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HIV Citation List: October 10 - October 23, 2014

PubMed citations

1. Suppression of Foxo1 Activity and Down-modulation of CD62l (L-Selectin) in HIV-1 Infected Resting CD4 T Cells. Trinite, B., C.N. Chan, C.S. Lee, S. Mahajan, Y. Luo, M.A. Muesing, J.M. Folkvord, M. Pham, E. Connick, and D.N. Levy. PloS One, 2014. 9(10): p. e110719. PMID[25330112].

[PubMed]. HIV_1010-102314.

2. Anti-HIV-1 Activity of Eight Monofloral Iranian Honey Types. Behbahani, M. PloS One, 2014. 9(10): p. e108195. PMID[25333699].
[PubMed]. HIV_1010-102314.

ISI Web of Knowledge Citations

3. The Search of Novel Inhibitors of HIV-1 Integrase among 5-(4-Halogenophenyl)-5-oxopentyl Derivatives of Nucleic Bases. Komissarov, V.V., E.S. Knyazhanskaya, A.V. Atrokhova, M.B. Gottikh, and A.M. Kritzyn. Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry, 2014. 40(5): p. 532-540. ISI[000342136800007].

[WOS]. HIV_1010-102314

4. From Human Immunodeficiency Virus Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors to Potent and Selective Antitrypanosomal Compounds. Venkatraj, M., K.K. Arien, J. Heeres, J. Joossens, B. Dirie, S. Lyssens, J. Michiels, P. Cos, P.J. Lewi, G. Vanham, L. Maes, P. Van der Venken, and K. Augustyns. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2014. 22(19): p. 5241-5248. ISI[000341883700010].

[WOS]. HIV_1010-102314.

5. Efficient Synthesis of Novel 4 '-Trifluoromethyl-5 '-norcarbocyclic Purine Phosphonic acid Analogs by Using the Ruppert-Prakash Reaction. Kim, S., E. Kim, J.C. Yoo, and J.H. Hong. Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 2014. 35(9): p. 2743-2748. ISI[000342332500027].

[WOS]. HIV_1010-102314.

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