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1. 47840 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Synthesis and anti-viral activity of a series of sesquiterpene lactones and analogues in the subgenomic HCV replicon system

Hwang, DR, Wu, YS, Chang, CW, Lien, TW, Chen, WC, Tan, UK, Hsu, JT, and Hsieh, HP

Bioorg Med Chem 2005.


2. 47841 OI-LS-330; EMBASE-OI-9/6/2005

Novel 5-substituted, 2,4-diaminofuro[2,3-d]pyrimidines as multireceptor tyrosine kinase and dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors with antiangiogenic and antitumor activity

Gangjee, Aleem, Zeng, Yibin, Ihnat, Michael, Warnke, Linda A, Green, Dixy W, Kisliuk, Roy L, and Lin, Fu-Tyan

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 13(18): 5475-5491


3. 47842 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Triketones active against antibiotic-resistant bacteria: Synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and mode of action

van Klink, JW, Larsen, L, Perry, NB, Weavers, RT, Cook, GM, Bremer, PJ, Mackenzie, AD, and Kirikae, T

Bioorg Med Chem 2005.


4. 47843 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Inhibition of hepatitis C virus replication by pol III-directed overexpression of RNA decoys corresponding to stem-loop structures in the NS5B coding region

Zhang, J, Yamada, O, Sakamoto, T, Yoshida, H, Araki, H, Murata, T, and Shimotohno, K

Virology 2005.


5. 47844 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Flavin Dependent Thymidylate Synthase (MtbThyX) at 2.0A Resolution

Sampathkumar, P, Turley, S, Ulmer, JE, Rhie, HG, Sibley, CH, and Hol, WG

J Mol Biol 2005.


6. 47845 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

In vitro effect of free and complexed indium(III) against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

David, S, Barros, V, Cruz, C, and Delgado, R

FEMS Microbiol Lett 2005.


7. 47846 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

4-Oxo-4,7-dihydrothieno[2,3-b]pyridines as Non-Nucleoside Inhibitors of Human Cytomegalovirus and Related Herpesvirus Polymerases

Schnute, ME, Cudahy, MM, Brideau, RJ, Homa, FL, Hopkins, TA, Knechtel, ML, Oien, NL, Pitts, TW, Poorman, RA, Wathen, MW, and Wieber, JL

J Med Chem 2005. 48(18): 5794-804


8. 47847 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

HCV antiviral resistance: The impact of in vitro studies on the development of antiviral agents targeting the viral NS5B polymerase

Tomei, L, Altamura, S, Paonessa, G, De, Francesco R, and Migliaccio, G

Antivir Chem Chemother 2005. 16(4): 225-45


9. 47848 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Development of a Simple Assay Protocol for High-Throughput Screening of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Glutamine Synthetase for the Identification of Novel Inhibitors

Singh, U, Panchanadikar, V, and Sarkar, D

J Biomol Screen 2005.


10. 47849 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Synthesis, anti-HIV and antitubercular activities of lamivudine prodrugs

Sriram, D, Yogeeswari, P, and Gopal, G

Eur J Med Chem 2005.


11. 47850 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Role of embB codon 306 mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis revisited: a novel association with broad drug resistance and IS6110 clustering rather than ethambutol resistance

Hazbon, MH, Bobadilla, del Valle M, Guerrero, MI, Varma-Basil, M, Filliol, I, Cavatore, M, Colangeli, R, Safi, H, Billman-Jacobe, H, Lavender, C, Fyfe, J, Garcia-Garcia, L, Davidow, A, Brimacombe, M, Leon, CI, Porras, T, Bose, M, Chaves, F, Eisenach, KD, Sifuentes-Osornio, J, Ponce, de Leon A, Cave, MD, and Alland, D

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(9): 3794-802


12. 47851 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Recent highlights in the development of new antiviral drugs

De Clercq, E

Curr Opin Microbiol 2005.


