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1. 61199 HIV-LS-378; EMBASE-HIV-7/9/2007

Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transcription by N-aminoimidazole derivatives

Stevens, Miguel, Balzarini, Jan, Lagoja, Irene M, Noppen, Bernard, Francois, Katrien, Van Aerschot, Arthur, Herdewijn, Piet, De Clercq, Erik, and Pannecouque, Christophe

Virology 2007. 365(1): 220-237


2. 61200 HIV-LS-378; EMBASE-HIV-7/9/2007

Anti-AIDS agents 72. Bioisosteres (7-carbon-DCKs) of the potent anti-HIV lead DCK

Wang, Yang, Huang, Shao-Xu, Xia, Peng, Xia, Yi, Yang, Zheng-Yu, Kilgore, Nicole, Morris-Natschke, Susan L, and Lee, Kuo-Hsiung

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2007. 17(15): 4316-4319


3. 61201 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-6/29/2007

Structural Descriptors of Gp120 V3 Loop for the Prediction of Hiv-1 Coreceptor Usage

Sander, O. et al.

Plos Computational Biology 2007. 3(3): 555-564


4. 61202 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-6/29/2007

New Emivirine (Mkc-442) Analogues Containing a Tetrahydronaphthalene at C-6 and Their Anti-Hiv Activity

Therkelsen, F. et al.

Monatshefte Fur Chemie 2007. 138(5): 495-503


5. 61203 HIV-LS-378; EMBASE-HIV-7/9/2007

Structural Characterization of B and non-B Subtypes of HIV-Protease: Insights into the Natural Susceptibility to Drug Resistance Development

Sanches, Mario, Krauchenco, Sandra, Martins, Nadia H, Gustchina, Alla, Wlodawer, Alexander, and Polikarpov, Igor

Journal of Molecular Biology 2007. 369(4): 1029-1040


6. 61204 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-6/29/2007

Overcoming Hiv-1 Resistance to Rna Interference

Boden, D., Pusch, O., and Ramratnam, B.

Frontiers in Bioscience 2007. 12: 3104-3116


7. 61205 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-7/6/2007

Novel Nuclear Import of Vpr Promoted by Importin Alpha Is Crucial for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Replication in Macrophages

Nitahara-Kasahara, Y. et al.

Journal of Virology 2007. 81(10): 5284-5293


8. 61206 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-7/6/2007

Sphingomyelinase Restricts the Lateral Diffusion of Cd4 and Inhibits Human Immunodeficiency Virus Fusion

Finnegan, C. et al.

Journal of Virology 2007. 81(10): 5294-5304


9. 61207 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-7/6/2007

Nitroimidazoies, Part 4: Synthesis and Anti-Hiv Activity of New 5-Alkylsulfanyl and 5-(4 '-Arylsulfonyl)Piperazinyl-4-Nitroimidazole Derivatives

Al-Soud, Y. et al.

Heteroatom Chemistry 2007. 18(4): 333-340


10. 61208 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-7/6/2007

Synthesis and Anti-Hiv Activity of Substituted 1 2,4-Triazolo-Thiophene Derivatives

Al-Soud, Y.

Heteroatom Chemistry 2007. 18(4): 443-448


11. 61209 HIV-LS-378; WOS-HIV-7/6/2007

Discovery of Highly Potent and Selective Cxcr4 Inhibitors Using Protein Epitope Mimetics (Pem) Technology

Lederer, A. et al.

Chimia 2007. 61 (4): 147-150


12. 61210 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Replication competent variants of human immunodeficiency virus type-2 lacking the V3 loop exhibit resistance to chemokine receptor antagonists

Lin, G, Bertolotti-Ciarlet, A, Haggarty, B, Romano, J, McGeehan, K, Leslie, G, d'Oliviere, AP, Huang, CC, Kwong, PD, Doms, RW, and Hoxie, JA

J Virol 2007.


