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1. 48455 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

CryptoDB: a Cryptosporidium bioinformatics resource update

Heiges, Mark, Wang, Haiming, Robinson, Edward, Aurrecoechea, Cristina, Gao, Xin, Kaluskar, Nivedita, Rhodes, Philippa, Wang, Sammy, He, Cong-Zhou, Su, Yanqi, Miller, John, Kraemer, Eileen, and Kissinger, Jessica C

Nucleic Acids Research 2006. 34(Supplement1): D419-D422

2. 48456 OI-LS-341; PUBMED-OI-2/6/2006

Synthesis and antiviral activity of some 2-substituted 3-formyl- and 3-cyano-5,6-dichloroindole nucleosides

Williams, JD, Drach, JC, and Townsend, LB

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(10-12): 1613-26


3. 48457 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Synthesis and in vitro activities of ferrocenic aminohydroxynaphthoquinones against Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum

Baramee, Apiwat, Coppin, Alexandra, Mortuaire, Marlene, Pelinski, Lydie, Tomavo, Stanislas, and Brocard, Jacques

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 14(5): 1294-1302

4. 48458 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Lipid biology of Apicomplexa: perspectives for new drug targets, particularly for Toxoplasma gondii

Sonda, Sabrina and Hehl, Adrian B

Trends in Parasitology 2006. 22(1): 41-47

5. 48459 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

Preclinical pharmacokinetics and metabolism of a potent non-nucleoside inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase

Giuliano, C, Fiore, F, Di, Marco A, Velazquez, JP, Bishop, A, Bonelli, F, Gonzalez-Paz, O, Marcucci, I, Harper, S, Narjes, F, Pacini, B, Monteagudo, E, Migliaccio, G, Rowley, M, and Laufer, R

XENOBIOTICA 2005. 35(10-11): 1035-1054, 20


6. 48460 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Purification and characterization of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis FabD2, a novel malonyl-CoA:AcpM transacylase of fatty acid synthase

Huang, Yi-Shu, Ge, Jing, Zhang, Hong-Mei, Lei, Jian-Qiang, Zhang, Xue-Lian, and Wang, Hong-Hai

Protein Expression and Purification 2006. 45(2): 393-399

7. 48461 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

Specific molecular mechanisms involved in the antiviral response to murine cytomegalovirus

Sumaria, N, Van Dommelen, S, Smyth, M, and Degli-Esposti, M

TISSUE ANTIGENS 2005. 66(5): 555-1


8. 48462 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

3D-QSAR studies on antitubercular thymidine monophosphate kinase inhibitors based on different alignment methods

Aparna, V, Jeevan, J, Ravi, M, Desiraju, GR, and Gopalakrishnan, B

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. 16(4): 1014-1020

9. 48463 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Developing an Antituberculosis Compounds Database and Data Mining in the Search of a Motif Responsible for the Activity of a Diverse Class of Antituberculosis Agents

Prakash, Om and Ghosh, Indira

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2006. 46(1): 17-23

10. 48464 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

Identification of a nitroimidazo-oxazine-specific protein involved in PA-824 resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Manjunatha, UH, Boshoff, H, Dowd, CS, Zhang, L, Albert, TJ, Norton, JE, Daniels, L, Dickl, T, Pang, SS, and Barry, CE



11. 48465 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Novel gyrase mutations in quinolone-resistant and -hypersusceptible clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Functional analysis of mutant enzymes

Aubry, Alexandra, Veziris, Nicolas, Cambau, Emmanuelle, Truffot-Pernot, Chantal, Jarlier, Vincent, and Fisher, LMark

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2006. 50(1): 104-112

12. 48466 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Substituted quinolones

Schohe-Loop, Rudolf, Zimmermann, Holger, Henninger, Kerstin, Paulsen, Daniela, Roelle, Thomas, Lang, Dieter, Thede, Kai, Fuerstner, Chantal, Brueckner, David, Koebberling, Johannes, and Bauser, Marcus

PATENT: WO 2006008046 ISSUE DATE: 20060126

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 115 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Bayer Healthcare AG, Germany

13. 48467 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Synthesis, antiviral, and antitumor activity of 2-substituted purine methylenecyclopropane analogues of nucleosides

Qin, Xinrong, Chen, Xinchao, Wang, Kun, Polin, Lisa, Kern, Earl R, Drach, John C, Gullen, Elizabeth, Cheng, Yung-Chi, and Zemlicka, Jiri

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 14(4): 1247-1254

14. 48468 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Anti-viral uses of borinic acid complexes

Bellinger-Kawahara, Carolyn, Maples, Kirk R, and Plattner, Jacob J

PATENT: US 2006019927 ISSUE DATE: 20060126

APPLICATION: 2005-21887 PP: 20 pp.


