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1. 48084 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Effect of Cell Cycle Arrest on the Activity of Nucleoside Analogues against Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1

Wurtzer, S, Compain, S, Benech, H, Hance, AJ, and Clavel, F

J Virol 2005. 79(23): 14815-14821


2. 48085 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Preparation of carbocyclic cyclopropyl nucleoside phosphonate derivatives useful in the treatment of HIV infections

Averett, Devron R

PATENT: WO 2005079812 ISSUE DATE: 20050901

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 97 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA

3. 48086 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Novel Acyclic Versions of NeplanocinA

Wu, Y and Hong, JH

Arch Pharm (Weinheim) 2005.


4. 48087 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Research on anti-HIV activity of polytungstate

Li, Li and Lu, Xiaoming

Huaxue Tongbao 2005. 68(6): 438-443

5. 48088 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Specific Targeting Highly Conserved Residues in the HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Primer Grip Region. Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel, Potent, and Broad Spectrum NNRTIs with Antiviral Activity

Fattorusso, C, Gemma, S, Butini, S, Huleatt, P, Catalanotti, B, Persico, M, De, Angelis M, Fiorini, I, Nacci, V, Ramunno, A, Rodriquez, M, Greco, G, Novellino, E, Bergamini, A, Marini, S, Coletta, M, Maga, G, Spadari, S, and Campiani, G

J Med Chem 2005. 48(23): 7153-7165


6. 48089 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Selective elimination of HIV-1-infected cells by Env-directed, HIV-1-based virus-like particles

Peretti, S, Schiavoni, I, Pugliese, K, and Federico, M

Virology 2005.


7. 48090 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

New trends in synthesis of pyrazole nucleosides as new antimetabolites

Elgemeie, GH, Zaghary, WA, Amin, KM, and Nasr, TM

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(8): 1227-47


8. 48091 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Use of human b defensin or its inducing agents for treating HIV-1 assocd. with chemokine receptor CXCR4

Weinberg, Aaron

PATENT: US 2005075292 ISSUE DATE: 20050407

APPLICATION: 2004-39857 PP: 47 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 737,288.

ASSIGNEE: (Case Western Reserve University, USA

9. 48092 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Case history: Acyclic nucleoside phosphonates: a key class of antiviral drugs

De Clercq, E and Holy, A

Nat Rev Drug Discov 2005. 4(11): 928-940


10. 48093 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Preparation of 2-aminobenzimidazoles for the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Schohe-Loop, Rudolf, Paessens, Arnold, Bauser, Marcus, Koebberling, Johannes, Dittmer, Frank, Henninger, Kerstin, Lang, Dieter, and Paulsen, Daniela

PATENT: WO 2005019186 ISSUE DATE: 20050303

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 59 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Bayer Healthcare A.-G., Germany

11. 48094 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Computer-aided design of non-nucleoside inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase

Jorgensen, WL, Ruiz-Caro, J, Tirado-Rives, J, Basavapathruni, A, Anderson, KS, and Hamilton, AD

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


12. 48095 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Preparation of ethynyl 4'-C-substituted-2-halo-adenosine derivatives as antiviral agents

Kohgo, Satoru, Mitsuya, Hiroaki, Ohrui, Hiroshi, Kodama, Eiichi, and Matsuoka, Masao

PATENT: CA 2502109 ISSUE DATE: 20050924

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 71 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Yamasa Corporation, Japan

13. 48096 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Phosphonate nucleosides useful as active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of viral infections, and intermediates for their production

Herdewijn, Piet, Pannecouque, Christophe, Wu, Tongfei, and De Clercq, Erik

PATENT: WO 2005085268 ISSUE DATE: 20050915

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 134 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (K. U. Leuven Research & Development, Belg.

