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1. 45106 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Azithromycin prophylaxis and treatment of murine toxoplasmosis

Tabbara, KF, Hammouda, E, Tawfik, A, Al-Omar, OM, and Abu, El-Asrar AM

Saudi Med J 2005. 26(3): 393-397


2. 45107 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Structure of pyrR (Rv1379) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a persistence gene and protein drug target

Kantardjieff, KA, Vasquez, C, Castro, P, Warfel, NM, Rho, BS, Lekin, T, Kim, CY, Segelke, BW, Terwilliger, TC, and Rupp, B

Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 2005. 61(Pt 4): 355-364


3. 45108 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Capreomycin is active against non-replicating Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Heifets, L, Simon, J, and Pham, V

Ann Clin Microbiol Antimicrob 2005. 4(1): 6


4. 45109 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

FTR1335 Is a Novel Synthetic Inhibitor of Candida albicans N-Myristoyltransferase with Fungicidal Activity

Ebara, S, Naito, H, Nakazawa, K, Ishii, F, and Nakamura, M

Biol Pharm Bull 2005. 28(4): 591-5


5. 45110 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Synthesis, Biological Activity, and SAR of Antimycobacterial 9-Aryl-, 9-Arylsulfonyl-, and 9-Benzyl-6-(2-furyl)purines

Bakkestuen, AK, Gundersen, LL, and Utenova, BT

J Med Chem 2005. 48(7): 2710-23


6. 45111 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Direct comparison of selected methods for genetic categorisation of Cryptosporidium parvum and Cryptosporidium hominis species

Chalmers, Rachel M, Ferguson, Christobel, Caccio, Simone, Gasser, Robin B, Abs El-Osta, Youssef G, Heijnen, Leo, Xiao, Lihua, Elwin, Kristin, Hadfield, Stephen, Sinclair, Martha, and Stevens, Melita

International Journal for Parasitology 2005. 35(4): 397-410

7. 45112 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

In Vitro and In Vivo Activities of Macrolide Derivatives against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Falzari, K, Zhu, Z, Pan, D, Liu, H, Hongmanee, P, and Franzblau, SG

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(4): 1447-1454


8. 45113 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Rational design of inhibitors of the Cryptosporidium parvum ATP-Binding Cassette 3 protein

Terreux, R, Lawton, P, Radix, S, Deruaz, D, Lussignol, M, Reynaud, J, Marminon, C, Nebois, P, Bouaziz, Z, and Walchshofer, N

229th ACS National Meeting 2005. 229: MEDI-393

9. 45114 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

A Homologue of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PapA5 Protein, Rif-Orf20, Is an Acetyltransferase Involved in the Biosynthesis of Antitubercular Drug Rifamycin B by Amycolatopsis mediterranei S699

Xiong, Y, Wu, X, and Mahmud, T

Chembiochem 2005.


10. 45115 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Design of translactam HCMV protease inhibitors as potent antivirals

Borthwick, AD

Med Res Rev 2005.


11. 45116 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

In vitro antifungal properties structure-activity relationships and studies on the mode of action of N-phenyl, N-aryl, N-phenylalkyl maleimides and related compounds

Lopez, SN, Castelli, MV, de Campos, F, Correa, R, Cechinel, Filho V, Yunes, RA, Zamora, MA, Enriz, RD, Ribas, JC, Furlan, RL, and Zacchino, SA

Arzneimittelforschung 2005. 55(2): 123-132


12. 45117 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Design and Synthesis of Melanocortin Peptides with Candidacidal and Anti-TNF-a Properties

Grieco, Paolo, Rossi, Claudia, Gatti, Stefano, Colombo, Gualtiero, Carlin, Andrea, Novellino, Ettore, Lama, Teresa, Lipton, James M, and Catania, Anna

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 48(5): 1384-1388

13. 45118 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Spectroscopic studies, antimicrobial activities and crystal structures of N-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzalidene)1-aminonaphthalene

Uenver, Hueseyin, Yildiz, Mustafa, Duelger, Basaran, Oezgen, Oezen, Kendi, Engin, and Durlu, Tahsin Nuri

Journal of Molecular Structure 2005. 737(2-3): 159-164

14. 45119 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Development of a pyrosequencing approach for rapid screening of rifampin, isoniazid and ethambutol-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Zhao, JR, Bai, YJ, Wang, Y, Zhang, QH, Luo, M, and Yan, XJ

Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2005. 9(3): 328-332


15. 45120 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

FR207944, an Antifungal Antibiotic from Chaetomium sp. No. 217 I. Taxonomy, Fermentation, and Biological Properties

Kobayashi, M, Kanasaki, R, Sato, I, Abe, F, Nitta, K, Ezaki, M, Sakamoto, K, Hashimoto, M, Fujie, A, Hino, M, and Hori, Y

Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 2005. 69(3): 515-521


16. 45121 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Identification of a novel antifungal nonapeptide generated by combinatorial approach

Kumar, M, Chaturvedi, AK, Kavishwar, A , Shukla, PK, Kesarwani, AP, and Kundu, B

Int J Antimicrob Agents 2005. 25(4): 313-320


17. 45122 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Spectroscopic study, antimicrobial activity and crystal structures of N-(2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzalidene)4-aminomorpholine and N-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthylidene)4-aminomorpholine

Yildiz, Mustafa, Uenver, Hueseyin, Duelger, Basaran, Erdener, Digdem, Ocak, Nazan, Erdoenmez, Ahmet, and Durlu, Tahsin Nuri

Journal of Molecular Structure 2005. 738(1-3): 253-260

18. 45123 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Isolation and preparation of diterpenoid compounds, compositions thereof and their use as anticancer or antifungal agents

Lavallee, Jean-Francois, Doyle, Terrence W., Rioux, Elise, Belec, Laurent, Rabouin, Daniel, and Billot, Xavier

PATENT: US 2005032802 ISSUE DATE: 20050210

APPLICATION: 2004-13294 PP: 109 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 725,629.

ASSIGNEE: (Gemin X Biotechnologies Inc., Can.

19. 45124 OI-LS-319; PUBMED-OI-4/5/2005

Mechanism of phagolysosome biogenesis block by viable Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Vergne, I, Chua, J, Lee, HH, Lucas, M, Belisle, J, and Deretic, V

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005. 102(11): 4033-4038


20. 45125 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Synthesis and antimycobacterial activity of agelasine E and analogs

Bakkestuen, Anne Kristin, Gundersen, Lise-Lotte, Petersen, Dirk, Utenova, Bibigul T, and Vik, Anders

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2005. 3(6): 1025-1033

21. 45126 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

The Novel L- and D-Amino Acid Derivatives of Hydroxyurea and Hydantoins: Synthesis, X-ray Crystal Structure Study, and Cytostatic and Antiviral Activity Evaluations

Opacic, Ninoslav, Barbaric, Monika, Zorc, Branka, Cetina, Mario, Nagl, Ante, Frkovic, Danijel, Kralj, Marijeta, Pavelic, Kresimir, Balzarini, Jan, Andrei, Graciela, Snoeck, Robert, De Clercq, Erik, Raic-Malic, Silvana, and Mintas, Mladen

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 48(2): 475-482

22. 45127 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Antifungal diterpenoids and flavonoids from Ballota inaequidens

Citoglu, GS, Sever, B, Antus, S, Baitz-Gacs, E, and Altanlar, N

PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGY 2004. 42(8): 659-663, 5


23. 45128 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

The evaluation of plants from Turkey for in vitro antimycobacterial activity

Tosun, F, Kizilay, CA, Sener, B, and Vural, M

PHARMACEUTICAL BIOLOGY 2005. 43(1): 58-63, 6


24. 45129 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

A preparation of acridone derivatives, useful as anti-herpes virus agents

Bastow, Kenneth F. and Lowden, Christopher T

PATENT: US 20050049273 ISSUE DATE: 20050303

APPLICATION: 2003-62052 PP: 19 pp.


25. 45130 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Synthesis, in vitro cytotoxic and antiviral activity of cis-[Pt(R(-) and S(+)-2-a-hydroxybenzylbenzimidazole)2Cl2] complexes

Goekce, M, Utku, S, Guer, S, Oezkul, A, and Guemues, F

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 40(2): 135-141

26. 45131 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Mycobacteria use their surface-exposed glycolipids to infect human macrophages through a receptor-dependent process

Villeneuve, C, Gilleron, M, Maridonneau-Parini, I, Daffe, M, Astarie-Dequeker, C, and Etienne, G

JOURNAL OF LIPID RESEARCH 2005. 46(3): 475-483, 9


27. 45132 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Genetic diversity of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates and identification of 11 novel rpoB alleles in Taiwan

