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1. 62092 OI-LS-386; PUBMED-OI-11/26/2007

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some novel nucleoside analogues of adenosine and 1,3-dideazaadenosine

Srivastava R, Bhargava A, and Singh RK

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2007. 17(22): 6239-44

2. 62098 OI-LS-386; WOS-IO-11/26/2007

Efficient Synthesis of Iminoctadine, a Potent Antifungal Agent and Polyamine Oxidase Inhibitor (Pao)

Raff, F., Corelli, F., and Botta, M.

Synthesis-Stuttgart 2007.(19): 3013-3016

3. 62119 OI-LS-386; SCIFINDER-OI-11/21/2007

Preparation of antimycotic and antimycobacterial thiosalicylanilides

Kubicovai, Lenka, Sedlaik, Miloai, Aaustr, Martin, Pravda, Martin, Chobot, Vladima R, Skaila, Pavel, Buchta, Vladima R, Machaiaiek, Miloai, and Waisser, Karel

PATENT: CZ 297581 ISSUE DATE: 20070110

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 27pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Universita Karlova V Praze, Farmaceutickai Fakulta V Hradci Krailova Czech Rep. and Universita Pardubice, Fakulta Chemicko-Technologickai

4. 62148 OI-LS-386; SCIFINDER-OI-11/21/2007

Medical fungicides containing 3-[(di- or tetrahydro)isoquinolin-1-yl]quinolines

Ito, Hiroyuki and Tamagawa, Yasushi

PATENT: JP 2007269686 ISSUE DATE: 20071018

APPLICATION: 2006-31294 PP: 54pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Sankyo Agro Co., Ltd. Japan

5. 62155 OI-LS-386; SCIFINDER-OI-11/21/2007

Preparation of indoloquinolines and related compounds as antifungals and parasiticides

Ablordeppey, Seth Y

PATENT: US 2007232640 ISSUE DATE: 20071004

APPLICATION: 2006 PP: 14pp.


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