14. 48097 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Indirubin-3'-monoxime, a derivative of a Chinese antileukemia medicine, inhibits P-TEFb function and HIV-1 replication

Heredia, Alonso, Davis, Charles, Bamba, Douty, Le, Nhut, Gwarzo, Muhammad Y, Sadowska, Mariola, Gallo, Robert C, and Redfield, Robert R

AIDS (London, United Kingdom) 2005. 19(18): 2087-2095

15. 48098 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Broad spectrum antiinfective potential of xanthohumol from hop (Humulus lupulus L.) in comparison with activities of other hop constituents and xanthohumol metabolites

Gerhaeuser, Clarissa

Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 2005. 49(9): 827-831

16. 48099 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

HIV-1 Vif: HIV's weapon against the cellular defense factor APOBEC3G

Kremer, Melanie and Schnierle, Barbara S

Current HIV Research 2005. 3(4): 339-344

17. 48100 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Pharmacophore-Based Design of HIV-1 Integrase Strand-Transfer Inhibitors

Barreca, ML, Ferro, S, Rao, A, De Luca, L, Zappala, M, Monforte, AM, Debyser, Z, Witvrouw, M, and Chimirri, A

J Med Chem 2005. 48(22): 7084-7088


18. 48101 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Synthesis and antiviral activity of 1-{[2-(phenoxy)ethoxy]methyl}uracil derivatives

Novikov, MS, Ozerov, AA, Orlova, YuA, and Buckheit, RW

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (New York, NY, United States) 2005. 41(5): 625-629

19. 48102 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Synthesis of 2'-C-methyl-beta-D-ribofuranosylimidazo [4,5-d]-pyridazine derivatives (2-aza-3-deazapurine nucleoside analogues)

Leroy, F, Dukhan, D, Durka, M, Chaves, D, Bragnier, N, Storer, R, and Gosselin, G

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(5-7): 667-9


20. 48103 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Homo and heterodimers of ddI, d4T and AZT: influence of (5'-5') thiolcabonate-carbamate linkage on anti-HIV activity

Taourirte, M, Lazrek, HB, Rochdi, A, Vasseur, JJ, and Engels, JW

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(5-7): 523-5


21. 48104 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Borano-nucleotides: new analogues to circumvent HIV-1 RT-mediated nucleoside drug-resistance

Alvarez, K, Deval, J, Selmi, B, Barral, K, Boretto, J, Guerreiro, C, Mulard, L, Sarfati, R, and Canard, B

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(5-7): 419-21


22. 48105 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Antiviral activity of steric-block oligonucleotides targeting the HIV-1 trans-activation response and packaging signal stem-loop RNAs

Brown, D, Arzumanov, AA, Turner, JJ, Stetsenko, DA, Lever, AM, and Gait, MJ

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(5-7): 393-6


23. 48106 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Tipranavir (Aptivus) for HIV


Med Lett Drugs Ther 2005. 47(1219): 83-84


24. 48107 HIV-LS-335; SCIFINDER-HIV-11/15/2005

Cytotoxicity and antiviral activity of a lignan extracted from Larrea divaricata

Konigheim, BS, Goleniowski, ME, and Contigiani, MS

Drug Design Reviews--Online 2005. 2(1): 81-83

25. 48108 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

A short synthetic route to biologically active (+/-)-daurichromenic acid as highly potent anti-HIV agent

Rok, Lee Y and Wang, X

Org Biomol Chem 2005. 3(21): 3955-7


26. 48109 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Inhibition of HIV-1 group M and O isolates by fusion inhibitors

Chinnadurai, R, Munch, J, Dittmar, MT, and Kirchhoff, F

AIDS 2005. 19 (16): 1919-22


27. 48110 HIV-LS-335; PUBMED-HIV-11/14/2005

Simultaneous determination of HIV protease inhibitors amprenavir, atazanavir, indinavir, lopinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir and saquinavir in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Dickinson, L, Robinson, L, Tjia, J, Khoo, S, and Back, D

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 2005.


