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1. 47674 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Structure-Based Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Type II Dehydroquinase

Sanchez-Sixto, C, Prazeres, VF, Castedo, L, Lamb, H, Hawkins, AR, and Gonzalez-Bello, C

J Med Chem 2005. 48(15): 4871-4881


2. 47675 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Therapeutic strategies for human microsporidia infections

Didier, Elizabeth S, Maddry, Joseph A, Brindley, Paul J, Stovall, Mary E, and Didier, Peter J

Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy 2005. 3(3): 419-434

3. 47676 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis glutamine synthetase in complex with a transition-state mimic provides functional insights

Krajewski, WW, Jones, TA, and Mowbray, SL

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005.


4. 47677 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Phylogenetic relationships of methionine aminopeptidase 2 among Encephalitozoon species and genotypes of microsporidia

Pandrea, Ivona, Mittleider, Derek, Brindley, Paul J, Didier, Elizabeth S, and Robertson, David L

Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 2005. 140(2): 141-152

5. 47678 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

A novel two-component system found in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Morth, JP, Gosmann, S, Nowak, E, and Tucker, PA

FEBS Lett 2005.


6. 47679 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Exploring Mycobacterium avium inhibition by macrocyclic compounds

David, S, Barros, V, Passos, Guerra K, and Delgado, R

Res Microbiol 2005.


7. 47680 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

The unusual mitochondrial compartment of Cryptosporidium parvum

Henriquez, Fiona L, Richards, Thomas A, Roberts, Fiona, McLeod, Rima, and Roberts, Craig W

Trends in Parasitology 2005. 21(2): 68-74

8. 47681 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

New drugs being developed for the treatment of tuberculosis

Doggrell, SA

Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2005. 14(7): 917-20


9. 47682 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Methods of treating disease through the administration of a manzamine analog or derivative

Hamann, Mark T, Rao, Karumanchi Venkateswara, and Peng, Jiangnan

PATENT: US 2005085554 ISSUE DATE: 20050421

APPLICATION: 2004-26734 PP: 21 pp.


10. 47683 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Simple 1,4-benzoquinones with antibacterial activity from stems and leaves of Gunnera perpensa

Drewes, SE, Khan, F, van Vuuren, SF, and Viljoen, AM

Phytochemistry 2005.


11. 47684 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of aminopeptides inhibitors as antimicrosporidial therapies

Millership, Jason J, Didier, Elizabeth S, Okhuysen, Pablo C, Maddry, Joseph A, Kwong, Cecil D, Chen, Xi, and Snowden, Karen F

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2001.(Suppl.): 95S-98S

12. 47685 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Production of heptaene antifungal antibiotic by Streptomyces purpeofuscus CM 1261

Jain, Praveen Kumar and Jain, PC

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 2005. 43(4): 342-345

13. 47686 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Synthesis of schiff bases of 2-amino-5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles and their evaluation for antimicrobial activities

Mishra, Pradeep, Rajak, Harish, and Mehta, Archana

Journal of General and Applied Microbiology 2005. 51(2): 133-141

14. 47687 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Achievements and challenges in antiviral drug discovery

Littler, E and Oberg, B

Antivir Chem Chemother 2005. 16(3): 155-68


15. 47688 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Potent inhibitors of subgenomic hepatitis C virus RNA replication through optimization of indole-N-acetamide allosteric inhibitors of the viral NS5B polymerase

Harper, S, Avolio, S, Pacini, B, Di, Filippo M, Altamura, S, Tomei, L, Paonessa, G, Di, Marco S, Carfi, A, Giuliano, C, Padron, J, Bonelli, F, Migliaccio, G, De, Francesco R, Laufer, R, Rowley, M, and Narjes, F

J Med Chem 2005. 48(14): 4547-57


16. 47689 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Citridones, new potentiators of antifungal miconazole activity, produced by Penicillium sp. FKI-1938: II. Structure elucidation

Fukuda, Takashi, Tomoda, Hiroshi, and Omura, Satoshi

Journal of Antibiotics 2005. 58(5): 315-321

17. 47690 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

Structural characterization and antimicrobial activity of 1,3-bis(2-benzimidazyl)-2-thiapropane ligand and its Pd(II) and Zn(II) halide complexes

Agh-Atabay, NM, Dulger, B, and Gucin, F

Eur J Med Chem 2005.


