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1. 48243 OI-LS-337; PUBMED-OI-12/12/2005

1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose 5-Phosphate Reductoisomerase (IspC) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: towards Understanding Mycobacterial Resistance to Fosmidomycin

Dhiman, RK, Schaeffer, ML, Bailey, AM, Testa, CA, Scherman, H, and Crick, DC

J Bacteriol 2005. 187(24): 8395-402


2. 48244 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Cloning and expression of isocitrate lyase, a key enzyme of the glyoxylate cycle, of Candida albicans for development of antifungal drugs

Shin, Dong-Sun, Kim, Sanghee, Yang, Hyeong-Cheol, and Oh, Ki-Bong

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2005. 15(3): 652-655

3. 48245 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

An update on antifungal targets and mechanisms of resistance in Candida albicans

Akins, Robert

Medical Mycology 2005. 43(4): 285-318

4. 48246 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/1/2005

Recent advances in discovery and development of promising therapeutics against hepatitis C virus NS5B RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Wu, JZ, Yao, NH, Walker, M, and Hong, Z

MINI-REVIEWS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2005. 5(12): 1103-1112, 10


5. 48247 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of phthalimido(2-aryl-3-isonicotinamido-4-oxo-1,3-thiazolidine-5-yl) ethanoates

Sharma, Ranjana, Ahmed, M, Sharma, Kanika, and Talesara, GL

Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2005. 67(4): 462-466

6. 48248 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Tin(IV) complexes of pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate: synthesis, characterisation and antifungal activity

Menezes, DC, Vieira, FT, de Lima, GM, Porto, AO, Cortes, ME, Ardisson, JD, and Albrecht-Schmitt, TE

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 40(12): 1277-1282

7. 48249 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Metal complexes of 2-benzoylpyridine-derived thiosemicarbazones: structural, electrochemical and biological studies

Costa, Ricardo FF, Rebolledo, Anayive P, Matencio, Tulio, Calado, Hallen DR, Ardisson, Jose D, Cortes, Maria E, Rodrigues, Bernardo L, and Beraldo, Heloisa

Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2005. 58(15): 1307-1319

8. 48250 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/1/2005

Facile synthesis of active antitubercular, cytotoxic and antibacterial agents: a Michael addition approach

Chande, MS, Verma, RS, Barve, PA, Khanwelkar, RR, Vaidya, RB, and Ajaikumar, KB



9. 48251 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Compound IKD-8344, a selective growth inhibitor against the mycelial form of Candida albicans, isolated from Streptomyces sp. A6792

Hwang, Eui Il, Yun, Bong Sik, Yeo, Woon Hyung, Lee, Sang Han, Moon, Jae Sun, Kim, Young Kook, Lim, Se Jin, and Kim, Sung Uk

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2005. 15(4): 909-912

10. 48252 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/1/2005

Organophosphorus chemistry: Therapeutic intervention in mechanisms of viral and cellular replication

Wardle, NJ, Bligh, SWA, and Hudson, HR

CURRENT ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2005. 9(18): 1803-1828, 26


11. 48253 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Pharmaceuticals and antifungal agents containing water-soluble triazoles

Uchida, Takuya, Mikojima, Yoshiko, Konoso, Toshiyuki, and Shibayama, Takahiro

PATENT: JP 2005263636 ISSUE DATE: 20050929

APPLICATION: 2004-8458 PP: 270 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Sankyo Co., Ltd. Japan

12. 48254 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/1/2005

Treatment of tuberculosis: present status and future prospects

Onyebujoh, P, Zumla, A, Ribeiro, I, Rustomjee, R, Mwaba, P, Gomes, M, and Grange, JM



13. 48255 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

A murine model of dual infection with cytomegalovirus and Pneumocystis carinii: Effects of virus-induced immunomodulation on disease progression

Qureshi, Mahboob H, Garvy, Beth A, Pomeroy, Claire, Inayat, Mohammed S, and Oakley, Oliver R

