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1. 49167 HIV-LS-353; PUBMED-HIV-7/24/2006

An antifungal peptide from baby lima bean

Wang, HX and Ng, TB

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 2006.


2. 49168 HIV-LS-353; PUBMED-HIV-7/24/2006

A tyrosine-sulfated peptide derived from the heavy-chain CDR3 region of an HIV-1 neutralizing antibody binds GP120 and inhibits HIV-1 infection

Dorfman, T, Moore, MJ, Guth, AC, Choe, H, and Farzan, M

J Biol Chem 2006.


3. 49169 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

The influence of natural substrates and inhibitors on the nucleotide-dependent excision activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase in the infected cell

Smith, Anthony James and Scott, Walter Alvin

Current Pharmaceutical Design 2006. 12(15): 1827-1841

4. 49170 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Application of stigmastane-3,5,6-triol and its derivatives in preparation of antiviral drugs and their new derivatives

Sun, Yanrong, Zhang, Jiajie, Xu, Wei, and Wu, Shuguang

PATENT: CN 1726922 ISSUE DATE: 20060201

APPLICATION: 1007-4395

ASSIGNEE: (Southern Medical University, Peop. Rep. China

5. 49171 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Indolyl aryl sulphones as HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors: synthesis, biological evaluation and binding mode studies of new derivatives at indole-2-carboxamide

De Martino, Gabriella, a Regina, Giuseppe, Ragno, Rino, Coluccia, Antonio, Bergamini, Alberto, Ciaprini, Chiara, Sinistro, Anna, Maga, Giovanni, Crespan, Emmanuele, Artico, Marino, and Silvestri, Romano

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2006. 17(2): 59-77

6. 49172 HIV-LS-353; PUBMED-HIV-7/24/2006

Novel broad-spectrum thiourea non-nucleoside inhibitors for the prevention of mucosal HIV transmission

D'Cruz, OJ and Uckun, FM

Curr HIV Res 2006. 4(3): 329-45


7. 49173 HIV-LS-353; PUBMED-HIV-7/24/2006

The Hunt for HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors

Lataillade, M and Kozal, MJ

AIDS Patient Care STDS 2006. 20(7): 489-501


8. 49174 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Facile Purification of Honokiol and Its Antiviral and Cytotoxic Properties

Amblard, Franck, Delinsky, David, Arbiser, Jack L, and Schinazi, Raymond F

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 49(11): 3426-3427

9. 49175 HIV-LS-353; PUBMED-HIV-7/24/2006

Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of the combinatorial library with a new spirodiketopiperazine scaffold. Discovery of novel potent and selective low-molecular-weight CCR5 antagonists

Habashita, H, Kokubo, M, Hamano, S, Hamanaka, N, Toda, M, Shibayama, S, Tada, H, Sagawa, K, Fukushima, D, Maeda, K, and Mitsuya, H

J Med Chem 2006. 49(14): 4140-52


10. 49176 HIV-LS-353; PUBMED-HIV-7/24/2006

Pongamone A-E, five flavonoids from the stems of a mangrove plant, Pongamia pinnata

Li, L, Li, X, Shi, C, Deng, Z, Fu, H, Proksch, P, and Lin, W

Phytochemistry 2006.


11. 49177 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Synthesis of methylenecyclopropane analogs of antiviral nucleoside phosphonates

Yan, Zhaohua, Zhou, Shaoman, Kern, Earl R, and Zemlicka, Jiri

Tetrahedron 2006. 62(11): 2608-2615

12. 49178 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Patented HIV-1 integrase inhibitors (1998-2005)

Cotelle, Philippe

Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery 2006. 1(1 ): 1-15

13. 49179 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Computational and synthetic approaches for the discovery of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

Barreca, Maria Letizia, De Luca, Laura, Ferro, Stefania, Rao, Angela, Monforte, Anna-Maria, and Chimirri, Alba

ARKIVOC (Gainesville, FL, United States) 2006.(7): 224-244

14. 49180 HIV-LS-353; SCIFINDER-HIV-7/17/2006

Synthesis and antiviral activity of novel phenyl branched apiosyl nucleosides

Kim Jin Woo and Hong Joon Hee

Archives of pharmacal research 2006. 29(6): 464-468

15. 49181 HIV-LS-353; WOS-HIV-7/16/2006

Regioselective synthesis of the novel N-4-substituted pyrazolo[4,5-e][1,2,4]thiadiazines as potent HIV-1NNRTIs

Liu, XY, Chen, NG, Yan, RZ, Xu, WF, Molina, MT, and Vega, S

HETEROCYCLES 2006. 68(6): 1225-+, 9


16. 49182 HIV-LS-353; WOS-HIV-7/16/2006

GS-9137 - Anti-HIV agent HIV integrase inhibitor

Sorbera, LA and Serradell, N

DRUGS OF THE FUTURE 2006. 31(4): 310-313, 4


17. 49183 HIV-LS-353; WOS-HIV-7/23/2006

An antifungal protein from the pea Pisum sativum var. arvense Poir

Wang, HX and Ng, TB

PEPTIDES 2006. 27(7): 1732-1737, 6


18. 49184 HIV-LS-353; WOS-HIV-7/23/2006

In vitro anti-HIV activity of a Chinese fungus extract

Xiang, ZC, Jiang, Y, and Guo, SX



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