28. 48111 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Statins could be used to control replication of some viruses, including HIV-1

Gilbert, C, Bergeron, M, Methot, S, Giguere, JF, and Tremblay, MJ

VIRAL IMMUNOLOGY 2005. 18(3): 474-489, 16


29. 48112 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

One-pot synthesis of aryl phosphoramidate derivatives of AZT/d4T as anti-HIV prodrugs

Jiang, P, Guo, J, Fu, H, Jiang, YY, and Zhao, YF

SYNLETT 2005.(16): 2537-2539, 3


30. 48113 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Synthesis of 8-chloro-5,5-dioxo[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-b] [1,4,2]benzodithiazine derivatives with potential anticancer and anti-HIV-1 activities

Brzozowski, Z and Saczewski, F

POLISH JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 2005. 79(10): 1659-1666, 8


31. 48114 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

New acyclonucleosides: Synthesis and anti-HIV activity

Hadj-Bouazza, A, Zerrouki, R, Krausz, P, Laumond, G, Aubertin, AM, and Champavier, Y



32. 48115 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Synthesis of novel acyclonucleosides analogs of pyridothienopyrimidine as antiviral agents

El-Essawy, FA



33. 48116 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Biologically active bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids from the root bark of Epinetrum villosum

Otshudi, AL, Apers, S, Pieters, L, Claeys, M, Pannecouque, C, De Clercq, E, Van Zeebroeck, A, Lauwers, S, Frederich, M, and Foriers, A



34. 48117 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Isolation, synthesis and biological activity of grifolic acid derivatives from the inedible mushroom Albatrellus dispansus

Hashimoto, T, Quang, DN, Nukada, M, and Asakawa, Y

HETEROCYCLES 2005. 65(10): 2431-2439, 9


35. 48118 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Clinical pharmacokinetics and summary of efficacy and tolerability of atazanavir

Le Tiec, C, Barrail, A, Goujard, U, and Taburet, AM

CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS 2005. 44(10): 1035-1050, 16


36. 48119 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of trisubstituted (3 ' R, 4 ' R)-3 ',4 '-di-O-(S)-camphanoyl-(+)-cis-khellactone (DCK) analogs

Zhao, CH, Zhou, T, Xie, L, Li, JY, Bao, ZY, Lou, ZW, and Lee, KH

CHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS 2005. 16(10): 1297-1300, 4


37. 48120 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

HIV cohort collaborations: proposal for harmonization of data exchange

Kjaer, J and Ledergerber, B

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): 631-633, 3


38. 48121 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Novel small-molecule compounds which inhibit strand transfer activity of HIV-1 integrase

Yan, H, Chiba, T, Kitamura, Y, Nishizawa, M, Fujino, M, Yamamoto, N, and Sugiura, W

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U23-1


39. 48122 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

In vitro development of resistance against styrylquinolines of HIV-1 by emergence of integrase mutations

Bonnenfant, S, Zouhiri, F, Cheret, A, and Leh, H

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U24-1


40. 48123 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

In vitro selection and characterization of resistance to the new HIV protease inhibitor GW640385

Yates, P, Hazen, R, St, Clair M, Boone, L, and Elston, R

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U28-1


41. 48124 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Antiviral activity and resistance profile of AG-001859, a novel HIV-1 protease inhibitor with potent activity against protease inhibitor-resistant strains of HIV

Hammond, J, Jackson, L, Graham, J, Knowles, S, Digits, J, Tatlock, J, Jewell, T, Canan-Koch, S, and Patick, AK

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U29-1


42. 48125 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Highly potent HIV protease inhibitors with broad activity against MDR strains

Gulnik, SV, Afonina, E, Yu, B, Eissenstat, M, Guerassina, T, Silva, AM, and Erickson, JW

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U29-1


43. 48126 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Mutations in HIV-1 RNase H domain confer high-level resistance to nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors and provide novel insights into the mechanism of nucleotide excision-mediated drug resistance

