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1. 48722 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Ileabethoxazole: a novel benzoxazole alkaloid with antimycobacterial activity

Rodriguez, Ileana I, Rodriguez, Abimael D, Wang, Yuehong, and Franzblau, Scott G

Tetrahedron Letters 2006. 47(19): 3229-3232


2. 48723 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Diverse effects of cyclosporine on hepatitis C virus strain replication

Ishii, N, Watashi, K, Hishiki, T, Goto, K, Inoue, D, Hijikata, M, Wakita, T, Kato, N, and Shimotohno, K

J Virol 2006. 80(9): 4510-20


3. 48724 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Synthesis and Anti-BVDV Activity of Acridones As New Potential Antiviral Agents(1)

Tabarrini, O, Manfroni, G, Fravolini, A, Cecchetti, V, Sabatini, S, De, Clercq E, Rozenski, J, Canard, B, Dutartre, H, Paeshuyse, J, and Neyts, J

J Med Chem 2006. 49(8): 2621-2627


4. 48725 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Conserved fungal genes as potential targets for broad-spectrum antifungal drug discovery

Liu, M, Healy, MD, Dougherty, BA, Esposito, KM, Maurice, TC, Mazzucco, CE, Bruccoleri, RE, Davison, DB, Frosco, M, Barrett, JF, and Wang, YK

Eukaryot Cell 2006. 5(4): 638-49


5. 48726 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

1.6 A Crystal Structure of the Secreted Chorismate Mutase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Novel Fold Topology Revealed

Okvist, Mats, Dey, Raja, Sasso, Severin, Grahn, Elin, Kast, Peter, and Krengel, Ute

Journal of Molecular Biology 2006. 357(5): 1483-1499


6. 48727 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Novel 24-nor-, 24-nor-2,3-seco-, and 3,24-dinor-2,4-seco-ursane triterpenes from Diospyros decandra: evidences for ring A biosynthetic transformations

Nareeboon, Parichat, Kraus, Wolfgang, Beifuss, Uwe, Conrad, Juergen, Klaiber, Iris, and Sutthivaiyakit, Somyote

Tetrahedron 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


7. 48728 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Ceanothane- and Lupane-Type Triterpenes with Antiplasmodial and Antimycobacterial Activities from Ziziphus cambodiana

Suksamrarn, S, Panseeta, P, Kunchanawatta, S, Distaporn, T, Ruktasing, S, and Suksamrarn, A

Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo) 2006. 54(4): 535-7


8. 48729 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Identification of a novel arabinofuranosyl transferase (AftA) involved in cell wall arabinan biosynthesis in mycobacterium tuberculosis

Alderwick, LJ, Seidel, M, Sahm, H, Besra, GS, and Eggeling, L

J Biol Chem 2006.


9. 48730 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

In Vivo Efficacy of Phage Therapy for Mycobacterium avium Infection As Delivered by a Nonvirulent Mycobacterium

Danelishvili, L, Young, LS, and Bermudez, LE

Microb Drug Resist 2006. 12(1): 1-6


10. 48731 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

The preponderance of P450s in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome

McLean, KJ, Clift, D, Lewis, DG, Sabri, M, Balding, PR, Sutcliffe, MJ, Leys, D, and Munro, AW

Trends Microbiol 2006.


11. 48732 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Synthesis and preliminary screening of carbohydrazides and hydrazones of pyrrole derivatives as potential tuberculostatics

Bijev, A

Arzneimittelforschung 2006. 56(2): 96-103


12. 48733 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Time course of microbiologic outcome and gene expression in Candida albicans during and following in vitro and in vivo exposure to fluconazole

Lepak, A, Nett, J, Lincoln, L, Marchillo, K, and Andes, D

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2006. 50(4): 1311-9


13. 48734 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Catalase-peroxidase of Mycobacterium bovis BCG converts isoniazid to isonicotinamide, but not to isonicotinic acid: Differentiation parameter between enzymes of Mycobacterium bovis BCG and Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Kang, Sung-Koo, Lee, Jong-Ho, Lee, Young-Choon, and Kim, Cheorl-Ho

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


14. 48735 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Inhibition of hepatitis C virus RNA replication by short hairpin RNA synthesized by T7 RNA polymerase in hepatitis C virus subgenomic replicons

Hamazaki, H, Ujino, S, Miyano-Kurosaki, N, Shimotohno, K, and Takaku, H

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2006. 343(3): 988-94


15. 48736 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Antifungal activity of synthetic peptide derived from halocidin, antimicrobial peptide from the tunicate, Halocynthia aurantium

Jang, Woong Sik, Kim, Hong Ki, Lee, Ki Young, Kim, Sun Am, Han, Yeon Soo, and Lee, In Hee

FEBS Letters 2006. 580(5): 1490-1496


16. 48737 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Synthesis and evaluation of antifungal activity of naphthoquinone derivatives

Errante, G, La, Motta G, Lagana, C, Wittebolle, V, Sarciron, ME, and Barret, R

Eur J Med Chem 2006.