18. 47691 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Citridones, new potentiators of antifungal miconazole activity, produced by Penicillium sp. FKI-1938. I. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation and biological properties

Fukuda, Takashi, Yamaguchi, Yuichi, Masuma, Rokuro, Tomoda, Hiroshi, and Omura, Satoshi

Journal of Antibiotics 2005. 58(5): 309-314

19. 47692 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Genome-wide expression profiling of the response to azole, polyene, echinocandin, and pyrimidine antifungal agents in Candida albicans

Liu, Teresa T, Lee, Robin EB, Barker, Katherine S, Lee, Richard E, Wei, Lai, Homayouni, Ramin, and Rogers, PDavid

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2005. 49(6): 2226-2236

20. 47693 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Synthesis and in vitro antimicrobial and cytotoxicity activities of 2-[(2-nitro-1-phenylalkyl)thio]benzoic acid derivatives

Goekce, Mehtap, Utku, Semra, Bercin, Erdogan, Oezcelik, Berrin, Karaoglu, Taner, and Noyanalpan, Ningur

Turkish Journal of Chemistry 2005. 29(2): 207-217

21. 47694 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Preparation of bis(trialkylammonium)alkane dihalides or analogs thereof as antibacterial, antiviral, parasiticidal, and antifungal agents

Widmer, Alfred Werner, Jolliffe, Katrina Anne, Wright, Lesley Catherine, and Sorrell, Tania Christine

PATENT: WO 2005047230 ISSUE DATE: 20050526

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 94 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The University of Sydney, Australia

22. 47695 OI-LS-327; PUBMED-OI-7/25/2005

In vitro interactions of micafungin with other antifungal drugs against clinical isolates of four species of Cryptococcus

Serena, C, Fernandez-Torres, B, Pastor, FJ, Trilles, L, Lazera, Mdos S, Nolard, N, and Guarro, J

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(7): 2994-6


23. 47696 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Efficacy, plasma pharmacokinetics, and safety of icofungipen, an inhibitor of Candida isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase, in treatment of experimental disseminated candidiasis in persistently neutropenic rabbits

Petraitiene, Ruta, Petraitis, Vidmantas, Kelaher, Amy M, Sarafandi, Alia A, Mickiene, Diana, Groll, Andreas H, Sein, Tin, Bacher, John, and Walsh, Thomas J

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2005. 49(5): 2084-2092

24. 47697 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/17/2005

Oceanalin A, a hybrid alpha,omega-bifunctionalized sphingoid tetrahydroisoquinoline beta-glycoside from the marine sponge Oceanapia sp

Makarieva, TN, Denisenko, VA, Dmitrenok, PS, Guzii, AG, Santalova, EA, Stonik, VA, MacMillan, JB, and Molinski, TF

ORGANIC LETTERS 2005. 7(14): 2897-2900, 4


25. 47698 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

<04 Article Title>

Sanabria, David J, Gimenez, Lizabeth, Suarez, Christian, Cruz, Clarisa, and Carballeira, Nestor M

<10 Journal Title> 2005.(<24 Issue ID>): <25 Page(s)>

26. 47699 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/17/2005

Design, synthesis, and antifolate activity of new analogues of piritrexim and other diaminopyrimidine dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors with omega-carboxyalkoxy or omega-carboxy-1-alkynyl substitution in the side chain

Chan, DCM, Fu, HN, Forsch, RA, Queener, SF, and Rosowsky, A

JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 48(13): 4420-4431, 12


27. 47700 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Facile synthesis of 2-(substituted benzylsulfanyl)benzothiazoles and their antimicrobial activity screening

Kumar, Ramanatham Vinod, Kumar, Kotha VSRSeshu, and Gopal, Kotarkonda Raja

Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2005. 42(1): 153-156

28. 47701 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/17/2005

Identification and active expression of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene encoding 5-phospho-alpha-D-ribose-1-diphosphate: Decaprenyl-phosphate 5-phosphoribosyltransferase, the first enzyme committed to decaprenylphosphoryl-D-arabinose synthesis

Huang, HR, Scherman, MS, D'Haeze, W, Vereecke, D, Holsters, M, Crick, DC, and McNeil, MR

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(26): 24539-24543, 5


29. 47702 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/17/2005

Structure and mechanism of the alkyl hydroperoxidase AhpC, a key element of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis defense system against oxidative stress

Guimaraes, BG, Souchon, H, Honore, N, Saint-Joanis, B, Brosch, R, Shepard, W, Cole, ST, and Alzari, PM