13. 61211 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

N'-[2-(2-thiophene) ethyl]-N'-[2-(5-bromopyridyl)]thiourea (HI-443), a rationally designed non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound with potent anti-HIV activity

Uckun, FM, Qazi, S, and Venkatachalam, T

Arzneimittelforschung 2007. 57(5): 278-85


14. 61212 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Computational screening of inhibitors for HIV-1 integrase using a receptor based pharmacophore model

Jaganatharaja, J and Gowthaman, R

Bioinformation 2006. 1(4): 112-7


15. 61213 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

The Nucleoside Analogs 4'C-Methyl Thymidine and 4'C-Ethyl Thymidine Block DNA Synthesis by Wild-type HIV-1 RT and Excision Proficient NRTI Resistant RT Variants

Boyer, PL, Julias, JG, Ambrose, Z, Siddiqui, MA, Marquez, VE, and Hughes, SH

J Mol Biol 2007.


16. 61214 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Metabolism and Disposition in Humans of Raltegravir (MK-0518), an Anti-AIDS Drug Targeting the HIV-1 Integrase Enzyme

Kassahun, K, McIntosh, I, Cui, D, Hreniuk, D, Merschman, S, Lasseter, K, Azrolan, N, Iwamoto, M, Wagner, J, and Wenning, L

Drug Metab Dispos 2007.


17. 61215 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Synergistic inhibition of protease-inhibitor-resistant HIV type 1 by saquinavir in combination with atazanavir or lopinavir

Dam, E, Lebel-Binay, S, Rochas, S, Thibaut, L, Faudon, JL, Thomas, CM, Essioux, L, Hill, A, Schutz, M, and Clavel, F

Antivir Ther 2007. 12(3): 371-80


18. 61216 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Synthesis, cytotoxicity, and antiviral activities of new neolignans related to honokiol and magnolol

Amblard, F, Govindarajan, B, Lefkove, B, Rapp, KL, Detorio, M, Arbiser, JL, and Schinazi, RF

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007.


19. 61217 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Phosphonated Carbocyclic 2'-Oxa-3'-azanucleosides as New Antiretroviral Agents

Chiacchio, U, Rescifina, A, Iannazzo, D, Piperno, A, Romeo, R, Borrello, L, Sciortino, MT, Balestrieri, E, Macchi, B, Mastino, A, and Romeo, G

J Med Chem 2007.


20. 61218 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

In vitro selection and characterization of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) with decreased susceptibility to lopinavir

Masse, S, Lu, X, Dekhtyar, T, Lu, L, Koev, G, Gao, F, Mo, H, Kempf, D, Bernstein, B, Hanna, GJ, and Molla, A

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2007.


21. 61219 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Synthesis and biological evaluation of N-acetyl-beta-aryl-1,2-didehydroethylamines as new HIV-1 RT inhibitors in vitro

Cheng, P, Jiang, ZY, Wang, RR, Zhang, XM, Wang, Q, Zheng, YT, Zhou, J, and Chen, JJ

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007.


22. 61220 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

Differential in vitro inhibitory activity against HIV-1 of alpha-(1-3)- and alpha-(1-6)-D-mannose specific plant lectins : Implication for microbicide development

Saidi, H, Nasreddine, N, Jenabian, MA, Lecerf, M, Schols, D, Krief, C, Balzarini, J, and Belec, L

J Transl Med 2007. 5(1): 28


23. 61221 HIV-LS-378; PUBMED-HIV-7/9/2007

New 4-[(1-Benzyl-1H-indol-3-yl)carbonyl]-3-hydroxyfuran-2(5H)-ones, beta-Diketo Acid Analogs as HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors

Ferro, S, Barreca, ML, De Luca, L, Rao, A, Monforte, AM, Debyser, Z, Witvrouw, M, and Chimirri, A

Arch Pharm (Weinheim) 2007. 340(6): 292-298


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