17. 48738 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

The non-immunosuppressive cyclosporin DEBIO-025 is a potent inhibitor of hepatitis C virus replication in vitro

Paeshuyse, J, Kaul, A, De, Clercq E, Rosenwirth, B, Dumont, JM, Scalfaro, P, Bartenschlager, R, and Neyts, J

Hepatology 2006. 43(4): 761-70


18. 48739 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Emergence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with extensive resistance to second-line drugs--worldwide, 2000-2004


MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2006. 55(11): 301-305


19. 48740 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Gatifloxacin derivatives: Synthesis, antimycobacterial activities, and inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA gyrase

Sriram, D, Aubry, A, Yogeeswari, P, and Fisher, LM

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


20. 48741 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

5'-Adenosinephosphosulphate reductase (CysH) protects Mycobacterium tuberculosis against free radicals during chronic infection phase in mice

Senaratne, RH, De, Silva AD, Williams, SJ, Mougous, JD, Reader, JR, Zhang, T, Chan, S, Sidders, B, Lee, DH, Chan, J, Bertozzi, CR, and Riley, LW

Mol Microbiol 2006. 59(6): 1744-53


21. 48742 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Passive serum therapy with polyclonal antibodies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis protects against post-chemotherapy relapse of tuberculosis infection in SCID mice

Guirado, Evelyn, Amat, Isabel, Gil, Olga, Diaz, Jorge, Arcos, Virginia, Caceres, Neus, Ausina, Vicenc, and Cardona, Pere-Joan

Microbes and Infection 2006. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


22. 48743 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Call for new hepatitis C strategy

Garmaise, D

HIV AIDS Policy Law Rev 2005. 10(3): 19-20


23. 48744 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

RshA mimetic peptides inhibiting the transcription driven by a Mycobacterium tuberculosis sigma factor SigH

Jeong, Eun Hee, Son, Young Mi, Hah, Young-Sool, Choi, Yeon Jin, Lee, Kon Ho, Song, Taeksun, and Kim, Deok Ryong

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2006. 339(1): 392-398


24. 48745 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Efficacy of mangiferin against Cryptosporidium parvum in a neonatal mouse model

Perrucci, S, Fichi, G, Buggiani, C, Rossi, G, and Flamini, G

Parasitol Res 2006.

25. 48746 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Priorities in tuberculosis research

Onyebujoh, P, Rodriguez, W, and Mwaba, P

Lancet 2006. 367(9514): 940-2


26. 48747 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Turning the tide against tuberculosis

Zumla, A and Mullan, Z

Lancet 2006. 367(9514): 877-8


27. 48748 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibition of phagolysosome biogenesis and autophagy as a host defence mechanism

Deretic, V, Singh, S, Master, S, Harris, J, Roberts, E, Kyei, G, Davis, A, de, Haro S, Naylor, J, Lee, HH, and Vergne, I

Cell Microbiol 2006. 8(5): 719-27


28. 48749 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Evaluation of the anti-hepatitis C virus effects of cyclophilin inhibitors, cyclosporin A, and NIM811

Goto, Kaku, Watashi, Koichi, Murata, Takayuki, Hishiki, Takayuki, Hijikata, Makoto, and Shimotohno, Kunitada

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2006. 343(3): 879-884


29. 48750 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Antiviral therapy targeting viral polymerase

Tsai, CH, Lee, PY, Stollar, V, and Li, ML

Curr Pharm Des 2006. 12(11): 1339-55


30. 48751 OI-LS-346; PUBMED-OI-4/17/2006

Recent advances in the medical and surgical treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis

Lalloo, UG, Naidoo, R, and Ambaram, A

Curr Opin Pulm Med 2006. 12(3): 179-85


31. 48752 OI-LS-346; EMBASE-OI-4/17/2006

Novel approaches for therapy of chronic hepatitis C

Stauber, Rudolf E and Stadlbauer, Vanessa

Journal of Clinical Virology 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


32. 48753 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/9/2006

Antiviral compounds and one new iridoid glycoside from Cornus officinalis

Wang, Y, Li, ZQ, Chen, LR, and Xu, XJ

PROGRESS IN NATURAL SCIENCE 2006. 16(2): 142-146, 5


33. 48754 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/9/2006

Antibacterial drug discovery - Then, now and the genomics future

Monaghan, RL and Barrett, JF

BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2006. 71(7): 901-909, 9


34. 48755 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/9/2006

Dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors as antibacterial agents

Hawser, S, Lociuro, S, and Islam, K

BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2006. 71(7): 941-948, 8


35. 48756 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/9/2006

Use of genomics to select antibacterial targets

Pucci, MJ

BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2006. 71(7): 1066-1072, 7


36. 48757 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/16/2006

Stereoselective alpha-C-substituted synthesis of 1,4-dideoxy-1 4-imino-D-galactitols. Toward original UDP-Galf mimics via cross-metathesis

Liautard, V, Desvergnes, V, and Martin, OR

ORGANIC LETTERS 2006. 8(7): 1299-1302, 4


37. 48758 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/16/2006

In vitro properties of antimicrobial bromotyrosine alkaloids

Pick, N, Rawat, M, Arad, D, Lan, J, Fan, JF, Kende, AS, and Av-Gay, Y



38. 48759 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/16/2006

Antiviral effect of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors on viral morphogenesis and binding properties of hepatitis C virus-like particles

Chapel, C, Garcia, C, Roingeard, P, Zitzmann, N, Dubuisson, J, Dwek, RA, Trepo, C, Zoulim, F, and Durantel, D

JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY 2006. 87: 861-871, 11


39. 48760 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/16/2006

Dual inhibition of mycobacterial fatty acid biosynthesis and degradation by 2-alkynoic acids

Morbidoni, HR, Vilcheze, C, Kremer, L, Bittman, R, Sacchettini, JC, and Jacobs, WR

CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY 2006. 13(3): 297-307, 11


40. 48761 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/16/2006

Synthesis and antifungal activity of 6-hydroxycinnolines

Ryu, CK and Lee, JY



41. 48762 OI-LS-346; WOS-OI-4/16/2006

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of prephenate dehydratase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Vivan, AL, Dias, MVB, Schneider, CZ, de, Azevedo WF, Basso, LA, and Santos, DS



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