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HIV Citation List: October 26 - November 8, 2012

PubMed citations

1. Codon-usage-based Inhibition of HIV Protein Synthesis by Human Schlafen 11. Li, M., E. Kao, X. Gao, H. Sandig, K. Limmer, M. Pavon-Eternod, T.E. Jones, S. Landry, T. Pan, M.D. Weitzman, and M. David. Nature, 2012. 491(7422): p. 125-128. PMID[23000900].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

2. Inhibition of HIV-1 Replication by RNA with a microRNA-like Function. Kato, K., T. Senoki, and H.

Takaku. International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2012. [Epub ahead of print] PMID[23128354].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

3. Caught in Translation: Innate Restriction of HIV mRNA Translation by a Schlafen Family Protein.

Jakobsen, M.R., T.H. Mogensen, and S.R. Paludan. Cell Research, 2012. [Epub ahead of print];


[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

4. Co-expression of HIV-1 Virus-like Particles and Granulocyte-macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor

by Geo-D03 DNA Vaccine. Hellerstein, M., Y. Xu, T. Marino, S. Lu, H. Yi, E.R. Wright, and H.L.

Robinson. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 2012. 8(11): p. PMID[23111169].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

5. Partial Protection against Multiple RT-SHIV162p3 Vaginal Challenge of Rhesus macaques by a

Silicone Elastomer Vaginal Ring Releasing the NNTRI MC1220.Fetherston, S.M., L. Geer, R.S. Veazey,

L.Goldman, D.J. Murphy, T.J. Ketas, P.J. Klasse, S. Blois, P. La Colla, J.P. Moore, and R.K. Malcolm.

The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[23109186].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

6. New Anthraquinone Derivatives as Inhibitors of the HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase-associated

Ribonuclease H Function. Esposito, F., A. Corona, L. Zinzula, T. Kharlamova, and E.

Tramontano. Chemotherapy, 2012. 58(4): p. 299-307. PMID[23128501].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

7. Anti-HIV-1 Activity of Resveratrol Derivatives and Synergistic Inhibition of HIV-1 by the

Combination of Resveratrol and Decitabine.Clouser, C.L., J. Chauhan, M.A. Bess, J.L. Oploo, D. Zhou,

S. Dimick-Gray, L.M. Mansky, and S.E. Patterson. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2012.

22(21): p. 6642-6646. PMID[23010273].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

8. Enhanced Recognition and Neutralization of HIV-1 by Antibody-derived CCR5-Mimetic Peptide

Variants. Chiang, J.J., M.R. Gardner, B.D. Quinlan, T. Dorfman, H. Choe, and M. Farzan. Journal of

Virology, 2012. 86(22): p. 12417-12421. PMID[22933279].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

9. DNA Polymerase Beta Gap-filling Translesion DNA Synthesis. Chary, P., W.A. Beard, S.H. Wilson,

and R.S. Lloyd. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[23121263].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

10. A New Fluorometric Assay for the Study of DNA-Binding and 3'-Processing Activities of Retroviral

Integrases and Its Use for Screening of HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors. Anisenko, A., J. Agapkina, T.

Zatsepin, D. Yanvarev, and M. Gottikh. Biochimie, 2012. 94(11): p. 2382-2390. PMID[22728110].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

11. A Molecular Dynamics Investigation on a Series of HIV Protease Inhibitors: Assessing the

Performance of MM-PBSA and MM-GBSA Approaches.Srivastava, H.K. and G.N. Sastry. Journal of

Chemical Information and Modeling, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[23121465].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

12. Nerium oleander Derived Cardiac Glycoside Oleandrin Is a Novel Inhibitor of HIV Infectivity.

Singh, S., S. Shenoy, P.N. Nehete, P. Yang, B. Nehete, D. Fontenot, G. Yang, R.A. Newman, and K.J.

