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1. 59889 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Pegylated arginine deiminase lowers hepatitis C viral titers and inhibits nitric oxide synthesis

Izzo, F, Montella, M, Orlando, AP, Nasti, G, Beneduce, G, Castello, G, Cremona, F, Ensor, CM, Holtzberg, FW, Bomalaski, JS, Clark, MA, Curley, SA, Orlando, R, Scordino, F, and Korba, BE

J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2007. 22(1): 86-91


2. 59890 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Isoniazid's Bactericidal Activity Ceases because of the Emergence of Resistance, Not Depletion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the Log Phase of Growth

Gumbo Tawanda, Louie Arnold, Liu Weiguo, Ambrose Paul G, Bhavnani Sujata M, Brown David, and Drusano George L

J Infect Dis 2006. 195(2): 194-201.

3. 59891 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Discovery of uracil-based histone deacetylase inhibitors able to reduce acquired antifungal resistance and trailing growth in Candida albicans

Mai, A, Rotili, D, Massa, S, Brosch, G, Simonetti, G, Passariello, C, and Palamara, AT

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


4. 59892 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Bioactive constituents from Turkish Pimpinella species

Tabanca, N, Bedir, E, Ferreira, D, Slade, D, Wedge, DE, Jacob, MR, Khan, SI, Kirimer, N, Baser, KH, and Khan, IA

Chem Biodivers 2005. 2(2): 221-32


5. 59893 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Bioactive deoxypreussomerins and dimeric naphthoquinones from Diospyros ehretioides fruits: deoxypreussomerins may not be plant metabolites but may be from fungal epiphytes or endophytes

Prajoubklang, A, Sirithunyalug, B, Charoenchai, P, Suvannakad, R, Sriubolmas, N, Piyamongkol, S, Kongsaeree, P, and Kittakoop, P

Chem Biodivers 2005. 2(10): 1358-67


6. 59894 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Talosins A and B: new isoflavonol glycosides with potent antifungal activity from Kitasatospora kifunensis MJM341. I. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation, and biological activities

Yoon, TM, Kim, JW, Kim, JG, Kim, WG, and Suh, JW

J Antibiot (Tokyo) 2006. 59(10): 633-9


7. 59895 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Growth of Mycobacterium avium subps. paratuberculosis in the presence of hexadecylpyridinium chloride, natamycin, and vancomycin

Johansen, Kristine A, Hugen, Erin E, and Payeur, Janet B

Journal of Food Protection 2006. 69(4): 878-883

8. 59896 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Viral Gene Expression in HIV Transgenic Mice Is Activated by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Suppressed after Antimycobacterial Chemotherapy

Scanga, CA, Bafica, A, and Sher, A

J Infect Dis 2007. 195(2): 246-54


9. 59897 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Antimicrobial activity of diterpenoids from hairy roots of Salvia sclarea L.: Salvipisone as a potential anti-biofilm agent active against antibiotic resistant Staphylococci

Kuzma, L, Rozalski, M, Walencka, E, Rozalska, B, and Wysokinska, H

Phytomedicine 2007. 14(1): 31-5


10. 59898 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Synthesis and biological evaluation of thiazolidine-2-one 1,1-dioxide as inhibitors of Escherichia coli beta-ketoacyl-ACP-synthase III (FabH)

Alhamadsheh, MM, Waters, NC, Huddler, DP, Kreishman-Deitrick, M, Florova, G, and Reynolds, KA

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


11. 59899 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Aspergillus fumigatus does not require fatty acid metabolism via isocitrate lyase for development of invasive aspergillosis

Schobel, F, Ibrahim-Granet, O, Ave, P, Latge, JP, Brakhage, AA, and Brock, M

Infect Immun 2006.


