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Other Viruses Citation List: July 8, 2009 - July 21, 2009

ISI Web of Knowledge Citations:

1. Statins Potentiate the In Vitro Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Activity of Selective Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitors and Delay or Prevent Resistance Development.

Delang L, Paeshuyse J, Vliegen I, et al.

HEPATOLOGY Volume: 50 Issue: 1 Pages: 6-16 Published: JUL 2009

2. PCSK9 Impedes Hepatitis C Virus Infection In Vitro and Modulates Liver CD81 Expression

Labonte P, Begley S, Guevin C, et al.

HEPATOLOGY Volume: 50 Issue: 1 Pages: 17-24 Published: JUL 2009

3. Evaluation of Chikusetsusaponin IVa isolated from Alternanthera philoxeroides for Its Potency Against Viral Replication

Rattanathongkom A, Lee JB, Hayashi K, et al.

PLANTA MEDICA Volume: 75 Issue: 8 Pages: 829-835 Published: JUN 2009

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