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1. 48198 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Recent Advances in Antiviral Nucleoside and Nucleotide Therapeutics

Simons, C, Wu, Q, and Htar, TT

Curr Top Med Chem 2005. 5(13): 1191-1203


2. 48199 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Antifungal activities and action mechanisms of compounds from Tribulus terrestris L.

Zhang, Jun-Dong, Xu, Zheng, Cao, Yong-Bing, Chen, Hai-Sheng, Yan, Lan, An, Mao-Mao, Gao, Ping-Hui, Wang, Yan, Jia, Xin-Ming, and Jiang, Yuan-Ying

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2006. 103(1): 76-84


3. 48200 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Bactericidal Activity of Organic Extracts from Flourensia cernua DC against Strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Molina-Salinas, Gloria Maria, Ramos-Guerra, Monica Celina, Vargas-Villarreal, Javier, Mata-Cardenas, Benito David, Becerril-Montes, Pola, and Said-Fernandez, Salvador

Archives of Medical Research 2006. 37(1): 45-49


4. 48201 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

New perspectives on natural products in TB drug research

Pauli, Guido F, Case, Ryan J, Inui, Taichi, Wang, Yuehong, Cho, Sanghyun, Fischer, Nikolaus H, and Franzblau, Scott G

Life Sciences 2005. 78(5): 485-494


5. 48202 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Treating HCV with ribavirin analogues and ribavirin-like molecules

Gish, RG

J Antimicrob Chemother 2005.


6. 48203 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Posaconazole: a broad-spectrum triazole antifungal

Torres, Harrys A, Hachem, Ray Y, Chemaly, Roy F, Kontoyiannis, Dimitrios P, and Raad, Issam I

The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2005. 5(12): 775-785


7. 48204 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Diagnosis of latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: is the demise of the Mantoux test imminent?

Rothel, JS and Andersen, P

Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther 2005. 3(6): 981-993


8. 48205 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

An Overview of Antifungal Drugs and Their Use for Treatment of Deep and Superficial Mycoses in Animals

Hector, Richard F

Clinical Techniques in Small Animal Practice 2005. 20(4): 240-249


9. 48206 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Upregulation of Protein Phosphatase 2Ac by Hepatitis C Virus Modulates NS3 Helicase Activity through Inhibition of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 1

Duong, FH, Christen, V, Berke, JM, Penna, SH, Moradpour, D, and Heim, MH

J Virol 2005. 79(24): 15342-15350


10. 48207 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Antimicrobial activity of picolinic acid against extracellular and intracellular Mycobacterium avium complex and its combined activity with clarithromycin, rifampicin and fluoroquinolones

Cai, S, Sato, K, Shimizu, T, Yamabe, S, Hiraki, M, Sano, C, and Tomioka, H

J Antimicrob Chemother 2005.


11. 48208 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Functional shikimate dehydrogenase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv: Purification and characterization

Fonseca, Isabel O, Magalhaes, Maria LB, Oliveira, Jaim S, Silva, Rafael G, Mendes, Maria A, Palma, Mario S, Santos, Diogenes S, and Basso, Luiz A

Protein Expression and Purification 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


12. 48209 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

The Structure of 3-Deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate Synthase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Reveals a Common Catalytic Scaffold and Ancestry for Type I and Type II Enzymes

Webby, Celia J, Baker, Heather M, Lott, JShaun, Baker, Edward N, and Parker, Emily J

Journal of Molecular Biology 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


13. 48210 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Hairpin ribozymes in combination with siRNAs against highly conserved hepatitis C virus sequence inhibit RNA replication and protein translation from hepatitis C virus subgenomic replicons

Jarczak, D, Korf, M, Beger, C, Manns, MP, and Kruger, M

FEBS J 2005. 272(22): 5910-22


14. 48211 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Microarray-based pncA genotyping of pyrazinamide-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Denkin, S, Volokhov, D, Chizhikov, V, and Zhang, Y

J Med Microbiol 2005. 54(Pt 12): 1127-31


15. 48212 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Synthesis and in vitro anti-hepatitis B and C virus activities of ring-expanded ('fat') nucleobase analogues containing the imidazo[4,5-e][1,3]diazepine-4,8-dione ring system

Zhang, Peng, Zhang, Ning, Korba, Brent E, and Hosmane, Ramachandra S

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2005. 15(24): 5397-5401


16. 48213 OI-LS-336; PUBMED-OI-11/28/2005

Combined Effects of ATP on the Therapeutic Efficacy of Antimicrobial Drug Regimens against Mycobacterium avium Complex Infection in Mice and Roles of Cytosolic Phospholipase A2-Dependent Mechanisms in the ATP-Mediated Potentiation of Antimycobacterial Host Resistance

Tomioka, H, Sano, C, Sato, K, Ogasawara, K, Akaki, T, Sano, K, Cai, SS, and Shimizu, T

J Immunol 2005. 175(10): 6741-9


17. 48214 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Virology of hepatitis B and C viruses and antiviral targets

Pawlotsky, Jean-Michel

Journal of Hepatology 2005. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


18. 48215 OI-LS-336; EMBASE-OI-11/28/2005

Limited good and limited vision: multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and global health policy

Yong Kim, Jim, Shakow, Aaron, Mate, Kedar, Vanderwarker, Chris, Gupta, Rajesh, and Farmer, Paul

Social Science & Medicine 2005. 61(4): 847-859


19. 48216 OI-LS-336; WOS-OI-11/20/2005

The use of biodiversity as source of new chemical entities against defined molecular targets for treatment of malaria, tuberculosis, and T-cell mediated diseases - A Review

Basso, LA, da Silva, LHP, Fett-Neto, AG, Junior, WFD, Moreira, ID, Palma, MS, Calixto, JB, Astolfi, S, dos Santos, RR, Soares, MBP, and Santos, DS

MEMORIAS DO INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZ 2005. 100(6): 475-506, 32


20. 48217 OI-LS-336; WOS-OI-11/20/2005

Selective anti-tubercular purines: Synthesis and chemotherapeutic properties of 6-aryl- and 6-heteroaryl-9-benzylpurines

Braendvang, M and Gundersen, LL

BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 13(23): 6360-6373, 14


21. 48218 OI-LS-336; WOS-OI-11/20/2005

New Mycobacterium avium antifolate shows synergistic effect when used in combination with dihydropteroate synthase inhibitors

Suling, WJ, Seitz, LE, Reynolds, RC, and Barrow, WW



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