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1. 48219 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Effect of a Bound Non-Nucleoside RT Inhibitor on the Dynamics of Wild-Type and Mutant HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase

Zhou, Z, Madrid, M, Evanseck, JD, and Madura, JD

J Am Chem Soc 2005. 127(49): 17253-17260


2. 48220 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Synthesis and antiviral activities of 1,2,3-triazole functionalized thymidines: 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition for efficient regioselective diversity generation

Zhou, L, Amer, A, Korn, M, Burda, R, Balzarini, J, De Clercq, E, Kern, ER, and Torrence, PF

Antivir Chem Chemother 2005. 16(6): 375-383


3. 48221 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

A novel small molecular weight compound with a carbazole structure that demonstrates potent human immunodeficiency virus type-1 integrase inhibitory activity

Yan, H, Mizutani, TC, Nomura, N, Takakura, T, Kitamura, Y, Miura, H, Nishizawa, M, Tatsumi, M, Yamamoto, N, and Sugiura, W

Antivir Chem Chemother 2005. 16(6): 363-73


4. 48222 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of new alkenyldiarylmethane (ADAM) non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) incorporating benzoxazolone and benzisoxazole rings

Deng, BL, Cullen, MD, Zhou, Z, Hartman, TL, Buckheit, RW Jr, Pannecouque, C, Clercq, ED, Fanwick, PE, and Cushman, M

Bioorg Med Chem 2005.


5. 48223 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Dendritic Catanionic Assemblies: In vitro Anti-HIV Activity of Phosphorus-Containing Dendrimers Bearing Galbeta(1)cer Analogues

Blanzat, M, Turrin, CO, Aubertin, AM, Couturier-Vidal, C, Caminade, AM, Majoral, JP, Rico-Lattes, I, and Lattes, A

Chembiochem 2005. 6(12): 2207-2213


6. 48224 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Phosphoramidate and phosphate prodrugs of (-)-beta-d-(2R,4R)-dioxolane-thymine: Synthesis, anti-HIV activity and stability studies

Liang, Y, Narayanasamy, J, Schinazi, RF, and Chu, CK

Bioorg Med Chem 2005.


7. 48225 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of bi-functional betulinic acid derivatives

Huang, L, Ho, P, Lee, KH, and Chen, CH

Bioorg Med Chem 2005.


8. 48226 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

The antiviral activity, mechanism of action, clinical significance and resistance of abacavir in the treatment of pediatric AIDS

Melroy, J and Nair, V

Curr Pharm Des 2005. 11(29): 3847-52


9. 48227 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Methods and compositions for the inhibition of HIV-1 replication in hum an cells using inhibitors of p21/CDKN1A activity or gene expression, and anti-AIDS uses

Wahl, Sharon M, Vazquez-Maldonado, Nancy, and Greenwell-Wild, Teresa

PATENT: WO 2005046732 ISSUE DATE: 20050526

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 98 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The United Sates of America as Represented by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, NIH USA

10. 48228 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Novel 4-oxoquinoline compound and use thereof as hiv integrase inhibitor

Satoh, Motohide, Matsuda, Takashi, Okuda, Satoshi, Kawakami, Hiroshi, Aramaki, Hisateru, Shinkai, Hisashi, Matsuzaki, Yuji, Watanabe, Wataru, Yamataka, Kazunobu, Kiyonari, Shinichi, Wamaki, Shuichi, Takahashi, Mitsuru, Yamada, Naohito, and Nagao, Akemi

PATENT: WO 2005113509 ISSUE DATE: 20051201


ASSIGNEE: (Japan Tobacco Inc., Japan

11. 48229 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

HIV integrase inhibitors

Wai, John S, Vacca, Joseph P, Zhuang, Linghang, Kim, Boyoung, Lyle, Terry A, Wiscount, Catherine M, Egbertson, Melissa S, Neilson, Lou Anne, Embrey, Mark, Fisher, Thorsten E, and Staas, Donnette D

PATENT: WO 2005110415 ISSUE DATE: 20051124

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 76 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Merck & Co., Inc. USA

12. 48230 HIV-LS-337; PUBMED-HIV-12/12/2005

Intermolecular interactions in the crystal structures of potential HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

Majerz-Maniecka, K, Musiol, R, Nitek, W, Oleksyn, BJ, Mouscadet, JF, Bret, ML, and Polanski, J

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


13. 48231 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Preparation of aminocarbonylphenyl-5H-pyrazolo-benzoxazinyl-phenyl methanone derivs. as HIV replication inhibitors

Tahri, Abdellah, Michiels, Lieve Emma Jan, Van Acker, Koenraad Lodewijk August, and Surleraux, Dominique Louis Nestor Ghislain

PATENT: WO 2005105810 ISSUE DATE: 20051110

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 46 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ire.

