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HIV Citation List: May 8 - May 21, 2015

ISI Web of Knowledge Citations

1. Hck Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutic Agents in Cancer and HIV Infection. Musumeci, F., S. Schenone, C. Brullo, A. Desogus, L. Botta, and C. Tintori. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2015. 22(13): p. 1540-1564. ISI[000353295900002].

[WOS]. HIV_0508-052115.

2. Ribotoxin Restrictocin Manifests anti-HIV-1 Activity through Its Specific Ribonuclease Activity. Yadav, S.K. and J.K. Batra. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2015. 76: p. 58-62. ISI[000353604000008].

[WOS]. HIV_0508-052115.

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