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1. 59743 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Synthesis of Novel Diarylpyrimidine Analogues of TMC278 and their Antiviral Activity against HIV-1 Wild-Type and Mutant Strains

Mordant, Celine, Schmitt, Benoit, Pasquier, Elisabeth, Demestre, Christophe, Queguiner, Laurence, Masungi, Chantal, Peeters, Anik, Smeulders, Liesbeth, Bettens, Eva, and Hertogs, Kurt

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006. In Press, Accepted Manuscript


2. 59744 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Simple criterion for selection of flavonoid compounds with anti-HIV activity

Veljkovic, Veljko, Mouscadet, Jean-Francois, Veljkovic, Nevena, Glisic, Sanja, and Debyser, Zeger

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


3. 59745 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Stoichiometry of the antiviral protein APOBEC3G in HIV-1 virions

Xu, Hongzhan, Chertova, Elena, Chen, Jianbo, Ott, David E, Roser, James D, Hu, Wei-Shau, and Pathak, Vinay K

Virology 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


4. 59746 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Identification of the benzodiazepines as a new class of antileishmanial agent

Clark, Rachel L, Carter, Katharine C, Mullen, Alexander B, Coxon, Geoffrey D, Owusu-Dapaah, George, McFarlane, Emma, Duong Thi, MDao, Grant, MHelen, Tettey, Justice NA, and Mackay, Simon P

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


5. 59747 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/18/2006

FEP-guided selection of bicyclic heterocycles in lead optimization for non-nucleoside inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase

Kim, JT, Hamilton, AD, Bailey, CM, Domoal, RA, Wang, LG, Anderson, KS, and Jorgensen, WL

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2006. 128(48): 15372-15373, 2


6. 59748 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Nucleosides with self-complementary hydrogen-bonding motifs: Synthesis and base-pairing studies of two nucleosides containing the imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazine ring system: Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry 2005: B. Giese

Ujjinamatada, Ravi K, Paulman, Robin L, Ptak, Roger G, and Hosmane, Ramachandra S

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 14(18): 6359-6367


7. 59749 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Cyclophilin A: An auxiliary but not necessary cofactor for TRIM5[alpha] restriction of HIV-1

Stremlau, Matthew, Song, Byeongwoon, Javanbakht, Hassan, Perron, Michel, and Sodroski, Joseph

Virology 2006. 351(1): 112-120


8. 59750 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/18/2006

Antiretroviral drug-resistant HIV-2 infection - a new therapeutic dilemma

Maniar, JK, Damond, F, Kamath, RR, Mandalia, S, and Surjushe, A

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STD & AIDS 2006. 17(11): 781-782, 2


9. 59751 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/18/2006

A historical sketch of the discovery and development of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

Savarino, A



10. 59752 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Interaction of small molecule inhibitors of HIV-1 entry with CCR5

Seibert, Christoph, Ying, Weiwen, Gavrilov, Svetlana, Tsamis, Fotini, Kuhmann, Shawn E, Palani, Anandan, Tagat, Jayaram R, Clader, John W, McCombie, Stuart W, and Baroudy, Bahige M

Virology 2006. 349(1): 41-54


11. 59753 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/18/2006

P-glycoprotein effects of cyclic urea HIV protease inhibitor DMP 323 in competitional absorption studies

Richter, M, Gyemant, N, Molnar, J, and Hilgeroth, A

ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE 2006. 339(11): 625-628, 4


12. 59754 HIV-LS-364; EMBASE-HIV-12/26/2006

Co-evolution of nelfinavir-resistant HIV-1 protease and the p1-p6 substrate

Kolli, Madhavi, Lastere, Stephane, and Schiffer, Celia A

Virology 2006. 347(2): 405-409


13. 59755 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/24/2006

Immunoglobulin A antibodies against internal HIV-1 proteins neutralize HIV-1 replication inside epithelial cells

Wright, A, Yan, HM, Lamm, ME, and Huang, YT

VIROLOGY 2006. 356(1-2): 165-170, 6


14. 59756 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/24/2006

Determinants of activity of the HIV-1 maturation inhibitor PA-457

Li, F, Zoumplis, D, Matallana, C, Kilgore, NR, Reddick, M, Yunus, AS, Adamson, CS, Salzwedel, K, Martin, DE, Allaway, GP, Freed, EO, and Wild, CT

VIROLOGY 2006. 356(1-2): 217-224, 8


15. 59757 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/24/2006

Carbanucleosides: synthesis of both enantiomers of 2-(6-chloro-purin-9-yl)-3,5-bishydroxymethyl cyclopentanol from D-glucose

Roy, BG, Maity, JK, Drew, MGB, Achari, B, and Mandal, SB

TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 2006. 47(50): 8821-8825, 5


16. 59758 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/24/2006

RNA as a target for host defense and anti-HIV drugs

Fanning, GC

CURRENT DRUG TARGETS 2006. 7(12): 1607-1613, 7


17. 59759 HIV-LS-364; WOS-HIV-12/24/2006

Towards new methodologies for the synthesis of biologically interesting 6-substituted pyrimidines and 4(3H)-pyrimidinones

