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1. 61551 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Allosteric effects of antagonists on signalling by the chemokine receptor CCR5

Haworth, Ben, Lin, Hong, Fidock, Mark, Dorr, Pat, and Strange, Philip G

Biochemical Pharmacology 2007. 74(6): 891-897


2. 61552 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

The Design and Synthesis of N-1-alkylated-5-aminoaryalkylsubstituted-6-methyluracils as potential non-nucleoside HIV-1 RT Inhibitors

Lu, Xiao, Chen, Yanli, Guo, Ying, Liu, Zhenming, Shi, Yawei, Xu, Yang, Wang, Xiaowei, Zhang, Zhili, and Liu, Junyi

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2007. In Press, Accepted Manuscript: 314


3. 61553 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Discovery of Potent HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors Incorporating Sulfoximine Functionality

Lu, Ding and Vince, Robert

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2007. In Press, Accepted Manuscript: 882



4. 61554 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Dihydroxypyridopyrazine-1,6-dione HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors

Wai, John S, Kim, Bo-Young, Fisher, Thorsten E, Zhuang, Linghang, Embrey, Mark W, Williams, Peter D, Staas, Donnette D, Culberson, Chris, Lyle, Terry A, Vacca, Joseph P, Hazuda, Daria J, Felock, Peter J, Schleif, William A, Gabryelski, Lori J, Jin, Lixia, Chen, I-Wu, Ellis, Joan D, Mallai, Rama, and Young, Steven D

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2007. In Press, Accepted Manuscript: 882


5. 61555 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors, Part 11.1) structural modulations of diaryltriazines with potent anti-HIV activity

Xiong, Yuan-Zhen, Chen, Fen-Er, Balzarini, Jan, De Clercq, Erik, and Pannecouque, Christophe

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2007. In Press, Accepted Manuscript: 237


6. 61556 HIV-LS-382; WOS-HIV-8/24/2007

Triterpenoids From Schisandra Rubriflora

Xiao, W. et al.

Journal of Natural Products 2007. 70(6): 1056-1059


7. 61557 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Analysis of the neutralization breadth of the anti-V3 antibody F425-B4e8 and re-assessment of its epitope fine specificity by scanning mutagenesis

Pantophlet, Ralph, Aguilar-Sino, Rowena O, Wrin, Terri, Cavacini, Lisa A, and Burton, Dennis R

Virology 2007. 364(2): 441-453


8. 61558 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Antiviral activity of a Rac GEF inhibitor characterized with a sensitive HIV/SIV fusion assay

Pontow, Suzanne, Harmon, Brooke, Campbell, Nancy, and Ratner, Lee

Virology 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 453


9. 61559 HIV-LS-382; EMBASE-HIV-9/4/2007

Determination of the HIV integrase inhibitor, MK-0518 (raltegravir), in human plasma using 96-well liquid-liquid extraction and HPLC-MS/MS

Merschman, SA, Vallano, PT, Wenning, LA, Matuszewski, BK, and Woolf, EJ

Journal of Chromatography B 2007. In Press, Corrected Proof: 88


10. 61560 HIV-LS-382; WOS-HIV-8/31/2007

Inhibition of Initiation of Reverse Transcription in Hiv-1 by Human Apobec3f

Yang, Y. et al.

Virology 2007. 365(1): 92-100


11. 61561 HIV-LS-382; WOS-HIV-8/31/2007

Inhibition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Transcription by N-Aminoimidazole Derivatives

Stevens, M. et al.

Virology 2007. 365(1): 220-237


12. 61562 HIV-LS-382; WOS-HIV-8/31/2007

In Vitro Selection and Characterization of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Resistant to Zidovudine and Tenofovir

Park, S. et al.

Nucleosides Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids 2007. 26(5): 453-457


13. 61563 HIV-LS-382; WOS-HIV-8/31/2007

Synthesis of Some Novel Heterocyclic Compounds Derived From Diflunisal Hydrazide as Potential Anti-Infective and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Kucukguzel, S. et al.

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2007. 42(7): 893-901


14. 61564 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

V3 Loop Truncations in HIV-1 Envelope Impart Resistance to Coreceptor Inhibitors and Enhanced Sensitivity to Neutralizing Antibodies

Laakso, MM, Lee, FH, Haggarty, B, Agrawal, C, Nolan, KM, Biscone, M, Romano, J, Jordan, AP, Leslie, GJ, Meissner, EG, Su, L, Hoxie, JA, and Doms, RW

PLoS Pathog 2007. 3(8): e117


15. 61565 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

Design of HIV Protease Inhibitors Targeting Protein Backbone: An Effective Strategy for Combating Drug Resistance

Ghosh, AK, Chapsal, BD, Weber, IT, and Mitsuya, H

Acc Chem Res 2007.


16. 61566 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

Anti-AIDS agents 66: Syntheses and anti-HIV activity of phenolic and aza 3',4'-di-O-(-)-camphanoyl-(+)-cis-khellactone (DCK) derivatives

Suzuki, M, Yu, D, Morris-Natschke, SL, Smith, PC, and Lee, KH

Bioorg Med Chem 2006.


17. 61567 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

Toward novel HIV-1 integrase binding inhibitors: Molecular modeling, synthesis, and biological studies

Mugnaini, C, Rajamaki, S, Tintori, C, Corelli, F, Massa, S, Witvrouw, M, Debyser, Z, Veljkovic, V, and Botta, M

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007.


18. 61568 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

Design of extended short hairpin RNAs for HIV-1 inhibition

Liu, YP, Haasnoot, J, and Berkhout, B

Nucleic Acids Res 2007.


19. 61569 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

In vitro Antiviral Effect of Meroditerpenes Isolated from the Brazilian Seaweed Stypopodium zonale (Dictyotales)

Soares, AR, Abrantes, JL, Souza, TM, Fontes, CF, Pereira, RC, de, Palmer Paixao Frugulhetti IC, and Teixeira, VL

Planta Med 2007.


20. 61570 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

Effects of triterpenoids and flavonoids isolated from Alnus firma on HIV-1 viral enzymes

Yu, YB, Miyashiro, H, Nakamura, N, Hattori, M, and Park, JC

Arch Pharm Res 2007. 30(7): 820-6


21. 61571 HIV-LS-382; PUBMED-HIV-9/4/2007

Bioavailability of the amino acid-attached prodrug as a new anti-HIV agent in rats

Chae, KA, Cho, HJ, Sung, JM, Lee, H, Seo, DC, Kim, JS, and Shin, HC

J Vet Sci 2007. 8(3): 263-267


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