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Other Viruses Citation List:

November 24 - December 09, 2010

Human Cytomegalovirus

1.Anti-Cytomegalovirus Activity of Sulfated Glucans Generated from a Commercial Preparation of Rice Bran. Ghosh, T., S. Auerochs, S. Saha, B. Ray, and M. Marschall. Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy, 2010. 21(2): p. 85-95; PMID[21107017].

[Pubmed]. OV_1124-120910.

Herpes simplex virus

2. Novel Antiviral C5-Substituted Pyrimidine Acyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates Selected as Human Thymidylate Kinase Substrates. Topalis, D., U. Pradere, V. Roy, C. Caillat, A. Azzouzi, J. Broggi, R. Snoeck, G. Andrei, J. Lin, S. Eriksson, J.A. Alexandre, C. El-Amri, D. Deville-Bonne, P. Meyer, J. Balzarini, and L.A. Agrofoglio. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2010. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[21128666].

[Pubmed]. OV_1124-120910.

Hepatitis B virus

3. Helioxanthin Analogue 8-1 Inhibits Duck Hepatitis B Virus Replication in Cell Culture. Ying, C., S. Tan, and Y.C. Cheng. Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy, 2010. 21(2): p. 97-103; PMID[21107018].

[Pubmed]. OV_1124-120910.

Hepatitis C virus

4. Molecular Modeling Based Approach, Synthesis and in Vitro Assay to New Indole Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Ns3/4a Serine Protease. Ismail, N.S. and M. Hattori. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2010. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[21138791].

[Pubmed]. OV_1124-120910.

5. Alkylated Porphyrins Have Broad Antiviral Activity against Hepadnaviuses, Flaviviruses, Filoviruses and Arenaviruses. Guo, H., X. Pan, R. Mao, X. Zhang, L. Wang, X. Lu, J. Chang, J.T. Guo, S. Passic, F.C. Krebs, B. Wigdahl, T.K. Warren, C.J. Retterer, S. Bavari, X. Xu, A. Cuconati, and T.M. Block. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2010. [Epub ahead of print]; PMID[21135183].

[Pubmed]. OV_1124-120910.

6. Biliverdin Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus Nonstructural 3/4a Protease Activity: Mechanism for the Antiviral Effects of Heme Oxygenase? Zhu, Z., A.T. Wilson, B.A. Luxon, K.E. Brown, M.M. Mathahs, S. Bandyopadhyay, A.P. McCaffrey, and W.N. Schmidt. Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), 2010. 52(6): p. 1897-905; PMID[21105106].

[Pubmed]. OV_1124-120910.

Citations from the ISI Web of Knowledge Listings for O.I.

7. Importance of Ligand Bioactive Conformation in the Discovery of Potent Indole-Diamide Inhibitors of the Hepatitis C Virus Ns5b. LaPlante, S.R., J.R. Gillard, A. Jakalian, N. Aubry, R. Coulombe, C. Brochu, Y.S. Tsantrizos, M. Poirier, G. Kukolj, and P.L. Beaulieu. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010. 132(43): p. 15204-15212; ISI[000283621700032].

[WOS]. OV_1124-120910.

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