Virus Research 2005. 114(1-2): 35-44

14. 48256 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Synthesis and evaluation of demethoxyviridin derivatives as potential antimicrobials

Kiran, I, Ilhan, S, Akar, T, Tur, L, and Erol, E



15. 48257 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Mycobacterial resistance to reactive oxygen and nitrogen intermediates: Recent views and progress in M. Tuberculosis

Rhee, Kyu Y

Mycobacterium 2005.: 321-345

16. 48258 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Update on antimicrobial agents: new indications of older agents

Pasquale, Timothy R and Tan, James S

Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy 2005. 6(10): 1681-1691

17. 48259 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Antitubercular sterols from Thalia multiflora Horkel ex Koernicke

Gutierrez-Lugo, MT, Wang, YH, Franzblau, SG, Suarez, E, and Timmermann, BN

PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH 2005. 19(10): 876-880, 5


18. 48260 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Use of GeneDecipher software for predicting protein coding sequences useful as drug targets, for development of antimicrobial agents

Brahmachari, Samir Kumar, Dash, Debasis, Sharma, Ramakant, and Maheshwari, Jitendra Kumar

PATENT: US 2005136480 ISSUE DATE: 20050623

APPLICATION: 2004-34519 PP: 210 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 727,989.


19. 48261 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

New fungal metabolite geranylgeranyltransferase inhibitors with antifungal activity

Singh, SB, Kelly, R, Guan, ZQ, Polishook, JD, Dombrowski, AW, Collado, J, Gonzalez, A, Pelaez, F, Register, E, Kelly, TM, Bonfiglio, C, and Williamson, JM

NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH 2005. 19(8): 739-747, 9


20. 48262 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Detection of anti-hepatitis C virus effects of interferon and ribavirin by a sensitive replicon system

Kato, T, Date, T, Miyamoto, M, Sugiyama, M, Tanaka, Y, Orito, E, Ohno, T, Sugihara, K, Hasegawa, I, Fujiwara, K, Ito, K, Ozasa, A, Mizokami, M, and Wakita, T

JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY 2005. 43(11): 5679-5684, 6


21. 48263 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Phenyl(quinazolinyl)amines as UL 97-kinase inhibitors for the treatment of human cytomegaloviral and other herpesviral infections

Herget, Thomas

PATENT: WO 2005040125 ISSUE DATE: 20050506

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 56 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Axxima Pharmaceuticals A.-G., Germany

22. 48264 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Conditional depletion of KasA, a key enzyme of mycolic acid biosynthesis, leads to mycobacterial cell lysis

Bhatt, A, Kremer, L, Dai, AZ, Sacchettini, JC, and Jacobs, WR

JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2005. 187(22): 7596-7606, 11


23. 48265 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

QSAR analysis of 2,4-diaminopyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines and 2,4-diaminopyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidines as dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors

Jain, P, Soni, LK, Gupta, AK, and Kashkedikar, SG



24. 48266 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Preparation of imidazol-4-yl-N'-phenylureas as antiviral agents

Zimmermann, Holger, Brueckner, David, Heimbach, Dirk, Hendrix, Martin, Henninger, Kerstin, Hewlett, Guy, Rosentreter, Ulrich, Keldenich, Joerg, Lang, Dieter, and Radtke, Martin

PATENT: WO 2005092865 ISSUE DATE: 20051006

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 124 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Bayer Healthcare A.-G., Germany

25. 48267 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Screening of antiviral drugs, and pharmaceutical compositions containing 2-thioxothiazolidinone derivatives

Gregor, Paul, Harris, Nicholas, and Zhuk, Regina

PATENT: WO 2005089067 ISSUE DATE: 20050929

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 52 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Rimonyx Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Israel

26. 48268 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Preparation of 2'-C-methyl nucleoside derivatives and their uses for the treatment of hepatitis C viral infection

Reddy, KRaja and Erion, Mark D

PATENT: US 2005182252 ISSUE DATE: 20050818

APPLICATION: 2004-51247 PP: 84 pp.


