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1. 48916 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

3-O-(3',3'-Dimethysuccinyl) Betulinic Acid Inhibits Maturation of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Gag Precursor Assembled In Vitro

Sakalian, M, McMurtrey, CP, Deeg, FJ, Maloy, CW, Li, F, Wild, CT, and Salzwedel, K

J Virol 2006. 80(12): 5716-5722


2. 48917 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

Inhibition of highly productive HIV-1 infection in T cells, primary human macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes by Sargassum fusiforme

Paskaleva, EE, Lin, X, Li, W, Cotter, R, Klein, MT, Roberge, E, Yu, EK, Clark, BW, Veille, JC, Liu, Y, Lee, DY, and Canki, M

AIDS Res Ther 2006. 3(1): 15


3. 48918 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

TSAO Derivatives, Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Dimerization: Recent Progress

Camarasa, MJ, Velazquez, S, San-Felix, A, Perez-Perez, MJ, Bonache, MC, and De, Castro S

Curr Pharm Des 2006. 12(15): 1895-907


4. 48919 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Parapoxviruses in combination with other antiviral agents for the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Paulsen, Daniela, Ruebsamen-Waigmann, Helga, Kureishi, Amar, Hunsmann, Gerhard, Stahl-Hennig, Christiane, Meyerhans, Andreas, Schuetz, Alexandra, and Weber, Olaf

PATENT: WO 2006005529 ISSUE DATE: 20060119

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 23 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Bayer Healthcare AG, Germany

5. 48920 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Piperazine derivatives useful as ccr5 antagonists

Ramanathan, Ragulan, Ghosal, Anima, Miller, Michael W, Chowdhury, Swapan K, and Alton, Kevin B

PATENT: US 2006105964 ISSUE DATE: 20060518

APPLICATION: 2005-59035 PP: 78 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 668,862.

ASSIGNEE: (Schering Corporation)

6. 48921 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Novel multi-component nanopharmaceuticals derived from poly(ethylene) glycol, retro-inverso-tat nonapeptide and saquinavir demonstrate combined anti-HIV effects

Wan, Li, Zhang, Xiaoping, Gunaseelan, Simi, Pooyan, Shahriar, Debrah, Olivia, Leibowitz, Michael J, Rabson, Arnold B, Stein, Stanley, and Sinko, Patrick J

AIDS Research and Therapy 2006. 3: No pp. given

7. 48922 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Novel pyridine-based metal chelators as antiviral agents

Rajagopalan, Raghavan and Babu, John Sam

PATENT: US 2006106070 ISSUE DATE: 20060518

APPLICATION: 26 PP: 16 pp.


8. 48923 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel tricyclic HIV-1 integrase inhibitors by modification of its pyridine ring

Metobo, SE, Jin, H, Tsiang, M, and Kim, CU

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


9. 48924 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

Design, synthesis, and SAR studies of novel and highly active tri-cyclic HIV integrase inhibitors

Jin, H, Cai, RZ, Schacherer, L, Jabri, S, Tsiang, M, Fardis, M, Chen, X, Chen, JM, and Kim, CU

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


10. 48925 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

Effect of substitution on novel tricyclic HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

Fardis, M, Jin, H, Jabri, S, Cai, RZ, Mish, M, Tsiang, M, and Kim, CU

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


11. 48926 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Novel diaminopropane-based metal chelators as antiviral agents

Rajagopalan, Raghavan and Babu, John Sam

PATENT: US 2006100282 ISSUE DATE: 20060511

APPLICATION: 2005-63165 PP: 16 pp.


12. 48927 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Branched peptide possessing anti-HIV activity, preparation method, and pharmaceutical composition

Fenouillet, Emmanuel and Barbouche, Rym

PATENT: FR 2877344 ISSUE DATE: 20060505

APPLICATION: 2004-11727 PP: 27 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique, Fr.

13. 48928 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

Anti-HIV activity of stilbene-related heterocyclic compounds

Bedoya, LM, Del, Olmo E, Sancho, R, Barboza, B, Beltran, M, Garcia-Cadenas, AE, Sanchez-Palomino, S, Lopez-Perez, JL, Munoz, E, Feliciano, AS, and Alcami, J

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


14. 48929 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

Inhibitors of HIV-1 Tat-Mediated Transactivation

Richter, SN and Palu, G

Curr Med Chem 2006. 13(11): 1305-15


15. 48930 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Preparation of HIV inhibiting 5-carbo- or heterocyclic substituted pyrimidines

Guillemont, Jerome Emile Georges, Heeres, Jan, and Lewi, Paulus Joannes

PATENT: WO 2006035068 ISSUE DATE: 20060406

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 74 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ire.

16. 48931 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

HIV-1 integrase inhibition of biscoumarin analogues

Su, CX, Mouscadet, JF, Chiang, CC, Tsai, HJ, and Hsu, LY

Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo) 2006. 54(5): 682-6


17. 48932 HIV-LS-349; PUBMED-HIV-5/30/2006

HIV-1 integrase inhibition by pyrrole/imidazole-containing polyamides

Zakharova, OD, Baranova, S, Parissi, V, Ryabinin, VA, Sinyakov, AN, Litvak, S, Litvak, LT, and Nevinsky, GA

J Pept Res 2005. 66 Suppl 1: 138-45


18. 48933 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Synthesis and antiviral activity of L-3'-fluoro-2', 3'-unsaturated carbocyclic nucleosides

Wang, Jianing, Jin, Yunho, Schinazi, Raymond F, and Chu, CK

Abstracts of Papers, 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, United States, March 26-30, 2006 2006.: MEDI-365

19. 48934 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

MIA-QSAR modelling of anti-HIV-1 activities of some 2-amino-6-arylsulfonylbenzonitriles and their thio and sulfinyl congeners

Freitas, Matheus P

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2006. 4(6): 1154-1159

20. 48935 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Structure-based design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel inhibitors of human cyclophilin A

Guichou, Jean-Francois, Viaud, Julien, Mettling, Clement, Subra, Guy, Lin, Yea-Lih, and Chavanieu, Alain

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 49(3): 900-910

21. 48936 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

The isolation of rubrifloralignan A and its anti-HIV-1 activities

Tian, Ren-Rong, Xiao, Wei-Lie, Yang, Liu-Meng, Wang, Rui-Rui, Sun, Han-Dong, Liu, Nai-Fa, and Zheng, Yong-Tang

Zhongguo Tianran Yaowu 2006. 4(1): 40-44

22. 48937 HIV-LS-349; WOS-HIV-5/21/2006

Vanillic acid glycoside and quinic acid derivatives from Gardeniae Fructus

Kim, HJ, Kim, EJ, Seo, SH, Shin, CG, Jin, C, and Lee, YS

JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS 2006. 69(4): 600-603, 4


23. 48938 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

Ultra-potent P1 modified arylsulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors: The discovery of GW0385

Miller, John F, Andrews, CWebster, Brieger, Michael, Furfine, Eric S, Hale, Michael R, Hanlon, Mary H, Hazen, Richard J, Kaldor, Istvan, McLean, Ed W, Reynolds, David, Sammond, Douglas M, Spaltenstein, Andrew, Tung, Roger, Turner, Elizabeth M, Xu, Robert X, and Sherrill, Ronald G

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. 16(7): 1788-1794

24. 48939 HIV-LS-349; SCIFINDER-HIV-5/22/2006

HIV Integrase Inhibitors with Nucleobase Scaffolds: Discovery of a Highly Potent Anti-HIV Agent

Nair, Vasu, Chi, Guochen, Ptak, Roger, and Neamati, Nouri

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 49(2): 445-447

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