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1. 61485 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

HIV fusion inhibitor peptides derived from HIV gp41 with improved pharmacological properties, solubility and stability, and anti-AIDS uses

Dwyer, John J, Bray, Brian L, Schneider, Stephen E, Zhang, Huyi, Tvermoes, Nicolai A, Johnston, Barbara E, and Friedrich, Paul E

PATENT: US 2007179278 ISSUE DATE: 20070802

APPLICATION: 2007-46550 PP: 38pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Trimeris, Inc. USA

2. 61486 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

Pyrimidine mononucleotide and mononucleoside compounds for use in therapy, particularly as antitumor and antiviral agents

Aradi, Janos, Fesues, Laszlo, and Beck, Zoltan

PATENT: WO 2007083173 ISSUE DATE: 20070726

APPLICATION: 2007 PP: 37pp.

ASSIGNEE: (University of Debrecen, Hung.

3. 61487 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

Preparation of oxazole derivatives as antiviral agents

Bajji, Ashok C, Kim, Se-Ho, Trovato, Richard, Mchugh, Robert J, Markovitz, Benjamin, and Anderson, Mark B

PATENT: WO 2007076161 ISSUE DATE: 20070705

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 116pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Myriad Genetics, Inc USA

4. 61488 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

Bis(trihydroxystyrenesulfonyl)methanes as viral entry inhibitors and preparation of related compounds as HIV integrase inhibitors

Gervay-Hague, Jacquelyn, Meadows, Christopher D, North, Thomas W, and Duong, Yen T

PATENT: WO 2007065032 ISSUE DATE: 20070607

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 61pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The Regents of the University of California, USA

5. 61489 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

Discovery and optimization of a natural HIV-1 entry inhibitor targeting the gp41 fusion peptide

Muench, Jan, Staendker, Ludger, Adermann, Knut, Schulz, Axel, Schindler, Michael, Chinnadurai, Raghavan, Poehlmann, Stefan, Chaipan, Chawaree, Biet, Thorsten, Peters, Thomas, Meyer, Bernd, Wilhelm, Dennis, Lu, Hong, Jing, Weiguo, Jiang, Shibo, Forssmann, Wolf-Georg, and Kirchhoff, Frank

Cell (Cambridge, MA, U. S.) 2007. 129(2): 263-275

6. 61490 HIV-LS-381; WOS-HIV-8/10/2007

Anti-Stress, Anti-Hiv and Vitamin C-Synergized Radical Scavenging Activity of Mulberry Juice Fractions

Sakagami, H. et al.

In Vivo 2007. 21(3): 499-505


7. 61491 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

The a(1,2)-mannosidase I inhibitor 1-deoxymannojirimycin potentiates the antiviral activity of carbohydrate-binding agents against wild-type and mutant HIV-1 strains containing glycan deletions in gp120

Balzarini, Jan

FEBS Lett. 2007. 581(10): 2060-2064

8. 61492 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

Molecular umbrellas: a novel class of candidate topical microbicides to prevent human immunodeficiency virus and herpes simplex virus infections

Madan, Rebecca Pellett, Mesquita, Pedro MM, Cheshenko, Natalia, Jing, Bingwen, Shende, Vikas, Guzman, Esmeralda, Heald, Taylor, Keller, Marla J, Regen, Steven L, Shattock, Robin J, and Herold, Betsy C

J. Virol. 2007. 81(14): 7636-7646

9. 61493 HIV-LS-381; SCIFINDER-HIV-8/13/2007

Preparation of amino acid hydrazide derivatives as HIV protease inhibitors

Sund, Christian, Lindborg, Bjoern, Kalayanov, Genadiy, Samuelsson, Bertil, Wallberg, Hans, and Hallberg, Anders

PATENT: WO 2007048557 ISSUE DATE: 20070503

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 85pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Medivir AB, Swed.

10. 61494 HIV-LS-381; PUBMED-HIV-8/20/2007

Darunavir (TMC114): a new HIV-1 protease inhibitor

Molina, JM and Hill, A

Expert Opin Pharmacother 2007. 8(12): 1951-1964


11. 61495 HIV-LS-381; PUBMED-HIV-8/20/2007

Potent New Antiviral Compound Shows Similar Inhibition and Structural Interactions with Drug Resistant Mutants and Wild Type HIV-1 Protease

Wang, YF, Tie, Y, Boross, PI, Tozser, J, Ghosh, AK, Harrison, RW, and Weber, IT

J Med Chem 2007.


12. 61496 HIV-LS-381; PUBMED-HIV-8/20/2007

Design and Synthesis of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors Incorporating Oxazolidinones as P2/P2' Ligands in Pseudosymmetric Dipeptide Isosteres

Reddy, GS, Ali, A, Nalam, MN, Anjum, SG, Cao, H, Nathans, RS, Schiffer, CA, and Rana, TM

J Med Chem 2007.


13. 61497 HIV-LS-381; PUBMED-HIV-8/20/2007

HIV-1 protease and HIV-1 integrase inhibitory substances from Eclipta prostrata

Tewtrakul, S, Subhadhirasakul, S, Cheenpracha, S, and Karalai, C

Phytother Res 2007.


14. 61498 HIV-LS-381; PUBMED-HIV-8/20/2007

Characterization and Structural Analysis of Novel Mutations in HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Involved in the Regulation of Resistance to Non-Nucleoside Inhibitors

Ceccherini-Silberstein, F, Svicher, V, Sing, T, Artese, A, Santoro, MM, Forbici, F, Bertoli, A, Alcaro, S, Palamara, G, d'Arminio, Monforte A, Balzarini, J, Antinori, A, Lengauer, T, and Perno, CF

J Virol 2007.


15. 61499 HIV-LS-381; PUBMED-HIV-8/20/2007

Inhibition of HIV replication: A powerful antiviral strategy by IFN-beta gene delivery in CD4(+) cells

Brule, F, Khatissian, E, Benani, A, Bodeux, A, Montagnier, L, Piette, J, Lauret, E, and Ravet, E

Biochem Pharmacol 2007. 74(6): 898-910


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