13. 47852 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Synthesis and in vitro and in vivo antimycobacterial activity of isonicotinoyl hydrazones

Sriram, D, Yogeeswari, P, and Madhu, K

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


14. 47853 OI-LS-330; EMBASE-OI-9/6/2005

Chemical compositions and antimicrobial activities of four different Anatolian propolis samples

Uzel, Atac, Sorkun, Kadri dot above ye, Oncag, Ozant, Cogulu, Dilsah, Gencay, Omur, and Sali[dot above]h, Beki dot above r

Microbiological Research 2005. 160(2): 189-195


15. 47854 OI-LS-330; PUBMED-OI-9/6/2005

Design, synthesis, and antiviral activity of 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-2'-C-methylcytidine, a potent inhibitor of hepatitis C virus replication

Clark, JL, Hollecker, L, Mason, JC, Stuyver, LJ, Tharnish, PM, Lostia, S, McBrayer, TR, Schinazi, RF, Watanabe, KA, Otto, MJ, Furman, PA, Stec, WJ, Patterson, SE, and Pankiewicz, KW

J Med Chem 2005. 48(17): 5504-8


16. 47855 OI-LS-330; EMBASE-OI-9/6/2005

Hepatitis C virus NS3-4A serine protease inhibitors: SAR of moiety with improved potency

Arasappan, A, Njoroge, FG, Chan, T-Y, Bennett, F, Bogen, SL, Chen, K, Gu, H, Hong, L, Jao, E, and Liu, Y-T

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2005. 15(19): 4180-4184


17. 47856 OI-LS-330; EMBASE-OI-9/6/2005

Synthesis and in vitro anti-mycobacterial activity of 5-substituted pyrimidine nucleosides

Johar, Monika, Manning, Tracey, Kunimoto, Dennis Y, and Kumar, Rakesh

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


18. 47857 OI-LS-330; EMBASE-OI-9/6/2005

Synthesis and biological activity of macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3 protease

Chen, Kevin X, Njoroge, FGeorge, Prongay, Andrew, Pichardo, John, Madison, Vincent, and Girijavallabhan, Viyyoor

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


19. 47858 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Secondary metabolites from Chamaedora tepejilote (Palmae) are active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Jimenez, A, Meckes, M, Alvarez, V, Torres, J, and Parra, R

PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH 2005. 19(4): 320-322, 3


20. 47859 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Unravelling hepatitis C virus replication from genome to function

Lindenbach, BD and Rice, CM

NATURE 2005. 436(7053): 933-938, 6


21. 47860 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Challenges and successes in developing new therapies for hepatitis C

De Francesco, R and Migliaccio, G

NATURE 2005. 436(7053): 953-960, 8


22. 47861 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Mechanism of action of interferon and ribavirin in treatment of hepatitis C

Feld, JJ and Hoofnagle, JH

NATURE 2005. 436(7053): 967-972, 6


23. 47862 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Inhibition of protein kinases C prevents murine cytomegalovirus replication

Kucic, N, Mahmutefendic, H, and Lucin, P

JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY 2005. 86: 2153-2161, 9


24. 47863 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Rv2358 and FurB: Two transcriptional regulators from Mycobacterium tuberculosis which respond to zincl

Canneva, F, Branzoni, M, Riccardi, G, Provvedi, R, and Milano, A

JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2005. 187(16): 5837-5840, 4


25. 47864 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

BHIVA treatment guidelines for tuberculosis (TB)/HIV infection 2005

Pozniak, AL, Miller, RF, Lipman, MCI, Freedman, AR, Ormerod, LP, Johnson, MA, Collins, S, and Lucas, SB

HIV MEDICINE 2005. 6: 62-83, 22


26. 47865 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-8/28/2005

Pharmacodynamic evidence that ciprofloxacin failure against tuberculosis is not due to poor microbial kill but to rapid emergence of resistance

Gumbo, T, Louie, A, Deziel, MR, and Drusano, GL



27. 47866 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-9/6/2005

Preparation, surface-active properties, and antimicrobial activities of bis-quaternary ammonium salts from amines and epichlorohydrin

Chlebicki, J, Wegrzynska, J, Maliszewska, I, and Oswiecimska, M



28. 47867 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-9/6/2005

Hepatitis C virus NS2/3 processing is required for NS3 stability and viral RNA replication

Welbourn, S, Green, R, Gamache, I, Dandache, S, Lohmann, V, Bartenschlager, R, Meerovitch, K, and Pause, A

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(33): 29604-29611, 8


29. 47868 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-9/6/2005

Interdomain communication in hepatitis C virus polymerase abolished by small molecule inhibitors bound to a novel allosteric site

Di Marco, S, Volpari, C, Tomei, L, Altamura, S, Harper, S, Narjes, F, Koch, U, Rowley, M, De, Francesco R, Migliaccio, G, and Carfi, A

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 280(33): 29765-29770, 6


30. 47869 OI-LS-330; WOS-OI-9/6/2005

New alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactones with antimycobacterial properties

Hughes, MA, McFadden, JM, and Townsend, CA



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