12. 59900 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Diterpenoid alkaloids from some Turkish Consolida species and their antiviral activities

Sener, Bilge, Orhan, Ilkay, and Ozcelik, Berrin

ARKIVOC (Gainesville, FL, United States) 2007.(7): 265-272

13. 59901 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Antiprotozoal and antimicrobial activities of O-alkylated and formylated acylphloroglucinols

Bharate, Sandip B, Khan, Shabana I, Yunus, Nafees AM, Chauthe, Siddheshwar K, Jacob, Melissa R, Tekwani, Babu L, Khan, Ikhlas A, and Singh, Inder Pal

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2007. 15(1): 87-96

14. 59902 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Anethole, a potential antimicrobial synergist, converts a fungistatic dodecanol to a fungicidal agent

Fujita Ken-Ichi, Fujita Tomoko, and Kubo Isao

Phytother Res 2006. 21(1): 47-51.

15. 59903 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

X-Ray Crystal Structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis beta-Ketoacyl Acyl Carrier Protein Synthase II (mtKasB)

Sridharan, S, Wang, L, Brown, AK, Dover, LG, Kremer, L, Besra, GS, and Sacchettini, JC

J Mol Biol 2006.


16. 59904 OI-LS-365; PUBMED-OI-1/8/2007

Annexin 2-mediated enhancement of cytomegalovirus infection opposes inhibition by annexin 1 or annexin 5

Derry, MC, Sutherland, MR, Restall, CM, Waisman, DM, and Pryzdial, EL

J Gen Virol 2007. 88(Pt 1): 19-27


17. 59905 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Antifungal activity of ozonized olive oil (Oleozone)

Geweely, Neveen SI

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 2006. 8(5): 670-675

18. 59906 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

In vitro and in vivo activities of HQQ-3, a new triazole antifungal agent

Zhao, Jing-Xia, Cao, Ying-Ying, Quan, Hua, Liu, Chao-Mei, He, Qiu-Qing, Wu, Qiu-Ye, Gao, Ping-Hui, Cao, Yong-Bing, Liu, Wen-Xia, and Jiang, Yuan-Ying

Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 2006. 29(10): 2031-2034

19. 59907 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the methanolic extracts of three Salvia species from Tunisia

Salah, Karima Bel Hadj, Ali Mahjoub, Mohamed, Ammar, Samia, Michel, Laura, Millet-Clerc, Joelle, Chaumont, Jean Pierre, Mighri, Zine, and Aouni, Mahjoub

Natural Product Research, Part A: Structure and Synthesis 2006. 20(12): 1110-1120

20. 59908 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-12/31/2006

Antifungal property and phytochemical screening of the crude extracts of Funtumia elastica and Mallotus oppositifolius

Adekunle, AA and Ikumapayi, AM

WEST INDIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL 2006. 55(4): 219-223, 5


21. 59909 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Synthesis, structure and biological activity of cobalt(II) and copper(II) complexes of valine-derived Schiff bases

Lv, Jian, Liu, Tingting, Cai, Sulan, Wang, Xin, Liu, Lei, and Wang, Yongmei

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 2006. 100(11): 1888-1896

22. 59910 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Table Olives from Portugal: Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Potential, and Antimicrobial Activity

Pereira, Jose Alberto, Pereira, Ana PG, Ferreira, Isabel CFR, Valentao, Patricia, Andrade, Paula B, Seabra, Rosa, Estevinho, Leticia, and Bento, Albino

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2006. 54(22): 8425-8431

23. 59911 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

2,6-hexadecadiynoic acid and 2,6-nonadecadiynoic acid: novel synthesized acetylenic fatty acids as potent antifungal agents

Carballeira Nestor M, Sanabria David, Cruz Clarisa, Parang Keykavous, Wan Baojie, and Franzblau Scott

Lipids 2006. 41 (5): 507-11.

