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1. 58969 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Piperidinyl piperidine derivatives useful as inhibitors of chemokine receptors

Chan, Tze-Ming, Cox, Kathleen, Feng, Wenqing, Miller, Michael W, Weston, Daniel, and Mccombie, Stuart

PATENT: WO 2006091534 ISSUE DATE: 20060831

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 92pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Schering Corporation, USA

2. 58970 HIV-LS-357; PUBMED-HIV-9/18/2006

Molecular docking studies on 4-thiazolidinones as HIV-1 RT inhibitors

Rawal, RK, Kumar, A, Siddiqi, MI, and Katti, SB

J Mol Model (Online) 2006.


3. 58971 HIV-LS-357; PUBMED-HIV-9/18/2006

Small molecules that bind the inner core of gp41 and inhibit HIV envelope-mediated fusion

Frey, G, Rits-Volloch, S, Zhang, XQ, Schooley, RT, Chen, B, and Harrison, SC

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2006.


4. 58972 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

QSAR studies of anti-HIV-1 Ritonavir analogs

Kasara, Raghava Chaitanya, Bhhatarai, Barun, and Garg, Rajni

Abstracts of Papers, 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, United States, Sept. 10-14, 2006 2006.: COMP-277

5. 58973 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (hiv-1) polypeptide c22, coding gene and use thereof

Wang, Shilong, Sun, Xiaoyu, Li, Min, and Zhang, Zhen

PATENT: CN 1810830 ISSUE DATE: 20060802

APPLICATION: 1002-3542 PP: 12pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Tongji University, Peop. Rep. China

6. 58974 HIV-LS-357; PUBMED-HIV-9/18/2006

Inhibition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1) Envelope Glycoprotein-Mediated Single Cell Lysis by Low-Molecular-Weight Antagonists of Viral Entry

Madani, N, Hubicki, AM, Perdigoto, AL, Springer, M, and Sodroski, J

J Virol 2006.


7. 58975 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Pharmaceutically active antiviral peptides, particularly anti-AIDS peptides active against drug-resistant HIV

Bacher, Gerald, Wiesmueller, Karl Heinrich, Schaefer, Birgit, and Hauber, Joachim

PATENT: WO 2006072579 ISSUE DATE: 20060713

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 75 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Germany)

8. 58976 HIV-LS-357; PUBMED-HIV-9/18/2006

Effect of the extent of thiolation and introduction of phosphorothioate internucleotide linkages on the anti-HIV activity of Suligovir [(s(4)dU)(35)]

Horvath, A, Beck, Z, Bardos, TJ, Dunn, JA, and Aradi, J

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006. 16(20): 5321-3


9. 58977 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Antiviral peptides capable of binding with viral surface glycoprotein gp41

Dai, Qiuyun, Cheng, Jianwei, He, Yuxian, and Dong, Mingxin

PATENT: CN 1793170 ISSUE DATE: 20060628

APPLICATION: 1012-6473 PP: 20 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Institute of Bioengineering, Academy of Military Medical Sciences of Pla Peop. Rep. China

10. 58978 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Preparation of hydroxydihydropyridopyrazine-1,8-diones for inhibiting HIV integrase

Chan Chun Kong, Laval, Liu, Bingcan, Nguyen-Ba, Nghe, Cadilhac, Caroline, and Turcotte, Nathalie

PATENT: WO 2006066414 ISSUE DATE: 20060629

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 186 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Virochem Pharma Inc., Can.

11. 58979 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Azadideoxyadenosine: Synthesis, enzymology, and anti-HIV activity

Nishonov, Abdumalik A, Ma, Xiaohui, and Nair, Vasu

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. 16(15): 4099-4101

12. 58980 HIV-LS-357; WOS-HIV-9/10/2006

Inhibitory activity on HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and integrase of a carmalol derivative from a brown alga, Ishige okamurae

Aln, MJ, Yoon, KD, Kim, CY, Kim, JH, Shin, CG, and Kim, J

PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH 2006. 20(8): 711-713, 3


13. 58981 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Dual inhibitors of hiv-1 gp-120 interactions

Hosahudya, Gopi and Chaiken, Irwin

PATENT: US 2006135746 ISSUE DATE: 20060622

APPLICATION: 2005-43257 PP: 8 pp.


14. 58982 HIV-LS-357; WOS-HIV-9/17/2006

The design and synthesis of 9-phenylcyclohepta[d]pyrimidine-2,4-dione derivatives as potent non-nucleoside inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase

Wang, XW, Lou, QH, Guo, Y, Xu, Y, Zhang, ZL, and Liu, JY

ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY 2006. 4(17): 3252-3258, 7


15. 58983 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Antiviral compositions containing stigmastane-3,5,6-triol and its derivatives

Sun, Yanrong, Zhang, Jiajie, Xu, Wei, and Wu, Shuguang

PATENT: CN 1726922 ISSUE DATE: 20060201

APPLICATION: 1007-4395 PP: 17pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Southern Medical University, Peop. Rep. China

16. 58984 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Effect of C-H...S and C-H...Cl interactions on the conformational preference of inhibitors of TIBO family

Freitas, Renato F and Galembeck, Sergio E

Chemical Physics Letters 2006. 423(1-3): 131-137

17. 58985 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Divergent synthesis and biological evaluation of carbocyclic a-, iso- and 3'-epi-nucleosides and their lipophilic nucleotide prodrugs

Ludek, Olaf R, Kraemer, Tobias, Balzarini, Jan, and Meier, Chris

Synthesis 2006.(8): 1313-1324

18. 58986 HIV-LS-357; SCIFINDER-HIV-9/11/06

Discovery of a Piperidine-4-carboxamide CCR5 Antagonist (TAK-220) with Highly Potent Anti-HIV-1 Activity

Imamura, Shinichi, Ichikawa, Takashi, Nishikawa, Youichi, Kanzaki, Naoyuki, Takashima, Katsunori, Niwa, Shinichi, Iizawa, Yuji, Baba, Masanori, and Sugihara, Yoshihiro

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 49(9): 2784-2793

19. 58987 HIV-LS-357; WOS-HIV-9/10/2006

Tipranavir: A protease inhibitor for HIV salvage therapy

Dong, BJ and Cocohoba, JM

ANNALS OF PHARMACOTHERAPY 2006. 40(7-8): 1311-1321, 11


20. 58988 HIV-LS-357; WOS-HIV-9/17/2006

Synthesis of heterocyclic and non-heterocyclic entities as antibacterial and anti-HIV agents

Patel, RB and Chikhalia, KH



21. 58989 HIV-LS-357; WOS-HIV-9/17/2006

Antihuman immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) activity of rare earth metal complexes of 4-hydroxycoumarins in cell culture

Manolov, I, Raleva, S, Genova, P, Savov, A, Froloshka, L, Dundarova, D, and Argirova, R



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