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1. 60648 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Caffeoylglycolic and caffeoylamino acid derivatives, halfmers of l-chicoric acid, as new HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

Lee, SU, Shin, CG, Lee, CK, and Lee, YS

Eur J Med Chem 2007.


2. 60649 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Mutations in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 RNase H Primer Grip Enhance 3'-Azido-3'-Deoxythymidine Resistance

Delviks-Frankenberry, KA, Nikolenko, GN, Barr, R, and Pathak, VK

J Virol 2007.


3. 60650 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Cytidine deaminases APOBEC3G and APOBEC3F interact with HIV-1 integrase and inhibit proviral DNA formation

Luo, K, Wang, T, Liu, B, Tian, C, Xiao, Z, Kappes, J, and Yu, XF

J Virol 2007.


4. 60651 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Dihydroxypyrimidine-4-carboxamides as Novel Potent and Selective HIV Integrase Inhibitors

Pace, P, Francesco, ME, Gardelli, C, Harper, S, Muraglia, E, Nizi, E, Orvieto, F, Petrocchi, A, Poma, M, Rowley, M, Scarpelli, R, Laufer, R, Paz, OG, Monteagudo, E, Bonelli, F, Hazuda, D, Stillmock, KA, and Summa, V

J Med Chem 2007.


5. 60652 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Tetraphenylporphyrin-cobalt(III) Bis(1,2-dicarbollide) Conjugates: From the Solution Characteristics to Inhibition of HIV Protease

Kubat, P, Lang, K, Cigler, P, Kozisek, M, Matejicek, P, Janda, P, Zelinger, Z, Prochazka, K, and Kral, V

J Phys Chem B 2007.


6. 60653 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of trivalent CD4-mimetic miniproteins

Li, H, Guan, Y, Szczepanska, A, Moreno-Vargas, AJ, Carmona, AT, Robina, I, Lewis, GK, and Wang, LX

Bioorg Med Chem 2007.


7. 60654 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Synergistic inhibition of HIV-1 infection by combinations of soluble polyanions with other potential microbicides

Gantlett, KE, Weber, JN, and Sattentau, QJ

Antiviral Res 2007.


8. 60655 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Syntheses and anti-HIV activities of (+/-)-norcarbovir and (+/-)-norabacavir

Huang, W, Miller, MJ, De, Clercq E, and Balzarini, J

Org Biomol Chem 2007. 5(8): 1164-6


9. 60656 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Anti-retroviral activity of GMP-grade stampidine against genotypically and phenotypically nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor resistant recombinant human immunodeficiency virus. An in vitro study

Uckun, FM, DuMez, D, Qazi, S, Tibbles, H, and Venkatachalam, TK

Arzneimittelforschung 2007. 57(2): 112-21


10. 60657 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Two New Compounds and Anti-HIV Active Constituents from Illicium verum

Song, WY, Ma, YB, Bai, X, Zhang, XM, Gu, Q, Zheng, YT, Zhou, J, and Chen, JJ

Planta Med 2007.


11. 60658 HIV-LS-372; PUBMED-HIV-4/18/2007

Synthesis and in vitro anti-HIV activities of didanosine prodrugs

Sriram, D, Yogeeswari, P, Babu, NR, and Kurre, PN

J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem 2007. 22(1): 51-55


12. 60659 HIV-LS-372; WOS-HIV-4/8/2007

Langerin is a natural barrier to HIV-1 transmission by Langerhans cells

de Witte, L, Nabatov, A, Pion, M, Fluitsma, D, de Jong, MAWP, de Gruijl, T, Piguet, V, van Kooyk, Y, and Geijtenbeek, TBH

NATURE MEDICINE 2007. 13(3): 367-371, 5


13. 60660 HIV-LS-372; WOS-HIV-4/8/2007

Effect of the HIV protease inhibitor TMC114, coadministered with low-dose ritonavir, on the pharmacokinetics of digoxin in healthy volunteers

Sekar, VJ, El Malt, M, De Paepe, E, Mack, R, De Pauw, M, Vangeneugden, T, Lefebvre, E, and Hoetelmans, R



