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1. 57993 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Isonucleosides With 1,2,4-Triazole-3-Carboxamide

Kim, M., Chung, S., and Chun, M.

Synthetic Communications 2005. 35(20): 2653-2663


2. 57994 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Viral vectors for use in the development of biodefense vaccines

Lee, John S, Hadjipanayis, Angela G, and Parker, Michael D

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2005. 57(9): 1293-1314


3. 57995 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Mouse Adenovirus Type 1 Infection in Scid Mice: an Experimental Model for Antiviral Therapy of Systemic Adenovirus Infections

Lenaerts, L. et al.

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2005. 49(11): 4689-4699


4. 57996 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis, Conformation and Antiviral Activity of Nucleoside Analogues With the (2-Hydroxy-1-Phenylethoxy) Methyl Glycone - a Family of Nucleoside Analogues Related to D4t and Aciclovir

Ewing, D. et al.

New Journal of Chemistry 2005. 29(11): 1461-1468


5. 57997 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Galactans from cystocarpic plants of the red seaweed Callophyllis variegata (Kallymeniaceae, Gigartinales)

Rodriguez, MC, Merino, ER, Pujol, CA, Damonte, EB, Cerezo, AS, and Matulewicz, MC

Carbohydr Res 2005.


6. 57998 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A Highly Efficient, Asymmetric Synthesis of Benzothiadiazine-Substituted Tetramic Acids: Potent Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase

Fitch, DM, Evans, KA, Chai, D, and Duffy, KJ

Org Lett 2005. 7(24): 5521-5524


7. 57999 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Reemergence of Monkeypox: Prevalence, Diagnostics, and Countermeasures

Nalca, A, Rimoin, AW, Bavari, S, and Whitehouse, CA

Clin Infect Dis 2005. 41(12): 1765-1771


8. 58000 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

Wong, SS and Yuen, K

J Neurovirol 2005. 11(5): 455-468


9. 58001 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral effect of the heparan sulfate mimetic, PI-88, against dengue and encephalitic flaviviruses

Lee, Eva, Pavy, Megan, Young, Nicolie, Freeman, Craig, and Lobigs, Mario

Antiviral Research 2005. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


10. 58002 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Human papillomaviruses: basic mechanisms of pathogenesis and oncogenicity

Hebner, CM and Laimins, LA

Rev Med Virol 2005.


11. 58003 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral prodrugs - the development of successful prodrug strategies for antiviral chemotherapy

De Clercq, E and Field, HJ

Br J Pharmacol 2005.


12. 58004 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

New Antiviral Agents for Chronic Hepatitis B

Lai, C.

Antiviral Therapy 2004. 9(6): H9-H10


13. 58005 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Development of an improved microneutralization assay for respiratory syncytial virus by automated plaque counting using imaging analysis

Zielinska, E, Liu, D, Wu, HY, Quiroz, J, Rappaport, R, and Yang, DP

Virol J 2005. 2(1): 84


14. 58006 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral therapeutic efficacy of foscarnet in hepatitis B virus infection

Han, YX, Xue, R, Zhao, W, Zhou, ZX, Li, JN, Chen, HS, Chen, XH, Wang, YL, Li, YH, Wu, YW, You, XF, Zhao, LX, and Jiang, JD

Antiviral Res 2005.


15. 58007 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A cyclic PNA-based compound targeting domain IV of HCV IRES RNA inhibits in vitro IRES-dependent translation

Caldarelli, Sergio A, Mehiri, Mohamed, Giorgio, Audrey Di, Martin, Amaury, Hantz, Olivier, Zoulim, Fabien, Terreux, Raphael, Condom, Roger, and Patino, Nadia

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 13(20): 5700-5709


16. 58008 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A novel inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus isolated from ethnobotanicals

Ojwang, JO, Wang, YH, Wyde, PR, Fischer, NH, Schuehly, W, Appleman, JR, Hinds, S, and Shimasaki, CD

Antiviral Res 2005.


17. 58009 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A Randomized Trial of Pegylated Interferon alpha-2b Plus Ribavirin in the Retreatment of Chronic Hepatitis C

Jacobson, IM, Gonzalez, SA, Ahmed, F, Lebovics, E, Min, AD, Bodenheimer, HC, Esposito, SP, Brown, RS, Brau, N, Klion, FM, Tobias, H, Bini, EJ, Brodsky, N, Cerulli, MA, Aytaman, A, Gardner, PW, Geders, JM, Spivack, JE, Rahmin, MG, Berman, DH, Ehrlich, J, Russo, MW, Chait, M, Rovner, D, and Edlin, BR

Am J Gastroenterol 2005. 100(11): 2453-2462


18. 58010 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral agents for influenza: a comparison of cost-effectiveness data

Lynd, LD, Goeree, R, and O'brien, BJ

Pharmacoeconomics 2005. 23(11): 1083-106


19. 58011 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and antiviral activity of novel anomeric branched carbocyclic nucleosides

Kim, A and Hong, JH

Arch Pharm Res 2005. 28(10): 1105-1110


20. 58012 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Viral and Cellular Rna Helicases as Antiviral Targets

Kwong, A., Rao, B., and Jeang, K.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 2005. 4(10): 845-853


21. 58013 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Rational development of beta -peptide inhibitors of human cytomegalovirus entry

English, EP, Chumanov, RS, Gellman, SH, and Compton, T

J Biol Chem 2005.