Nikolenko, GN, Palmer, S, Maldarelli, F, Mellors, JW, Coffin, JM, and Pathak, VK

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U35-U36, 2


44. 48127 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Dinucleoside polyphosphates are novel inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with increased potency against enzymes containing AZT-resistance mutations

Meyer, P, Smith, A, Matsuura, S, and Scott, W

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U41-1


45. 48128 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Susceptibility to saquinavir and atazanavir in highly protease inhibitor (PI) resistant HIV-1 is caused by lopinavir-induced drug resistance mutation L76V

Mueller, SM, Daeumer, M, Kaiser, R, Walter, H, Colonno, R, and Korn, K

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U44-U45, 2


46. 48129 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

No evidence for stavudine resistance due to nevirapine-selected mutation Y181C in HIV-1 reverse transcriptase in a large genotype/phenotype database

Korn, K, Schmidt, B, and Walter, H

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U47-1


47. 48130 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

A novel method based on recombinant viruses expressing green (EGFP) or red (DsRED) fluorescent proteins to study replicative fitness evolution of nelfinavir-resistant HIV-1 harbouring D30N and L90M mutations in the protease gene

Weber, J, Weberova, J, Kiser, P, Kazanjian, P, and Quinones-Mateu, M

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U55-U56, 2


48. 48131 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Replicative fitness of HIV-1 strains with reduced susceptibility to protease-, reverse transcriptase and entry (enfuvirtide)-inhibitors

Chakraborty, B, Weber, J, and Quinones-Mateu, ME

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U59-U60, 2


49. 48132 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Previously unclassified mutations at positions experienced treatment failure associated with antiretroviral drug resistance

Rhee, SY, Hurley, L, Zolopa, A, Fessel, WJ, Nguyen, DP, Slome, S, Smith, S, Klein, D, Horberg, M, Flamm, J, Follansbee, S, and Shafer, RW

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(4): U109-U110, 2


50. 48133 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Interaction of nucleoside inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with the concentrative nucleoside transporter-1 (SLC28A1)

Cono-Soldodo, P, Larrayoz, IM, Molina-Arcas, M, Casado, FJ, Martinez-Picado, J, Lostao, MP, and Pastor-Anglada, M

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2004. 9(6): 993-1002, 10


51. 48134 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Impact of newly available drugs on clinical progression in patients with virological failure after exposure to three classes of antiretrovirals

Costagliola, D, Potard, V, Duvivier, C, Pradier, C, Dupont, C, Salmon, D, and Duval, X

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): 563-573, 11


52. 48135 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Relation between the antiretroviral activity of didanosine (ddI) and the number of reverse tran-scriptase (RT) mutations: dINAM study

Blanco, JL, Biglia, A, Arnedo, M, de Lazzari, E, Mallolas, J, Martinez, E, Lonca, M, Laguno, M, Larrousse, M, Leon, A, Milinkovic, A, Garcia, F, Miro, JM, Arnaiz, J, Pumarola, T, and Gatell, JM

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S26-1


53. 48136 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Divalent metal ion chelating small molecules as novel HIV integrase inhibitors

Jegede, O, Weber, J, Rajagopalan, R, Wawro, WJ, Babu, JS, and Quinones-Mateu, ME

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S83-1


54. 48137 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

An HIV-1 RNase H inhibitor synergizes with three different classes of RT polymerase inhibitors in an in vitro reverse transcription assay

Miller, MD, Feuston, B, Munshi, V, Getty, K, Krueger, J, Hazuda, DJ, Parniak, MA, Lewis, D, Grobler, JA, and Shaw-Reid, CA

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S90-1


55. 48138 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Substrate dependent inhibition or activation of HIV RNase H activity by non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs)

Hang, JO, Yang, Y, Li, Y, Tsing, S, Barnett, J, Cammack, N, and Klumpp, K

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S97-1


56. 48139 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Role of HIV-1 protease residues 71 and 89 in protease inhibitor resistance of subtype G viruses