14. 48232 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Use of racemic nor-calanolide A in preparation of anti-HIV medicines

Wang, Lin, Liu, Gang, Tao, Peizhen, Zhang, Xingquan, Zhang, Tian, Huang, Biao, and Zhao, Zhizhong

PATENT: CN 1565442 ISSUE DATE: 20050119

APPLICATION: 2003-11440 PP: 17 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peop. Rep. China

15. 48233 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Preparation of purine derivatives as antiviral agents

Wang, Xuechao, Liu, Zhongrong, Li, Bogang, Wu, Fengwei, Zhong, Chaobin, He, Min, and Huang, Yu

PATENT: CN 1566118 ISSUE DATE: 20050119

APPLICATION: 2003-4232 PP: 15 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Chengdu Diao Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Peop. Rep. China

16. 48234 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Preparation of substituted alkylamides as antiviral agents

Kaplan, Eliahu, Bittner, Shmuel, and Harlev, Eliakim

PATENT: WO 2005092305 ISSUE DATE: 20051006

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 83 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (New Era Biotech Ltd., Virgin I. Brit.

17. 48235 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Preparation of hydroxynaphthyridinediones as HIV integrase inhibitors

Han, Wei, Egbertson, Melissa, Wai, John S, Zhuang, Linghang, Ruzek, Rowena D, Perlow, Debra S, and Obligado, Vanessa E

PATENT: WO 2005087767 ISSUE DATE: 20050922

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 83 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Merck & Co., Inc. USA

18. 48236 HIV-LS-337; SCIFINDER-HIV-12/5/2005

Preparation of N-arylmethyl or N-heterocyclylmethyl-N-(imidazol-2-ymethyl)amines as antagonists of chemokine receptor CXCR4

Saitou, Atsushi, Kikumoto, Shigeyuki, Ono, Masahiro, Matsui, Ryo, Yamamoto, Masashi, Sawa, Tomohiro, Suzuki, Shigeru, and Yanaka, Mikiro

PATENT: WO 2005085209 ISSUE DATE: 20050915

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 252 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Kureha Chemical Industry Company, Limited Japan

19. 48237 HIV-LS-337; WOS-HIV-12/4/2005

A short synthetic route to biologically active (+/-)-daurichromenic acid as highly potent anti-HIV agent

Lee, YR and Wang, X

ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY 2005. 3(21): 3955-3957, 3


20. 48238 HIV-LS-337; WOS-HIV-12/4/2005

Amino acid derivatives, part 3: New peptide and glycopeptide derivatives conjugated naphthalene. Synthesis, antitumor, anti-HIV, and BVDV evaluation

Al-Masoudi, NA, Al-Masoudi, IA, Ali, IAI, Saeed, B, and La, Colla P

HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY 2005. 16(7): 576-586, 11


21. 48239 HIV-LS-337; WOS-HIV-12/4/2005

Synthesis of novel 4 'alpha-phenyl and 5 'alpha-methyl branched carbocyclic nucleosides

Oh, CH and Hong, JH



22. 48240 HIV-LS-337; WOS-HIV-12/11/2005

Synthesis, spectroscopic, electrochemical and anti-HIV studies of some mononuclear and dinuclear Fe-III complexes of 3-hydroxy-4 '-benzyloxy flavone containing oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur donors as co-ligands

Mishra, L, Singh, AK, and Maeda, Y



23. 48241 HIV-LS-337; WOS-HIV-12/11/2005

Analogues of N-terminal truncated synthetic peptide fragments derived from RANTES inhibit HIV-1 infectivity

Ramnarine, EJ, DeViCo, AL, and Vigil-Cruz, SC



24. 48242 HIV-LS-337; WOS-HIV-12/11/2005

The broad anti-viral agent glycyrrhizin directly modulates the fluidity of plasma membrane and HIV-1 envelope

Harada, S

BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2005. 392: 191-199, 9


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