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Other Viruses Citation List: July 3 - July 16, 2015

Hepatitis B Virus

1. Anti-Hepatitis B Virus Activities of Friedelolactones from Viola diffusa Ging. Dai, J.J., H.M. Tao, Q.X. Min, and Q.H. Zhu. Phytomedicine : International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology, 2015. 22(7-8): p. 724-729. PMID[26141758].

[PubMed]. OV_0703-071615.

2. The Novel Compound Z060228 Inhibits Assembly of the HBV Capsid. Guan, H., G. Zhao, W. Chen, G. Wu, H. Liu, X. Jiang, S. Li, and L.L. Wang. Life Sciences, 2015. 133: p. 1-7. PMID[25921762].

[PubMed]. OV_0703-071615.

3. Hepatitis B Virus Peptide Inhibitors: Solution Structures and Interactions with the Viral Capsid. Muhamad, A., K.L. Ho, M.B. Abdul Rahman, B.A. Tejo, D. Uhrin, and W.S. Tan. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015. 13(28): p. 7780-7789. PMID[26100394].

[PubMed]. OV_0703-071615.

Citations from the ISI Web of Knowledge Listings for O.V.

4. Host APOBEC3G Protein Inhibits HCV Replication through Direct Binding at NS3. Zhu, Y.P., Z.G. Peng, Z.Y. Wu, J.R. Li, M.H. Huang, S.Y. Si, and J.D. Jiang. Plos One, 2015. 10(3): e0121608. ISI[000356353700121].

[WOS]. OV_0703-071615.

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