22. 58014 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and antiviral activity of 7-deazaneplanocin A against orthopoxviruses (vaccinia and cowpox virus)

Arumugham, B, Kim, HJ, Prichard, MN, Kern, ER, and Chu, CK

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


23. 58015 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Design and synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-1H-[1]-benzothieno[2,3-c]pyran and 3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrano[3,4-b]benzofuran derivatives as non-nucleoside inhibitors of HCV NS5B RNA dependent RNA polymerase

Gopalsamy, A, Aplasca, A, Ciszewski, G, Park, K, Ellingboe, JW, Orlowski, M, Feld, B, and Howe, AY

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


24. 58016 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A phase I trial of an antisense inhibitor of hepatitis c virus (ISIS 14803), administered to chronic Hepatitis C patients

McHutchison, JG, Patel, K, Pockros, P, Nyberg, L, Pianko, S, Yu, RZ, Andrew Dorr, F, and Jesse, Kwoh T

J Hepatol 2005.


25. 58017 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Sensitivity of Various Influenza Virus Strains to Arbidol. Influence of Arbidol Combination With Different Antiviral Drugs on Reproduction of Influenza Virus a

Leneva, I. et al.

Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 2005. 77(8): 84-88


26. 58018 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Detection of anti-hepatitis C virus effects of interferon and ribavirin by a sensitive replicon system

Kato, T, Date, T, Miyamoto, M, Sugiyama, M, Tanaka, Y, Orito, E, Ohno, T, Sugihara, K, Hasegawa, I, Fujiwara, K, Ito, K, Ozasa, A, Mizokami, M, and Wakita, T

J Clin Microbiol 2005. 43(11): 5679-5684


27. 58019 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Drug insight: Nucleoside and nucleotide analog inhibitors for hepatitis B

Fung, SK and Lok, AS

Nat Clin Pract Gastroenterol Hepatol 2004. 1(2): 90-97


28. 58020 DMID-LS-106; WOS-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis of Phosphonate Analogues of the Antiviral Cyclopropane Nucleoside a-5021

Onishi, T., Sekiyama, T., and Tsuji, T.

Nucleosides Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(8): 1187-1197


29. 58021 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Detection of amantadine-resistant variants among avian influenza viruses isolated in North America and Asia

Ilyushina, Natalia A, Govorkova, Elena A, and Webster, Robert G

Virology 2005. 341(1): 102-106


30. 58022 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Sensitivity of influenza viruses to zanamivir and oseltamivir: A study performed on viruses circulating in France prior to the introduction of neuraminidase inhibitors in clinical practice

Ferraris, O, Kessler, N, and Lina, B

Antiviral Research 2005. 68(1): 43-48


31. 58023 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Organotypic epithelial raft cultures as a model for evaluating compounds against alphaherpesviruses

Andrei, G, van den Oord, J, Fiten, P, Opdenakker, G, De Wolf-Peeters, C, De Clercq, E, and Snoeck, R

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(11): 4671-4680


32. 58024 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Susceptibilities of antiviral-resistant influenza viruses to novel neuraminidase inhibitors

Mishin, VP, Hayden, FG, and Gubareva, LV

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(11): 4515-4520


33. 58025 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Nutritional and therapeutic potential of Spirulina

Khan, Z, Bhadouria, P, and Bisen, PS

Curr Pharm Biotechnol 2005. 6(5): 373-379


34. 58026 DMID-LS-106; PUBMED-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The journey towards elucidating the anti-HCMV activity of alkylated bicyclic furano pyrimidines

Kelleher, MR, McGuigan, C, Bidet, O, Carangio, A, Weldon, H, Andrei, G, Snoeck, R, De Clercq, E, and Balzarini, J

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2005. 24(5-7): 643-645


35. 58027 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-SARS-CoV immunity induced by a novel CpG oligodeoxynucleotide

Bao, Musheng, Zhang, Yi, Wan, Min, Dai, Li, Hu, Xiaoping, Wu, Xiuli, Wang, Li, Deng, Ping, Wang, Junzhi, and Chen, Jianzhu

Clinical Immunology 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


36. 58028 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Crystal Structures of the Main Peptidase from the SARS Coronavirus Inhibited by a Substrate-like Aza-peptide Epoxide

Lee, Ting-Wai, Cherney, Maia M, Huitema, Carly, Liu, Jie, James, Karen Ellis, Powers, James C, Eltis, Lindsay D, and James, Michael NG

Journal of Molecular Biology 2005. 353(5): 1137-1151


37. 58029 DMID-LS-106; EMBASE-DMID-11/21/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Why are HIV-1 fusion inhibitors not effective against SARS-CoV? Biophysical evaluation of molecular interactions

Veiga, Salome, Yuan, Yunyun, Li, Xuqin, Santos, Nuno C, Liu, Gang, and Castanho, Miguel ARB

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


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