of androgen receptor STAT3 and AKT signaling

Yang, Y, Ikezoe, T, Takeuchi, T, Adachi, Y, Ohtsuki, Y, Takeuchi, S, Koeffler, HP, and Taguchi, H

Cancer Sci 2005. 96(7): 425-33


6. 47770 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Antimicrobial activity from medicinal mushrooms

Stamets, Paul

PATENT: WO 2005067955 ISSUE DATE: 20050728



7. 47771 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Allophenylnorstatine-containing HIV-1 protease inhibitors: design, synthesis and structure-activity relationships for selected P2 ligands

Abdel-Rahman, Hamdy M, El-Koussi, Nawal A, Alkaramany, Gamal S, Youssef, Adel F, and Kiso, Yoshiaki

Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Assiut University 2005. 28(1): 95-103

8. 47772 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Preparation of amino acid hydrazide derivatives as HIV protease inhibitors

Randolph, John T, Chen, Hui-ju, Degoey, David A, Flentge, Charles A, Flosi, William J, Grampovnik, David J, Huang, Peggy P, Hutchinson, Douglas K, Kempf, Dale J, Klein, Larry L, and Yeung, Ming C

PATENT: US 20050159469 ISSUE DATE: 20050721

APPLICATION: 2004-10177 PP: 155 pp.


9. 47773 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Preparation of non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors

Sund, Christian, Roue, Nathalie, Lindstroem, Stefan, Antonov, Dmitry, Sahlberg, Christer, and Jansson, Katarina

PATENT: WO 2005066131 ISSUE DATE: 20050721

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 118 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Medivir AB, Swed.

10. 47774 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Preparation of phosphonate analogs of HIV protease inhibitors and methods for identifying anti-HIV therapeutic compounds

Arimilli, Murty N, Becker, Mark M, Birkus, Gabriel, Bryant, Clifford, Chen, James M, Chen, Xiaowu, Cihlar, Tomas, Dastgah, Azar, Eisenberg, Eugene J, Fardis, Maria, Hatada, Marcos, He, Gong-Xin, Jin, Haolun, Kim, Choung U, Lee, William A, Lee, Christopher P, Lin, Kuei-Ying, Liu, Hongtao, Mackman, Richard L, McDermott, Martin J, Mitchell, Michael L, Nelson, Peter H, Pyun, Hyung-Jung, Rowe, Tanisha D, Sparacino, Mark, Swaminathan, Sundaramoorthi, Tario, James D, Wang, Jianying, Williams, Matthew A, Xu, Lianhong, Yang, Zheng-Yu, Yu, Richard H, Zhang, Jiancun, and Zhang, Lijun

PATENT: WO 2005064008 ISSUE DATE: 20050714

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 1723 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Gilead Sciences, Inc. USA

11. 47775 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Preparation of amino acid derivatives as HIV protease inhibitors

Degoey, David A, Flentge, Charles A, Flosi, William J, Grampovnik, David J, Kempf, Dale J, Klein, Larry L, Yeung, Ming C, Randolph, John T, Wang, Xiu C, and Yu, Su

PATENT: US 2005148623 ISSUE DATE: 20050707

APPLICATION: 2004-8713 PP: 279 pp.


12. 47776 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Virus isolates during acute and chronic human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection show distinct patterns of sensitivity to entry inhibitors

Rusert, Peter, Kuster, Herbert, Joos, Beda, Misselwitz, Benjamin, Gujer, Cornelia, Leemann, Christine, Fischer, Marek, Stiegler, Gabriela, Katinger, Hermann, Olson, William C, Weber, Rainer, Aceto, Leonardo, Guenthard, Huldrych F, and Trkola, Alexandra

Journal of Virology 2005. 79(13): 8454-8469

13. 47777 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Antiviral protein OVT102 derived from cyanovirin with improved properties and methods therefor

Levine, Howard L and Kerns, William

PATENT: WO 2005058229 ISSUE DATE: 20050630

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 32 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Omniviral Therapeutics LLC, USA

14. 47778 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) gp41 mimetibodies as improved anti-retroviral agents with longer plasma half-lives, and therapeutic uses thereof

Dillon, Susan B, Del Vecchio, Alfred Michael, Huang, Chichi, O'Neil, Karyn T, and Sarisky, Robert T

PATENT: US 2005136061 ISSUE DATE: 20050623

APPLICATION: 2004-18102 PP: 18 pp.


15. 47779 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Carbazole derivatives as integrase inhibitors and anti-retrovirus medicines

Chiba, Tomoko, Yan, Ka, and Sugiura, Yuzuru

PATENT: JP 2005154347 ISSUE DATE: 20050616

APPLICATION: 2003-2643 PP: 16 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan

16. 47780 HIV-LS-329; WOS-HIV-8/14/2005

Nonnucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors, part 4. Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of N-1-beta-carbonyl-6-naphthylmethyl analogues of HEPT

He, YP, Kuang, YY, Chen, F, Wang, SX, Ji, L, De, Clercq E, Balzarini, J, and Pannecouque, C

MONATSHEFTE FUR CHEMIE 2005. 136(7): 1233-1245, 13


17. 47781 HIV-LS-329; WOS-HIV-8/14/2005

Synthesis of N-1-(indanyloxymethyl) and N-1-(4-hydroxybut-2-enyloxymethyl) analogues of the HIV drugs Emivirine and GCA-186

El-Brollosy, NR, Nielsen, C, and Pedersen, EB

MONATSHEFTE FUR CHEMIE 2005. 136(7): 1247-1254, 8


18. 47782 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Antiviral compositions for treatment of HIV infection

Wood, Allen Wayne, Currie, Robin, Mehta, Samir Chimanlal, Goodson, Gary Wayne, and Wells, Mickey Lee

PATENT: US 2005113394 ISSUE DATE: 20050526

APPLICATION: 2004-14360 PP: 6 pp.


19. 47783 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Anti-HIV Activity of (-)-(2R,4R)-1- (2-Hydroxymethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)thymine against Drug-Resistant HIV-1 Mutants and Studies of Its Molecular Mechanism

Chu, Chung K, Yadav, Vikas, Chong, Youhoon H, and Schinazi, Raymond F

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 48(12): 3949-3952

20. 47784 HIV-LS-329; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/15/2005

Structure-Based Design: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a Series of Novel Cycloamide-Derived HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors

Ghosh, Arun K, Swanson, Lisa M, Cho, Hanna, Leshchenko, Sofiya, Hussain, Khaja Azhar, Kay, Stephanie, Walters, DEric, Koh, Yasuhiro, and Mitsuya, Hiroaki

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 48(10): 3576-3585

21. 47785 HIV-LS-329; WOS-HIV-8/21/2005

Combinatorial selection, inhibition, and antiviral activity of DNA thioaptamers targeting the RNase H domain of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase

Somasunderam, A, Ferguson, MR, Rojo, DR, Thiviyanathan, V, Li, X, O'Brien, WA, and Gorenstein, DG

BIOCHEMISTRY 2005. 44(30): 10388-10395, 8


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