Petricci, E, Mugnaini, C, Radi, M, Togninelli, A, Bernardini, C, Manetti, F, Parlato, MC, Renzulli, ML, Alongi, M, Falciani, C, Corelli, F, and Botta, M

ARKIVOC 2006.: 452-478, 27


18. 59760 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

A novel diketo phosphonic acid that exhibits specific, strand-transfer inhibition of HIV integrase and anti-HIV activity

Chi, G, Nair, V, Semenova, E, and Pommier, Y

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


19. 59761 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Synthesis and Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Activity of 4'-Branched (+/-)-4'-Thiostavudines

Kumamoto, H, Nakai, T, Haraguchi, K, Nakamura, KT, Tanaka, H, Baba, M, and Cheng, YC

J Med Chem 2006. 49(26): 7861-7867


20. 59762 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Synthesis, in Vitro Antiviral Evaluation, and Stability Studies of Novel alpha-Borano-Nucleotide Analogues of 9-[2-(Phosphonomethoxy)ethyl]adenine and (R)-9-[2-(Phosphonomethoxy)propyl]adenine

Barral, K, Priet, S, Sire, J, Neyts, J, Balzarini, J, Canard, B, and Alvarez, K

J Med Chem 2006. 49(26): 7799-7806


21. 59763 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Rapid discovery and structure-activity profiling of novel inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease enabled by the copper(i)-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles and their further functionalization

Whiting, M, Tripp, JC, Lin, YC, Lindstrom, W, Olson, AJ, Elder, JH, Sharpless, KB, and Fokin, VV

J Med Chem 2006. 49(26): 7697-710


22. 59764 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Insights on Resistance to Reverse Transcriptase: The Different Patterns of Interaction of the Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors in the Deoxyribonucleotide Triphosphate Binding Site Relative to the Normal Substrate

Carvalho, AT, Fernandes, PA, and Ramos, MJ

J Med Chem 2006. 49(26): 7675-7682


23. 59765 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Mutations in the connection domain of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase increase 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine resistance

Nikolenko, GN, Delviks-Frankenberry, KA, Palmer, S, Maldarelli, F, Fivash, MJ Jr, Coffin, JM, and Pathak, VK

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2006.


24. 59766 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of 2-aryl-3-heteroaryl-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones as anti-HIV agents

Rawal, RK, Tripathi, R, Katti, SB, Pannecouque, C, and De Clercq, E

Bioorg Med Chem 2006.


25. 59767 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Isolation and characterization of an antifungal peptide with antiproliferative activity from seeds of Phaseolus vulgaris cv. 'Spotted Bean'

Wang, HX and Ng, TB

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 2006.


26. 59768 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

A comparison of three highly active antiretroviral treatment strategies consisting of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, or both in the presence of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors as initial therapy (CPCRA 058 FIRST Study): a long-term randomised trial

MacArthur, RD, Novak, RM, Peng, G, Chen, L, Xiang, Y, Hullsiek, KH, Kozal, MJ, van, den Berg-Wolf M, Henely, C, Schmetter, B, and Dehlinger, M

Lancet 2006. 368(9553): 2125-35


27. 59769 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

HIV-1 reverse transcriptase plus-strand initiation exhibits preferential sensitivity to nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors in vitro

Grobler, JA, Dornadula, G, Rice, MR, Simcoe, AL, Hazuda, DJ, and Miller, MD

J Biol Chem 2006.


28. 59770 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Structure-function analysis of the ribosomal frameshifting signal of two human immunodeficiency virus type 1 isolates with increased resistance to viral protease inhibitors

Girnary, R, King, L, Robinson, L, Elston, R, and Brierley, I

J Gen Virol 2007. 88(Pt 1): 226-35


29. 59771 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Protein methylation is required to maintain optimal HIV-1 infectivity

Willemsen, NM, Hitchen, EM, Bodetti, TJ, Apolloni, A, Warrilow, D, Piller, SC, and Harrich, D

Retrovirology 2006. 3(1): 92


30. 59772 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Antiviral properties of combination peptides of HIV-1 Rev NLS and NES

Kobayashi, N, Sato, T, and Yoshida, T

Protein Pept Lett 2006. 13(10): 1025-7


31. 59773 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Attacking HIV Provirus: Therapeutic Strategies to Disrupt Persistent Infection

Margolis, DM and Archin, NM

Infect Disord Drug Targets 2006. 6(4): 369-76


32. 59774 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

The therapeutic potential of the chemokine receptor CXCR4 antagonists as multi-functional agents

Tsutsumi, H, Tanaka, T, Ohashi, N, Masuno, H, Tamamura, H, Hiramatsu, K, Araki, T, Ueda, S, Oishi, S, and Fujii, N

Biopolymers 2006.