27. 48269 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Novel potent allosteric inhibitors of HCV NS5B polymerase

Brochu, Christian, Coulombe, Rene, Gillard, James R, Jolicoeur, Eric, Kohlbauer, Peter, Kuhn, Peter, Poupart, Marc-Andre, Lefebvre, Sylvain, McKercher, Ginette, Kukolj, George, and Beaulieu, Pierre L

Abstracts of Papers, 230th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, United States, Aug. 28-Sept. 1, 2005 2005.: MEDI-015

28. 48270 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Preparation of (1R,2S,5S)-N-[(1S)-3-amino-1-(cyclobutylmethyl)-2,3-dioxopropyl]-3-[(2S)-2-[[[(1,1-dimethylethyl)amino]carbonyl]amino]-3,3-dimethyl-1-oxobutyl]-6,6-dimethyl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2-carboxamide as inhibitor of hepatitis C virus NS3/NS4a serine protease

Njoroge, FGeorge and Venkatraman, Srikanth

PATENT: US 20050249702 ISSUE DATE: 20051110

APPLICATION: 2005-55897 PP: 14 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Schering Corporation, USA

29. 48271 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Preparation of N-acyldihydropyrroles as hepatitis C virus (HCV) inhibitors

Haigh, David and Slater, Martin John

PATENT: WO 2005103045 ISSUE DATE: 20051103

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 45 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Glaxo Group Limited, UK

30. 48272 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

In Vitro Studies of Cross-resistance Mutations against Two Hepatitis C Virus Serine Protease Inhibitors, VX-950 and BILN 2061

Lin, Chao, Gates, Cynthia A, Rao, BGovinda, Brennan, Debra L, Fulghum, John R, Luong, Yu-Ping, Frantz, JDaniel, Lin, Kai, Ma, Sue, Wei, Yun-Yi, Perni, Robert B, and Kwong, Ann D

Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005. 280(44): 36784-36791

31. 48273 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Demonstration of the efficacy of small molecule HCV inhibitors in the KMT mouse model of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection

Kneteman, N

HEPATOLOGY 2005. 42(4): 532A-533A, 2


32. 48274 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Identification of a novel small molecule hepatitis C virus replication inhibitor that targets host sphingolipid biosynthesis

Sakamoto, H, Okamoto, K, Aoki, M, Kato, H, Katsume, A, Ohta, A, Tsukuda, T, Shimma, N, Aoki, Y, Arisawa, M, Kohara, M, and Sudoh, M

HEPATOLOGY 2005. 42(4): 535A-1


33. 48275 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Heterocyclic anti-viral compounds comprising metabolizable moieties and their uses as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus replication and/or proliferation for treatment of hepatitis C infection

Singh, Rajinder, Goff, Dane, Kolluri, Rao SS, Darwish, Ihab S, Partridge, John, Cooper, Robin, Lu, Henry H, and Park, Gary

PATENT: WO 2005097760 ISSUE DATE: 20051020

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 149 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA

34. 48276 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

SCH 503034, a mechanism-based inhibitor of hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3 protease suppresses polyprotein maturation and enhances the antiviral activity of interferona-211 (INF)

Malcolm, BA, Arassappan, A, Bennett, F, Bogen, S, Chase, R, Chen, K, Chen, T, Ingravallo, P, Jao, E, Kong, S, Lahser, F, Liu, R, Liu, YT, Lovey, R, McCormick, J, Njoroge, GF, Saksana, A, Skelton, A, Tong, X, Venkatraman, S, Wright-Minogue, J, Xia, E, and Girijavallabhan, V

HEPATOLOGY 2005. 42(4): 535A-536A, 2


35. 48277 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

NIM811 exhibits potent anti-HCV activity in vitro and represents a novel approach for viral hepatitis C therapy

Lin, K, Ma, S, Boerner, J, Huang, MM, Ryder, N, Weidmann, B, and Cooreman, MP

HEPATOLOGY 2005. 42(4): 536A-1


36. 48278 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Preparation of pyrazole-4-carboxylic acids as HCV RNA polymerase inhibitors for the treatment of viral infections