14. 60661 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

GS-8374, a Novel Phosphonate HIV Protease Inhibitor with Potent In Vitro Antiretroviral Activity, Low Metabolic Toxicity, and Favorable Resistance Profile

Callebaut, Christian, Stray, Kirsten, Tsai, Luong, Xu, Lianhong, He, Gong-Xin, Mulato, Andrew, Priskich, Tina, Parkin, Neil, Lee, William, and Cihlar, Tomas

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A27-90


15. 60662 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Synthesis, Anti-HIV and CD4 Down-Modulation Activities of Novel CADA Compounds

Anugu, Sreenivasa, Bell, Thomas, Duffy, Noah, Vermeire, Kurt, and Schols, Dominique

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A48-A30


16. 60663 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Design, Synthesis, Anti-HIV and Cytotoxicity of Novel Heterocyclic Compounds

Selvam, Periyasamy, Murugesh, Narayanan, Chandramohan, Markandavel, De Clercq, Erik, and Pannecouque, Christophe

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A51-A30


17. 60664 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Design, Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activity of Some Novel Isatin Derivatives

Selvam, Periyasamy, Murugesh, Narayanan, Chandramohan, Markandavel, Debyser, Zeger, Witvrouw, Myriam, and Engelborghs, Yves

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A68-A67


18. 60665 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Targeting the Sticky Fingers of HIV-1

Blumenthal, Robert and Dimitrov, Dimiter S

Cell 2007. 129(2): 243-245


19. 60666 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Discovery and Optimization of a Natural HIV-1 Entry Inhibitor Targeting the gp41 Fusion Peptide

Munch, Jan, Standker, Ludger, Adermann, Knut, Schulz, Axel, Schindler, Michael, Chinnadurai, Raghavan, Pohlmann, Stefan, Chaipan, Chawaree, Biet, Thorsten, Peters, Thomas, Meyer, Bernd, Wilhelm, Dennis, Lu, Hong, Jing, Weiguo, Jiang, Shibo, Forssmann, Wolf-Georg, and Kirchhoff, Frank

Cell 2007. 129(2): 263-275


20. 60667 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Safety and efficacy of the HIV-1 integrase inhibitor raltegravir (MK-0518) in treatment-experienced patients with multidrug-resistant virus: a phase II randomised controlled trial

Grinsztejn, Beatriz, Nguyen, Bach-Yen, Katlama, Christine, Gatell, Jose M, Lazzarin, Adriano, Vittecoq, Daniel, Gonzalez, Charles J, Chen, Joshua, Harvey, Charlotte M, and Isaacs, Robin D

The Lancet 2007. 369(9569): 1261-1269


21. 60668 HIV-LS-372; WOS-HIV-4/15/2007

Regioselective synthesis and anti-HIV activity of the novel 2-and 4-substituted pyrazolo[4,5-e][1,2,4]thiadiazines

Liu, XY, Yan, RZ, Chen, NG, and Xu, WF

CHINESE CHEMICAL LETTERS 2007. 18(2): 137-140, 4


22. 60669 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Entry inhibitor-based microbicides are active in vitro against HIV-1 isolates from multiple genetic subtypes

Ketas, Thomas J, Schader, Susan M, Zurita, Juan, Teo, Esther, Polonis, Victoria, Lu, Min, Klasse, Per Johan, and Moore, John P

Virology 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 256


23. 60670 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

In vitro anti-HIV and -HSV activity and safety of sodium rutin sulfate as a microbicide candidate

Tao, Jian, Hu, Qinxue, Yang, Jing, Li, Rurun, Li, Xiuyi, Lu, Chengping, Chen, Chaoyin, Wang, Ling, Shattock, Robin, and Ben, Kunlong

Antiviral Research 2007. In Press, Uncorrected Proof: 304


24. 60671 HIV-LS-372; EMBASE-HIV-4/19/2007

Synthesis and evaluation of 2'-substituted cyclobutyl nucleosides and nucleotides as potential anti-HIV agents

Li, Yongfeng, Mao, Shuli, Hager, Michael W, Becnel, Kimberlynne D, Schinazi, Raymond F, and Liotta, Dennis C

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 304


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