Sastry. Fitoterapia, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[23127567].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

13. Most Rhesus macaques Infected with the CCR5-Tropic SHIVAD8 Generate Cross-reactive

Antibodies That Neutralize Multiple HIV-1 Strains.Shingai, M., O.K. Donau, S.D. Schmidt, R. Gautam,

R.J. Plishka, A. Buckler-White, R. Sadjadpour, W.R. Lee, C.C. Labranche, D.C. Montefiori, J.R.

Mascola, Y. Nishimura, and M.A. Martin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the

United States of America, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[23129652].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

14. Design of Highly Potent HIV Fusion Inhibitors Based on Artificial Peptide Sequences. Shi, W., L.

Cai, L. Lu, C. Wang, K. Wang, L. Xu, S. Zhang, H. Han, X. Jiang, B. Zheng, S. Jiang, and K. Liu.

Chemical Communications, 2012. 48(94): p. 11579-11581. PMID[23093045].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

15. Pharmacodynamic and Antiretroviral Activities of Combination Nanoformulated Antiretrovirals in

HIV-1-Infected Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte-reconstituted Mice. Roy, U., J. McMillan, Y.

Alnouti, N. Gautum, N. Smith, S. Balkundi, P. Dash, S. Gorantla, A. Martinez-Skinner, J. Meza, G.

Kanmogne, S. Swindells, S.M. Cohen, R.L. Mosley, L. Poluektova, and H.E. Gendelman. The Journal of

Infectious Diseases, 2012. 206(10): p. 1577-1588. PMID[22811299].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

16. Identification of Novel CDK9 and Cyclin T1-Associated Protein Complexes (CCAPS) Whose siRNA

Depletion Enhances HIV-1 Tat Function.Ramakrishnan, R., H. Liu, H. Donahue, A. Malovannaya, J.

Qin, and A.P. Rice. Retrovirology, 2012. 9(1): p. 90. PMID[23110726].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

17. Slit2n/Robo1 Inhibit HIV-GO120-Induced Migration and Podosome Formation in Immature

Dendritic Cells by Sequestering LSP1 and WASP.Prasad, A., P.M. Kuzontkoski, A. Shrivastava, W.

Zhu, D.Y. Li, and J.E. Groopman. PLoS One, 2012. 7(10): p. e48854. PMID[23119100].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

18. Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Intravaginal Rings Delivering Tenofovir in Pig-Tailed Macaques.

Moss, J.A., A.M. Malone, T.J. Smith, I. Butkyavichene, C. Cortez, J. Gilman, S. Kennedy, E. Kopin, C.

Nguyen, P. Sinha, R.M. Hendry, P. Guenthner, A. Holder, A. Martin, J. McNicholl, J. Mitchell, C.P. Pau,

P. Srinivasan, J.M. Smith, and M.M. Baum. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2012. 56(11): p.

5952-5960. PMID[22964245].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

19. Structure-activity Relationship Study of Pyrimido[1,2-C][1,3]benzothiazin-6-imine Derivatives for

Potent anti-HIV Agents. Mizuhara, T., S. Oishi, H. Ohno, K. Shimura, M. Matsuoka, and N. Fujii.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2012. 20(21): p. 6434-6441. PMID[23022280].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

20. Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy of a Vaginally Administered Maraviroc Gel in Rhesus macaques..

Malcolm, R.K., C.J. Forbes, L. Geer, R.S. Veazey, L. Goldman, P. Johan Klasse, and J.P. Moore. The

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 2012. [Epub ahead of print]: p. PMID[23111849].

[PubMed]. HIV_1026-110812.

ISI Web of Knowledge Citations

21. Aurone Constituents from the Flowers of Rosa rugosa and Their Biological Activities. Gao, X.M.,

L.Y. Yang, L.D. Shu, Y.Q. Shen, Y.J. Zhang, and Q.F. Hu. Heterocycles, 2012. 85(8): p. 1925-1931.


[WOS]. HIV_1026-110812.