Bravi, Gianpaolo, Corfield, John Andrew, Grimes, Richard Martin, Guidetti, Rossella, Lovegrove, Victoria Lucy Helen, Mordaunt, Jacqueline Elizabeth, Shah, Pritom, and Slater, Martin John

PATENT: WO 2005092863 ISSUE DATE: 20051006

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 140 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Glaxo Group Limited, UK

37. 48279 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Immunophenotyping profile of CPG 10101, a new TLR9 agonist antiviral for hepatitis C

McHutchinson, JG, Bacon, BR, Gordon, SC, Lawitz, E, Shiffman, M, Afdhal, NH, Jacobson, IM, Muir, A, Efler, SM, Vicari, A, Myette, K, Ahluwalia, N, Murzenok, PP, Lipford, G, Schmalbach, TK, Krieg, AM, and Davis, HL

HEPATOLOGY 2005. 42(4): 539A-540A, 2


38. 48280 OI-LS-337; SCIFINDER-OI-12/5/2005

Preparation of novel peptidyl ketoamides with cyclic p4s as inhibitors of NS3 serine protease of hepatitis C virus

Chen, Kevin X, Njoroge, FGeorge, Sannigrahi, Mousumi, Nair, Latha G, Yang, Weiying, Vibulbhan, Bancha, Venkatraman, Srikanth, Arasappan, Ashok, Bogen, Stephane L, Bennett, Frank, and Girijavallabhan, Viyyoor M

PATENT: WO 2005085242 ISSUE DATE: 20050915

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 282 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Schering Corporation, USA

39. 48281 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Two flavonoids extracts from a harb, glycyrrhizae radix, inhibit in-vitro hepatitis C virus replication

Sekine, Y, Sakamoto, N, Nakagawa, M, Itsui, Y, Tasaka, M, Chen, CH, and Watanabe, M

HEPATOLOGY 2005. 42(4): 702A-1


40. 48282 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

The modeled structure of the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of GBV-C Virus suggests a role for motif E in Flaviviridae RNA polymerases

Ferron, F, Bussetta, C, Dutartre, H, and Canard, B



41. 48283 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Piperazine propanol derivative as a novel antifungal targeting 1,3-beta-D-glucan synthase

Kondoh, O, Inagaki, Y, Fukuda, H, Mizuguchi, E, Ohya, Y, Arisawa, M, Shimma, N, Aoki, Y, Sakaitani, M, and Watanabe, T



42. 48284 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

ChemDB: a public database of small molecules and related chemoinformatics resources

Chen, J, Swamidass, SJ, Bruand, J, and Baldi, P

BIOINFORMATICS 2005. 21(22): 4133-4139, 7


43. 48285 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Gene expression profiling analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes in response to salicylate

Denkin, S, Byrne, S, Jie, C, and Zhang, Y

ARCHIVES OF MICROBIOLOGY 2005. 184(3): 152-157, 6


44. 48286 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/4/2005

Proline-based macrocyclic inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus: Stereoselective synthesis and biological activity

Chen, KX, Njoroge, EG, Vibulbhan, B, Prongay, A, Pichardo, J, Madison, V, Buevich, A, and Chan, TM



45. 48287 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/11/2005

A highly efficient, asymmetric synthesis of benzothiadiazine-substituted tetramic acids: Ppotent inhibitors of hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Fitch, DM, Evans, KA, Chai, DP, and Duffy, KJ

ORGANIC LETTERS 2005. 7(24): 5521-5524, 4


46. 48288 OI-LS-337; WOS-OI-12/11/2005

Tetrahydrobenzothiophene inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase

LaPorte, MG, Lessen, TA, Leister, L, Cebzanov, D, Amparo, E, Faust, C, Ortlip, D, Bailey, TR, Nitz, TJ, Chunduru, SK, Young, DC, and Burns, CJ



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