Jou, R, Chen, HY, Chiang, CY, Yu, MC, and Su, IJ

JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY 2005. 43(3): 1390-1394, 5


28. 45133 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

The acyl-AMP ligase FadD32 and AccD4-containing acyl-CoA carboxylase are required for the synthesis of mycolic acids and essential for mycobacterial growth - Identification of the carboxylation product and determination of the acyl-CoA carboxylase components

Portevin, D, D'Auria, LD, Montrozier, H, Houssin, C, Stella, A, Laneelle, MA, Bardou, F, Guilhot, C, and Daffe, M

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(10): 8862-8874, 13


29. 45134 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Preparation of quinoxalinecarboxamides as antivirals

An, Haoyun, Rong, Frank, Wu, Jim, Harris, Clayton, and Chow, Suetying

PATENT: US 2005026923 ISSUE DATE: 20050203

APPLICATION: 2004-40007 PP: 18 pp.


30. 45135 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Iron inactivates the RNA polymerase NS5B and suppresses subgenomic replication of hepatitis C virus

Fillebeen, C, Rivas-Estilla, AM, Bisaillon, M, Ponka, P, Muckenthaler, M, Hentze, MW, Koromilas, AE, and Pantopoulos, K

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(10): 9049-9057, 9


31. 45136 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Structural diversities of active site in clinical azole-bound forms between sterol 14 alpha-demethylases ( CYP51s) from human and Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Matsuura, K, Yoshioka, S, Tosha, T, Hori, H, Ishimori, K, Kitagawa, T, Morishima, I, Kagawa, N, and Waterman, MR

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(10): 9088-9096, 9


32. 45137 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Anti-viral therapies for hepatitis C virus infection: current options and evolving candidate drugs

Fanning, Liam J

Letters in Drug Design & Discovery 2005. 2(2): 150-161

33. 45138 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Thienopyrroles as antiviral agents

Attenni, Barbara, Hernando, Jose Ignacio Martin, Malancona, Savina, Narjes, Frank, Ontoria Ontoria, Jesus Maria, and Rowley, Michael

PATENT: WO 2005023819 ISSUE DATE: 20050317

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 94 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia Molecolare P Angeletti S.p.A., Italy

34. 45139 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Atovaquone maintenance therapy prevents reactivation of toxoplasmic encephalitis in a murine model

Dunay, IR, Heimesaat, MM, Bushrab, FN, Muller, RH, Stocker, H, Arasteh, K, Kurowski, M, Fitzner, R, Borner, K, and Liesenfeld, O



35. 45140 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Systems for screening viral protease inhibitors and anti-hepatitis drugs, using fusion polypeptide having a protease recognition site and detectable reporter proteins

Hsu, Tsu-An and Lee, Jin-Ching

PATENT: US 20050053921 ISSUE DATE: 20050310

APPLICATION: 2004-51442 PP: 17 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Taiwan)

36. 45141 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis c

Deriabin, Petr Grigorievich, Lvov, Dmitry Konstantinovich, Balakshin, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and Chistiakov, Aleksey Nikolaevich

PATENT: WO 2005021007 ISSUE DATE: 20050310

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 23 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostju 'berezovy Mir', Russia

37. 45142 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Sesquiterpene derivatives from Stachybotrys as antiviral medicines against HIV, BVDV, HCV, and CoV viruses

Sato, Akihiko and Kobayashi, Masanori

PATENT: JP 2005060362 ISSUE DATE: 20050310

APPLICATION: 2004-14136 PP: 17 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Shionogi and Co., Ltd. Japan

38. 45143 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Substituted 4H-pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-7-ones as hepatitis C virus polymerase inhibitors

Deng, Yongqi, Popovici-Muller, Janeta V, Shipps, Gerald W, Rosner, Kristin E, Wang, Tong, Curran, Patrick, Cooper, Alan B, Girijavallabhan, Viyyoor, Butkiewicz, Nancy, and Cable, Mickey

229th ACS National Meeting 2005. 229: MEDI-340

39. 45144 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Pyrazolopyrimidines as inhibitors of HCV RNA polymerase