22. Human Milk Oligosaccharide Concentration and Risk of Postnatal Transmission of HIV through

Breastfeeding. Bode, L., L. Kuhn, H.Y. Kim, L. Hsiao, C. Nissan, M. Sinkala, C. Kankasa, M. Mwiya,

D.M. Thea, and G.M. Aldrovandi. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2012. 96(4): p. 831-839.


[WOS]. HIV_1026-110812.

23. A Large-scale Association Study for Nanoparticle C60 Uncovers Mechanisms of Nanotoxicity

Disrupting the Native Conformations of DNA/RNA.Xu, X., X. Wang, Y. Li, Y.H. Wang, and L. Yang.

Nucleic Acids Research, 2012. 40(16): p. 7622-7632. ISI[000308959800011].

[WOS]. HIV_1026-110812.

24. Compared to Subcutaneous Tenofovir, Oral Tenofovir Disoproxyl Fumarate Administration

Preferentially Concentrates the Drug into Gut-associated Lymphoid Cells in Simian Immunodeficiency

Virus-Infected Macaques. Van Rompay, K.K.A., D. Babusis, Z. Abbott, Y.Z. Geng, K. Jayashankar, J.A.

Johnson, J. Lipscomb, W. Heneine, K. Abel, and A.S. Ray. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy,

2012. 56(9): p. 4980-4984. ISI[000307908600061].

[WOS]. HIV_1026-110812.

25. Bioactive Phenolic Compounds from the Egyptian Red Sea Seagrass Thalassodendron ciliatum.

Hamdy, A.H.A., W.S.A. Mettwally, M. Abou El Fotouh, B. Rodriguez, A.I. El-Dewany, S.A.A. El-

Toumy, and A.A. Hussein. Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung Section C-a Journal of Biosciences, 2012.

67(5-6): p. 291-296. ISI[000308054900008].

[WOS]. HIV_1026-110812.

Patent Citations

26. New Conjugated Molecules Comprising a Peptide Derived from the CD4 Receptor Coupled to a Polyanionic Polypeptide for the Treatment of AIDS. Baleux, F., H. Lortat-Jacob, and D. Bonnaffe. Patent. 2012. 2012-EP54674 2012126833: 57pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

27. Preparation of Phenylacetic acid Derivatives as Inhibitors of Viral Replication. Chasset, S., F. Chevreuil, B. Ledoussal, and F. Le Strat. Patent. 2012. 2011-305458 2511273: 139pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

28. Cyclic Compounds as Inhibitors of Viral Replication, Their Process of Preparation and Their Therapeutic Use. Chasset, S., F. Chevreuil, B. Ledoussal, F. Le Strat, and R. Benarous. Patent. 2012. 2012-IB51722 2012137181: 271pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

29. Pegylated Peptides Binding Envelope Glycoproteins as Inhibitors of Retroviral Entry. Francis, J.N., J.S. Redman, and M.S. Kay. Patent. 2012. 2012-US31015 2012135385: 74pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

30. Preparation of Indole Derivatives as HIV Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. Jiang, B., C. Zhang, J. Li, D. Zhuang, and S. Chen. Patent. 2012. 2011-10056506 102675280: 16pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

31. Spiroalkene carboxamide Derivatives and Their Use as Chemokine Receptor Modulators and Their Preparation. Jorand-Lebrun, C., D. Swinnen, P. Gerber, and S. Kulkarni. Patent. 2012. 2012-EP55575 2012130915: 212pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

32. Imidazopyridines as CXCR4 Antagonists and Their Preparation, Pharmaceutical Compositions and Use in the Treatment of Diseases. Long, Y., B. Cao, X. Xie, and W. Wei. Patent. 2012. 2011-10056076 102675305: 54pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

33. Preparation of 2-(1H-Benzimidazol-2-ylthio)-N-phenyl-acetamide Derivatives as anti-HIV Agents. Wang, Y., W. Yan, Q. Guo, and Y. He. Patent. 2012. 2012-10141458 102675212: 14pp.

[Patent]. HIV_1026-110812.

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