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(27): 25735-25742, 8


30. 47703 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Activity of Hoechst 33258 against Pneumocystis carinii f. sp. muris, Candida albicans, and Candida dubliniensis

Disney, Matthew D, Stephenson, Ruth, Wright, Terry W, Haidaris, Constantine G, Turner, Douglas H, and Gigliotti, Francis

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2005. 49(4): 1326-1330

31. 47704 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Polycyclic aromatic compounds as antimicrobial and antiviral compounds

Banik, Bimal K and Becker, Frederick F

PATENT: WO 2005039507 ISSUE DATE: 20050506

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 31 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Board of Regents, The University of Texas System USA

32. 47705 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Antiviral Activity of Liposomal Preparations of Antibiotic Geliomycin

Podol'skaya, SV, Naryshkina, NA, Sorokoumova, GM, Kaplun, AP, Fedorova, NE, Medzhidova, AA, Kuts, AA, and Shvets, VI

Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 2005. 139(3 ): 349-351

33. 47706 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Isolation of an Antiviral Polysaccharide, Nostoflan, from a Terrestrial Cyanobacterium, Nostoc flagelliforme

Kanekiyo, Kenji, Lee, Jung-Bum, Hayashi, Kyoko, Takenaka, Hiroyuki, Hayakawa, Yumiko, Endo, Shunro, and Hayashi, Toshimitsu

Journal of Natural Products 2005. 68(7): 1037-1041

34. 47707 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Preparation of dihydroquinazolines as antiviral agents

Wunberg, Tobias, Baumeister, Judith, Jeske, Mario, Nell, Peter, Nikolic, Susanne, Suessmeier, Frank, Zimmermann, Holger, Grosser, Rolf, Hewlett, Guy, Keldenich, Joerg, Lang, Dieter, and Henninger, Kerstin

PATENT: WO 2005047278 ISSUE DATE: 20050526

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 50 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Bayer Healthcare A.-G., Germany

35. 47708 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/17/2005

Different anti-Candida activities of two human lactoferrin-derived peptides, Lfpep and kaliocin-1

Viejo-Diaz, M, Andres, MT, and Fierro, JF



36. 47709 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

A preparation of acridone derivatives, useful as anti-herpes virus agents

Bastow, Kenneth F and Lowden, Christopher T

PATENT: US 2005049273 ISSUE DATE: 20050303

APPLICATION: 2003-62052 PP: 19 pp.


37. 47710 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/17/2005

Purification and structure elucidation of compounds that inhibit the growth of mycobacteria

Veres, TA, Kubin, M, and Trischman, JA



38. 47711 OI-LS-327; SCIFINDER-OI-7/18/2005

Indoles and azaindoles as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus polymerase, their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions, and use as antiviral agents

Avolio, Salvatore, Harper, Steven, Narjes, Frank, Pacini, Barbara, and Rowley, Michael

PATENT: WO 2005034941 ISSUE DATE: 20050421

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 41 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia Molecolare p Angeletti S.p.A., Italy

39. 47712 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/24/2005

A phase 2 study to assess antiviral response, safety, and pharmacokinetics of Albuferon(TM) in IFN-OC naive subjects with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C

Bain, V, Kaita, K, Yoshida, E, Swain, M, Heathcote, J, McHutchison, I, Neumann, A, Bagchi, P, Osborn, B, Cronin, F, Novello, L, Freimuth, W, and Subramanian, M



40. 47713 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/24/2005

Peptide-aptamers as specific inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 serine protease

Benhar, I, Leibenzon, A, Gal-Tanamy, M, Bachmatov, L, Zemel, R, and Tur-Kaspa, R



41. 47714 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/24/2005

Small interfering RNA(siRNA)-mediated inhibition of hepatitis C virus replication using bicistronic vector in vivo (cell line Huh-7) and in vitro

Baltayiannis, G, Filis, S, Tsianos, E, and Karayiannis, P



42. 47715 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/24/2005

Additive antiviral effect of artemisinin and ribavirin on an "in vitro" model of hepatitis C infection

Romero, MR, Serrano, MA, Vallejo, M, Alvarez, M, Efferth, T, and Marin, JJG



43. 47716 OI-LS-327; WOS-OI-7/24/2005

Biologically active fluorescent farnesol analogs

Shchepin, R, Dumitru, R, Nickerson, KW, Lund, M, and Dussault, PH

CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY 2005. 12(6): 639-641, 3


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