Gonzalez, LMF, Van Laethem, K, Abecasis, AB, Soares, EAJM, Deforche, K, Vandamme, AM, Camacho, R, and Soares, MA

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S112-1


57. 48140 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Selection of resistance following first-line antiretroviral regimens among HIV-1 subtypes

Kantor, R, DeLong, A, Shafer, RW, Carvalho, AP, Wynhoven, B, Cane, P, Sirivichayakul, S, Soares, MA, Snoeck, J, Rudich, H, Rodrigues, R, Holguin, A, Ariyoshi, K, Bouzas, MB, Cahn, P, Sugiura, W, Soriano, V, Brigido, LF, Grossman, Z, Morris, L, Vandamme, AM, Tanuri, A, Phanuphak, P, Weber, J, Pillay, D, Harrigan, PR, Camacho, R, Schapiro, JM, Hogan, J, and Katzenstein, DA

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S146-1


58. 48141 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Reversion of drug resistant HIV protease mutants is prohibited by a reduction in replication capacity of the intermediate variants

van Maarseveen, NM, Wensing, AMJ, de Jong, D, Taconis, M, Boucher, CAB, and Nijhuis, M

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S161-1


59. 48142 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

In vitro microbicide activity of the nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) UC781 against NNRTI-resistant HIV-1

Hossain, MM and Parniak, MA

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2005. 10(4): S170-1


60. 48143 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

Selection and characterization of HIV-1 showing reduced susceptibility to the non-peptidic protease inhibitor tipranavir

Doyon, L, Tremblay, S, Bourgon, L, Wardrop, E, and Cordingley, MG

ANTIVIRAL RESEARCH 2005. 68(1): 27-35, 9


61. 48144 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/6/2005

First-line antiretroviral therapy in Africa - How evidence-based are our recommendations?

Colebunders, R, Kamya, MR, Laurence, J, Kambugu, A, Byakwaga, H, Mwebaze, PS, Muganga, AM, Katwere, M, and Katabira, E

AIDS REVIEWS 2005. 7(3): 148-154, 7


62. 48145 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Ester derivatives of nucleoside inhibitors of reverse transcriptase: 2. Molecular systems for the combined therapy with 3 '-azido-3 '-deoxythymidine and 2 ',3 '-didehydro-3 '-deoxythymidine

Berezovskaya, YV and Chudinov, MV



63. 48146 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Synthesis, conformation and antiviral activity of nucleoside analogues with the (2-hydroxy-1-phenylethoxy) methyl glycone - a family of nucleoside analogues related to d4T and aciclovir

Ewing, DF, Glacon, V, Len, C, and Mackenzie, G

NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 2005. 29(11): 1461-1468, 8


64. 48147 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Study of potential HIV-1 inhibition. Glutaric dialdehyde adducts

Jankowski, CK, Martel, J, Fermandjian, S, and Maroun, RG



65. 48148 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Hydroxyethylene sulfones as a new scaffold to address aspartic proteases: Design, synthesis, and structural characterization

Specker, E, Bottcher, J, Heine, A, Sotriffer, CA, Lilie, H, Schoop, A, Muller, G, Griebenow, N, and Klebe, G

JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 48(21): 6607-6619, 13


66. 48149 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Novel approaches in designing anti-HIV microbicides and anti-HIV agents - Editorial

Parang, K



67. 48150 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Indolyl aryl Sulfones (IASs): Development of highly potent NNRTIs active against wt-HIV-1 and clinically relevant drug resistant mutants

Silvestri, R and Artico, M

CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 2005. 11(29): 3779-3806, 28


68. 48151 HIV-LS-335; WOS-HIV-11/13/2005

Synthesis and antiviral activity of novel anomeric branched carbocyclic nucleosides

Kim, A and Hong, JH

ARCHIVES OF PHARMACAL RESEARCH 2005. 28(10): 1105-1110, 6


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