33. 59775 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Novel CCR5 monoclonal antibodies with potent and broad-spectrum anti-HIV activities

Ji, C, Brandt, M, Dioszegi, M, Jekle, A, Schwoerer, S, Challand, S, Zhang, J, Chen, Y, Zautke, L, Achhammer, G, Baehner, M, Kroetz, S, Heilek-Snyder, G, Schumacher, R, Cammack, N, and Sankuratri, S

Antiviral Res 2006.


34. 59776 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

HIV-1 clones resistant to a small molecule CCR5 inhibitor use the inhibitor-bound form of CCR5 for entry

Pugach, P, Marozsan, AJ, Ketas, TJ, Landes, EL, Moore, JP, and Kuhmann, SE

Virology 2006.


35. 59777 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 1,3,3,4-Tetrasubstituted Pyrrolidine CCR5 Receptor Antagonists. Discovery of a Potent and Orally Bioavailable Anti-HIV Agent

Ma, D, Yu, S, Li, B, Chen, L, Chen, R, Yu, K, Zhang, L, Chen, Z, Zhong, D, Gong, Z, Wang, R, Jiang, H, and Pei, G

ChemMedChem 2006.


36. 59778 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

AZT 5'-Cholinephosphate as an Anti-HIV Agent: The Study of Biochemical Properties and Metabolic Transformations Using Its 32P-Labelled Counterpart

Yanvarev, DV, Shirokova, EA, Astapova, MV, and Skoblov, YS

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2007. 26(1): 23-36


37. 59779 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 5(H)-phenanthridin-6-ones, 5(H)-phenanthridin-6-one diketo acid, and polycyclic aromatic diketo acid analogs as new HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

Patil, S, Kamath, S, Sanchez, T, Neamati, N, Schinazi, RF, and Buolamwini, JK

Bioorg Med Chem 2006.


38. 59780 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Epigallocatechin gallate, the main polyphenol in green tea, binds to the T-cell receptor, CD4: Potential for HIV-1 therapy

Williamson, MP, McCormick, TG, Nance, CL, and Shearer, WT

J Allergy Clin Immunol 2006. 118(6): 1369-74


39. 59781 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Structure-activity relationship in the 3-iodo-4-phenoxypyridinone (IOPY) series: The nature of the C-3 substituent on anti-HIV activity

Benjahad, A, Oumouch, S, Guillemont, J, Pasquier, E, Mabire, D, Andries, K, Nguyen, CH, and Grierson, DS

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


40. 59782 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Novel inhibitors of the early steps of the HIV-1 life cycle

Citterio, P and Rusconi, S

Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2007. 16(1): 11-23


41. 59783 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Kinetic studies of HIV-1 and HIV-2 envelope glycoprotein-mediated fusion

Gallo, SA, Reeves, JD, Garg, H, Foley, B, Doms, RW, and Blumenthal, R

Retrovirology 2006. 3: 90


42. 59784 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Biochemical differentiation of APOBEC3F and APOBEC3G proteins associated with HIV-1 life cycle

Wang, X, Dolan, PT, Dang, Y, and Zheng, YH

J Biol Chem 2006.


43. 59785 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Analysis of Amino Acids in the beta7-beta8 Loop of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Reverse Transcriptase for their Role in Virus Replication

Mulky, A, Vu, BC, Conway, JA, Hughes, SH, and Kappes, JC

J Mol Biol 2006.


44. 59786 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by an improved hairpin ribozyme that includes an RNA decoy

Barroso-DelJesus, A, Puerta-Fernandez, E, Tapia, N, Romero-Lopez, C, Sanchez-Luque, FJ, Martinez, MA, and Berzal-Herranz, A

RNA Biol 2005. 2(2): 75-9


45. 59787 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

{alpha}-defensins block the early steps of HIV-1 infection: interference with the binding of gp120 to CD4

Furci, L, Sironi, F, Tolazzi, M, Vassena, L, and Lusso, P

Blood 2006.


46. 59788 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Multi-drug resistant HIV-1 reverse transcriptase genotype in children treated with dual nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs)

Engchanil, C, Kosalaraksa, P, Lulitanond, V, Lumbiganon, P, and Chantratita, W

J Med Assoc Thai 2006. 89(10): 1713-20


47. 59789 HIV-LS-364; PUBMED-HIV-12/26/2006

Bayesian network analysis of resistance pathways against protease inhibitors

Deforche, K, Camacho, R, Grossman, Z, Silander, T, Soares, MA, Moreau, Y, Shafer, RW, Van, Laethem K, Carvalho, AP, Wynhoven, B, Cane, P, Snoeck, J, Clarke, J, Sirivichayakul, S, Ariyoshi, K, Holguin, A, Rudich, H, Rodrigues, R, Bouzas, MB, Cahn, P, Brigido, LF, Soriano, V, Sugiura, W, Phanuphak, P, Morris, L, Weber, J, Pillay, D, Tanuri, A, Harrigan, PR, Shapiro, JM, Katzenstein, DA, Kantor, R, and Vandamme, AM

Infect Genet Evol 2006.


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