24. 59912 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-12/31/2006

Gene essentiality in Aspergillus fumigatus

Turner, G, Allen, GJ, Keszenman-Pereyra, D, and Bromley, MJ

MEDICAL MYCOLOGY 2006. 44: S87-S90, 4


25. 59913 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-12/31/2006

Synthesis and selective antitubercular and antimicrobial inhibitory activity of 1-acetyl-3,5-diphenyl-4,5-dihydro-(1H)-pyrazole derivatives

Chovatia, PT, Akabari, JD, Kachhadia, PK, Zalavadia, PD, and Joshi, HS



26. 59914 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Discontinued drugs in 2005: anti-infectives

Georgopapadakou, Nafsika

Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs 2007. 16(1): 1-10

27. 59915 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-12/31/2006

Synthesis of 2,6-diamino-5-[(2-substituted phenylamino)ethyl]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one as inhibitors of folate metabolizing enzymes [1a,b]

Gangjee, A, Wang, Y, Queener, SF, and Kisliuk, RL



28. 59916 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Microsporidiosis: current status

Didier Elizabeth S and Weiss Louis M

Curr Opin Infect Dis 2006. 19(5): 485-92.

29. 59917 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-12/31/2006

Antituberculotic and antiprotozoal activities of primin, a natural benzoquinone: In vitro and in vivo studies

Tasdemir, D, Brun, R, Yardley, V, Franzblau, SG, and Ruedi, P

CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY 2006. 3(11): 1230-1237, 8


30. 59918 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Identification and comparative analysis of sixteen fungal peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase repertoires

Pemberton, Trevor J

BMC Genomics 2006. 7: No pp. given

31. 59919 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-12/31/2006

In vitro antifungal activity of the fourth generation fluoroquinolones against Candida isolates from human ocular infections

Ozdek, SC, Miller, D, Flynn, PM, and Flynn, HW



32. 59920 OI-LS-365; SCIFINDER-OI-1/2/2007

Synthesis and antifungal activity of 1H-indole-4,7-diones

Ryu Chung-Kyu, Lee Jung Yoon, Park Rae-Eun, Ma Mi-Young, and Nho Ji-Hee

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006. 17(1): 127-31.

33. 59921 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Rapid and low-cost colorimetric method using 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride for detection of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mohammadzadeh, A, Farnia, P, Ghazvini, K, Behdani, M, Rashed, T, and Ghanaat, J

JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY 2006. 55(12): 1657-1659, 3


34. 59922 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and activators and their use in therapy

Scozzafava, A, Mastrolorenzo, A, and Supuran, CT



35. 59923 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

New achievements in hepatitis C virus research and their implications for antiviral therapy

Bartenschlager, R

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2006. 11(5): P3-1


36. 59924 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Selection and characterization of hepatitis C virus replicon variants dually resistant to thumb and palm binding non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors

Le Pogam, S, Kang, H, Harris, SF, Leveque, V, Giannetti, AM, Ali, S, Jiang, WR, Rajyaguru, S, Tavares, G, Oshiro, C, Hendricks, T, Klumpp, K, Symons, J, Browner, MF, Cammack, N, and Najera, I

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2006. 11(5): S5-1


37. 59925 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Treatment of Cryptosporidium parvum gut infection with nitazoxanide prevents long term ileal hypersensitivity in immunocompetent rats

Baishanbo, A, Marion, R, Gargala, G, Francois, A, Ducrotte, P, Fioramonti, J, Ballet, JJ, and Favennec, L



38. 59926 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Selection and characterization of mutations conferring resistance to a HCV RNA dependent RNA polymerase inhibitor in vitro

Molla, A, Lu, L, Krishnan, P, Pithawalla, R, Dekhtyar, T, Ng, T, He, W, Pilot-Matias, T, Jiang, W, Liu, Y, Koev, G, Stewart, K, Larson, D, Bosse, T, Kati, W, Wagner, R, Kempf, D, and Mo, H

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2006. 11(5): S6-1


39. 59927 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Robust suppression of viral replication in HCV infected chimpanzees by a nucleoside inhibitor of the NS5B polymerase

Olsen, DB, Carroll, SS, Davies, ME, Handt, L, Koeplinger, K, Zhang, R, Ludmerer, S, MacCoss, M, and Hazuda, DJ

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2006. 11(5): S7-1


40. 59928 OI-LS-365; WOS-OI-1/8/2007

Development of a rapid phenotypic susceptibility assay for HCV polymerase inhibitors

Penuel, E, Han, D, Favero, K, Lam, E, Liu, Y, and Parkin, NT

ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2006. 11(5): S12-1


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