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1. 60814 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Preliminary safety and efficacy data of brecanavir, a novel HIV-1 protease inhibitor: 24 week data from study HPR10006

Lalezari, JP, Ward, DJ, Tomkins, SA, and Garges, HP

J Antimicrob Chemother 2007.


2. 60815 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Inhibition of the Activities of Reverse Transcriptase and Integrase of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 by Peptides Derived from the Homologous Viral Protein R (Vpr)

Gleenberg, IO, Herschhorn, A, and Hizi, A

J Mol Biol 2007.


3. 60816 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Identification of a Novel Small Molecule Inhibitor that Targets HIV-1 Envelope Maturation

Jimenez, Judith, Cao, Joan, Jackson, Lynn, Peng, Qinghai, Wu, Hua, Isaacson, Jason, Butler, Scott, Patick, Amy K, and Blair, Wade S

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A27-293


4. 60817 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Rapamycin reduces CCR5 density levels on CD4 T cells and this effect results in potentiation of Enfuvirtide (T-20) against R5 HIV-1 in vitro

Heredia, A, Gilliam, B, Latinovic, O, Le, N, Bamba, D, Devico, A, Melikyan, GB, Gallo, RC, and Redfield, RR

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2007.


5. 60818 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

HIV-1 escape from the entry-inhibiting effects of a cholesterol-binding compound via cleavage of gp41 by the viral protease

Waheed, AA, Ablan, SD, Roser, JD, Sowder, RC, Schaffner, CP, Chertova, E, and Freed, EO

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2007.


6. 60819 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

The alpha(1,2)-mannosidase I inhibitor 1-deoxymannojirimycin potentiates the antiviral activity of carbohydrate-binding agents against wild-type and mutant HIV-1 strains containing glycan deletions in gp120

Balzarini, J

FEBS Lett 2007. 581(10): 2060-4


7. 60820 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Peptidomimetic Dimerization Inhibitors of HIV-1 Protease: Further Insights into Structural Variations and Mechanism of Action

Bannwarth, Ludovic, Rose, Thierry, Frutos, Silvia, Giralt, Ernest, Vanderesse, Regis, Jamart-Gregoire, Brigitte, Vidu, Anamaria, Ongeri, Sandrine, Sicsic, Sames, Pannecouque, Christophe, De Clercq, Erik, and Reboud-Ravaux, Michele

Antiviral Research 2007. 74(3): A64-A58


8. 60821 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors : An Emerging Clinical Reality

Dayam, R, Al-Mawsawi, LQ, and Neamati, N

Drugs R D 2007. 8(3): 155-68


9. 60822 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Synthesis and biological activity of vicinal diaryl-substituted 1H-imidazoles

Bellina, Fabio, Cauteruccio, Silvia, and Rossi, Renzo

Tetrahedron 2007. 63(22): 4571-4624


10. 60823 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Tricyclo-DNA containing oligonucleotides as steric block inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 tat-dependent trans-activation and HIV-1 infectivity

Ivanova, G, Reigadas, S, Ittig, D, Arzumanov, A, Andreola, ML, Leumann, C, Toulme, JJ, and Gait, MJ

Oligonucleotides 2007. 17(1): 54-65


11. 60824 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Synthesis of some novel thiourea derivatives obtained from5-[(4-aminophenoxy)methyl]-4-alkyl/aryl-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiones and evaluation as antiviral / anti-HIV and anti-tuberculosis agents

Kucukguzel, Ilkay, Tatar, Esra, Guniz Kucukguzel, S, Rollas, Sevim, and De Clercq, Erik

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2007. In Press, Accepted Manuscript: 2064


12. 60825 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Efficient inhibition of HIV-1 expression by LNA modified antisense oligonucleotides and DNAzymes targeted to functionally selected binding sites

Jakobsen, MR, Haasnoot, J, Wengel, J, Berkhout, B, and Kjems, J

Retrovirology 2007. 4: 29


13. 60826 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

New HIV drug classes on the horizon

Opar, A

Nat Rev Drug Discov 2007. 6(4): 258-259


14. 60827 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Discovery of structurally diverse HIV-1 integrase inhibitors based on a chalcone pharmacophore

Deng, Jinxia, Sanchez, Tino, Al-Mawsawi, Laith Q, Dayam, Raveendra, Yunes, Rosendo A, Garofalo, Antonio, Bolger, Michael B, and Neamati, Nouri

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 234


15. 60828 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Scaffold hopping in the rational design of novel HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors

O'meara, JA, Jakalian, A, Laplante, S, Bonneau, PR, Coulombe, R, Faucher, AM, Guse, I, Landry, S, Racine, J, Simoneau, B, Thavonekham, B, and Yoakim, C

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007.


16. 60829 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Design, synthesis, and anti-HIV activity of 2',3'-didehydro-2',3'-dideoxyuridine (d4U), 2',3'-dideoxyuridine (ddU) phosphoramidate `ProTide' derivatives

Mehellou, Youcef, McGuigan, Christopher, Brancale, Andrea, and Balzarini, Jan

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 228


17. 60830 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Anti-HIV agents. Integrase inhibitor raltegravir makes its mark


TreatmentUpdate 2007. 19(2): 8-9


18. 60831 HIV-LS-374; PUBMED-HIV-5/14/2007

Raltegravir: a new antiretroviral class for salvage therapy

Cahn, P and Sued, O

Lancet 2007. 369(9569): 1235-6


19. 60832 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

In vitro HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity of naphthoquinones and derivatives from Euclea natalensis

Tshikalange, TE, Lall, N, Meyer, JJM, and Mahapatra, A

South African Journal of Botany 2007. 73(2): 339-482


20. 60833 HIV-LS-374; EMBASE-HIV-5/14/2007

Synthesis and anti-HIV activity of (-)-[beta]-d-(2R,4R)-1,3-dioxolane-2,6-diamino purine (DAPD) (amdoxovir) and (-)-[beta]-d-(2R,4R)-1,3-dioxolane guanosine (DXG) prodrugs

Narayanasamy, Janarthanan, Pullagurla, Manik R, Sharon, Ashoke, Wang, Jianing, Schinazi, Raymond F, and Chu, Chung K

Antiviral Research 2007. In Press, Uncorrected Proof: 482


21. 60834 HIV-LS-374; WOS-HIV-5/11/2007

RNA binding protein HuR contributes to HIV protease inhibitor-induced TNF-a and IL-6 expression in macrophages

Zhou, HP, Jarujaron, S, Chen, L, Gurley, EB, Studer, E, Hu, WH, Pandak, WM, and Hylemon, PB

FASEB JOURNAL 2007. 21(6): A852


22. 60835 HIV-LS-374; WOS-HIV-5/11/2007

The inhibition of HIV-1 transcription by hypoxia

Charles, SM, Ammosova, T, Nui, XM, Jerebtsova, M, Gordeuk, VR, and Nekhai, S

FASEB JOURNAL 2007. 21(6): A1033-A1034


23. 60836 HIV-LS-374; WOS-HIV-5/11/2007

Protein design of a bacterially expressed HIV-1 gp41 fusion inhibitor

Deng, YQ, Zheng, Q, Ketas, TJ, Moore, JP, and Lu, M

BIOCHEMISTRY 2007. 46(14): 4360-4369


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