15. 48469 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Imidazole and thiazole derivatives as antiviral agents

Conte, Immacolata, Hernando, Jose Ignacio Martin, Malancona, Savina, Ontoria Ontoria, Jesus Maria, and Stansfield, Ian

PATENT: WO 2006008556 ISSUE DATE: 20060126

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 34 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia Molecolare P. Angeletti SpA, Italy

16. 48470 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

The face of future hepatitis C antiviral drug development: Recent biological and virologic advances and their translation to drug development and clinical practice

McHutchison, John G, Bartenschlager, Ralf, Patel, Keyur, and Pawlotsky, Jean-Michel

Journal of Hepatology 2006. 44(2): 411-421

17. 48471 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Antiviral prodrugs - the development of successful prodrug strategies for antiviral chemotherapy

De Clercq, Erik and Field, Hugh J

British Journal of Pharmacology 2006. 147(1): 1-11

18. 48472 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Preparation of 5-aza-7-deazadeazapurine and C-branched nucleosides as antiviral agents for treating Flaviviridae

Gosselin, Gilles, La Colla, Paolo, Seela, Frank, Storer, Richard, Dukhan, David, and Leroy, Frederic

PATENT: WO 2006000922 ISSUE DATE: 20060105

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 115 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Idenix (Cayman) Limited, Cayman I.

19. 48473 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

Antioxidant and antimycobacterial activities of Tabernaemontana catharinensis extracts obtained by supercritical CO2 + cosolvent

Pereira, CG, Leal, PF, Sato, DN, and Meireles, MAA

JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL FOOD 2005. 8(4): 533-538, 6


20. 48474 OI-LS-341; SCIFINDER-OI-1/31/2006

Preparation of aza nucleoside analogs and their use as antiviral agents and inhibiting viral RNA polymerases

Babu, Yarlagadda S, Chand, Pooran, Ghosh, Ajit K, Kotian, Pravin L, and Kumar, Satish V

PATENT: WO 2006002231 ISSUE DATE: 20060105

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 75 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Biocryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA

21. 48475 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

Synthesis and biological evaluation of 6-(alkyn-1-yl)furo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-2(3H)-one base and nucleoside derivatives

Robins, MJ, Miranda, K, Rajwanshi, VK, Peterson, MA, Andrei, G, Snoeck, R, De, Clercq E, and Balzarini, J

JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2006. 49(1): 391-398, 8


22. 48476 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

Diagnosis and therapy in the field of hepatology - 2005 Hepatitis C: From discovery of the virus to individualized therapy

Manns, MP



23. 48477 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-1/29/2006

A genotype 2b NS5B polymerase with novel substitutions supports replication of a chimeric HCV 1b : 2b replicon containing a genotype 1b NS3-5A background

Graham, DJ, Stahlhut, M, Flores, O, Olsen, DB, Hazuda, DJ, LaFemina, RL, and Ludmerer, SW

ANTIVIRAL RESEARCH 2006. 69(1): 24-30, 7


24. 48478 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-2/5/2006

Quantitative proteomic analysis of drug-induced changes in mycobacteria

Hughes, MA, Silva, JC, Geromanos, SJ, and Townsend, CA

JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH 2006. 5(1): 54-63, 10


25. 48479 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-2/5/2006

The potential impact of structural genomics on tuberculosis drug discovery

Arcus, VL, Lott, JS, Johnston, JM, and Baker, EN

DRUG DISCOVERY TODAY 2006. 11(1-2): 28-34, 7


26. 48480 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-2/5/2006

Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel benzimidazol/benzoxazolylethoxypiperidone oximes

Balasubramanian, S, Aridoss, G, Parthiban, P, Ramalingan, C, and Kabilan, S



27. 48481 OI-LS-341; WOS-OI-2/5/2006

Establishment of stable HeLa cell lines expressing enzymatically active hepatitis C virus RNA polymerase

Kong, LB, Ye, LB, Ye, L, Timani, KA, Zheng, Y, Liao, QJ, Li, BZ, and Gao, B

ARCHIVES OF VIROLOGY 2006. 151(2): 361-367, 7


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