Popovici-Muller, Janeta V, Shipps, Gerald W, Rosner, Kristin E, Deng, Yongqi, Wang, Tong, Curran, Patrick, Brown, Meredith A, Cooper, Alan B, Cable, Mickey, Butkiewicz, Nancy, and Girijavallabhan, Viyyoor

229th ACS National Meeting 2005. 229: MEDI-337

40. 45145 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Design and synthesis of pyranobenzothiophenes as inhibitors of HCV RNA dependent RNA polymerase

Gopalsamy, Ariamala, Ciszewski, Gregory M, Aplasca, Alexis, Ellingboe, John W, Feld, Boris, Orlowski, Mark, and Howe, Anita Y. M

229th ACS National Meeting 2005. 229: MEDI-322

41. 45146 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

Antimetabolite antiviral dosing regimen for hepatitis C virus or flaviviridae therapy

Stuyver, Lieven J

PATENT: US 2005049220 ISSUE DATE: 20050303

APPLICATION: 2004-3548 PP: 23 pp.


42. 45147 OI-LS-319; SCIFINDER-OI-3/29/2005

The artificial CpG single strand deoxidation oligonucleotide and its antiviral uses

Yu, Yongli and Wang, Liying

PATENT: WO 2005014611 ISSUE DATE: 20050217

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 22 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Changchun Huapu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Peop. Rep. China

43. 45148 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Assessment of chemical libraries for their druggability

Sirois, S, Hatzakis, G, Wei, DQ, Du, QS, and Chou, KC



44. 45149 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Studies of early bactericidal activity: New insights into isnoniazid pharmacokinetics

Gillespie, SH

CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2004. 39(10): 1431-1432, 2


45. 45150 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Synthesis and evaluation of the antibacterial and antitubercular activity of some N-1-aral-N-4-(3-chloro-4-fluoro henyl)thiosemicarbazones and their copper(I) complexes

Khazi, IM, Koti, RS, Chadha, MV, Mahajanshetti, CS, and Gadad, AK



46. 45151 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

New steroidal saponins from the sponge Erylus lendenfeldi

Fouad, M, Al-Trabeen, K, Badran, M, Wray, V, Edrada, R, Proksch, P, and Ebel, R

ARKIVOC 2004.: 17-27, 11


47. 45152 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

The magic bullets and tuberculosis drug targets

Ying, Z



48. 45153 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-3/27/2005

Variation in antiviral 2 ',5 '-oligoadenylate synthetase (2 ' 5 ' AS) enzyme activity is controlled by a single-nucleotide polymorphism at a splice-acceptor site in the OAS1 gene

Bonnevie-Nielsen, V, Field, LL, Lu, S, Zheng, DJ, Li, M, Martensen, PM, Nielsen, TB, Beck-Nielsen, H, Lau, YL, and Pociot, F



49. 45154 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

Modulation of cooperativity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis NADPH-ferredoxin reductase: Cation- and pH-induced alterations in native conformation and destabilization of the NADP(+)-binding domain

Bhatt, AN, Shukla, N, Aliverti, A, Zanetti, G, and Bhakuni, V

PROTEIN SCIENCE 2005. 14(4): 980-992, 13


50. 45155 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

Synthesis of new quinoxaline-2-carboxylate 1,4-dioxide derivatives as anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis agents

Jaso, A, Zarranz, B, Aldana, I, and Monge, A

JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 48(6): 2019-2025, 7


51. 45156 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

Illuminating drug discovery with biological pathways

Apic, G, Ignjatovic, T, Boyer, S, and Russell, RB

FEBS LETTERS 2005. 579(8): 1872-1877, 6


52. 45157 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

The target discovery process

Egner, U, Kratzschmar, J, Kreft, B, Pohlenz, HD, and Schneider, M

CHEMBIOCHEM 2005. 6(3): 468-479, 12


53. 45158 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

Synthesis of isonicotinic acid N'-arylidene-N-[2-oxo-2-(4-ary -piperazin-1-yl)-ethyl]-hydrazides as antituberculosis agents

Sinha, N, Jain, S, Tilekar, A, Upadhayaya, RS, Kishore, N, Jana, GH, and Arora, SK



54. 45159 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

Berberine synergy with amphotericin B against disseminated candidiasis in mice

Han, Y and Lee, JH



55. 45160 OI-LS-319; WOS-OI-4/3/2005

Quantitative-PCR assessment of Cryptosporidium parvum cell culture infection

Di Giovanni, GD and LeChevallier, MW



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