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1. 58030 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-viral pharmaceutical compositions

Chen, Andrew Xian

PATENT: WO 2005074947 ISSUE DATE: 20050818

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 46 pp.


2. 58031 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and in vitro anti-hepatitis B virus activities of some ethyl 5-hydroxy-1H-indole-3-carboxylates

Zhao, C, Zhao, Y, Chai, H, and Gong, P

Bioorg Med Chem 2005.


3. 58032 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-influenza virus activity of peramivir in mice with single intramuscular injection

Bantia, S, Arnold, CS, Parker, CD, Upshaw, R, and Chand, P

Antiviral Res 2005.


4. 58033 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Emtricitabine, a new antiretroviral agent with activity against HIV and hepatitis B virus

Saag, MS

Clin Infect Dis 2006. 42(1): 126-31


5. 58034 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

In Vitro Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Antiviral Medicinal Plants Using a Vector-Based Assay Technique

Esimone, C. et al.

Journal of Applied Microbiology 2005. 99(6): 1346-1355


6. 58035 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and anti-HSV-1 activity of quinolonic acyclovir analogues

Lucero, BD, Gomes, CR, Frugulhetti, IC, Faro, LV, Alvarenga, L, de, Souza MC, de, Souza TM, and Ferreira, VF

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005.


7. 58036 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Apobec3b Is the Predominantly Expressed Apobec3 Editing Enzyme in Human Hepatocytes and a Strong Inhibitor of Hepatitis B Virus Replication

Bonvin, M., Achermann, F., and Greeve, J.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 233A


8. 58037 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-Viral Activity of Sch 503034, a Hcv Protease Inhibitor, Administered as Monotherapy in Hepatitis C Genotype-1 (Hcv-1) Patients Refractory to Pegylated Interferon (Peg-Ifn-Alpha)

Zeuzem, S. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 233A-234A


9. 58038 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The novel nucleoside analog R1479, 4'-azidocytidine, is a potent inhibitor of NS5B dependent RNA synthesis and HCV replication in cell culture

Klumpp, K, Leveque, V, Le Pogam, S, Ma, H, Jiang, WR, Kang, H, Granycome, C, Singer, M, Laxton, C, Hang, JQ, Sarma, K, Smith, DB, Heindl, D, Hobbs, CJ, Merrett, JH, Symons, J, Cammack, N, Martin, JA, Devos, R, and Najera, I

J Biol Chem 2005.


10. 58039 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Final Results of a Phase 1b, Multiple-Dose Study of Vx-950, a Hepatitis C Virus Protease Inhibitor

Reesink, H. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 234A-235A


11. 58040 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of coxsackie B virus infection by soluble forms of its receptors: Binding affinities, altered particle formation, and competition with cellular receptors

Goodfellow, Ian G, Evans, David J, Blom, Anna M, Kerrigan, Dave, Miners, JScott, Morgan, BPaul, and Spiller, OBrad

Journal of Virology 2005. 79(18): 12016-12024

12. 58041 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Entry Inhibitor Gns 037 Exhibits Potent Anti-Hcv Activity in Vitro

Halfon, P. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 236A


13. 58042 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Design and characterization of human respiratory syncytial virus entry inhibitors

Ni, L, Zhao, L, Qian, Y, Zhu, J, Jin, Z, Chen, YW, Tien, P, and Gao, GF

Antivir Ther 2005. 10(7): 833-40


14. 58043 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-virals for Influenza Virus Infection

Sugaya, N

Uirusu 2005. 55 (1): 111-4


15. 58044 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Sch 503034, a Mechanism-Based Inhibitor of Hepatitis C Virus (Hcv) Ns3 Protease Suppresses Polyprotein Maturation and Enhances the Antiviral Activity of Interferona-211 (Inf)

Malcolm, B. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 535A-536A


16. 58045 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

SARS: Understanding the Virus and Development of Rational Therapy

Stadler, K and Rappuoli, R

Curr Mol Med 2005. 5(7): 677-97


17. 58046 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Hcv Replication Is Inhibited by Cyclosporin a, Mycophenolic Acid and Ifn-Alpha in a Synergistic Fashion and With Distinct Antiviral Kinetics

Henry, S. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 536A


18. 58047 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Potent Antiviral Activity of North-Methanocarbathymidine against Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus

Zhu, W, Burnette, A, Dorjsuren, D, Roberts, PE, Huleihel, M, Shoemaker, RH, Marquez, VE, Agbaria, R, and Sei, S

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(12): 4965-73


19. 58048 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Itmn a and B, Novel Inhibitors of the Hcvns3/4 Protease Retain Their Potency Against Vx-950 and Biln-2016 Resistant Ns3/4 Protease Mutants and an Ifn-a-2a Resistant Hcv Replicon

Seiwert, S. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 537A-538A


20. 58049 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Biphenylsulfonacetic Acid inhibitors of the human papillomavirus type 6 e1 helicase inhibit ATP hydrolysis by an allosteric mechanism involving tyrosine 486

White, PW, Faucher, AM, Massariol, MJ, Welchner, E, Rancourt, J, Cartier, M, and Archambault, J

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(12): 4834-42


21. 58050 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

In Vivo Inhibition of Hepadnavirus Infection by Acylated Pre-S Peptides in the Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator (Upa) Mouse Model

Petersen, J. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 584A


22. 58051 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The Novel Nucleoside Analog R1479 Is a Potent Inhibitor of Hcv Polymerase and Hcv Replication in Cell Culture

Klumpp, K. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 656A


23. 58052 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of hepatitis B virus replication by various RNAi constructs and their pharmacodynamic properties

Peng, J, Zhao, Y, Mai, J, Pang, WK, Wei, X, Zhang, P, and Xu, Y

J Gen Virol 2005. 86(Pt 12): 3227-34


24. 58053 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Hcv Resistance to Antiviral Agents

Migliaccio, G.

Antiviral Therapy 2005. 10: 4


25. 58054 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral activity of engystol((r)): an in vitro analysis

Oberbaum, M, Glatthaar-Saalmuller, B, Stolt, P, and Weiser, M

J Altern Complement Med 2005. 11(5): 855-62


26. 58055 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Structure-activity relationships of dengue antiviral polycyclic quinones

Laurent, D, Baumann, F, Benoit, AG, Mortelecqe, A, Nitatpattana, N, Desvignes, I, Debitus, C, Laille, M, Gonzalez, JP, and Chungue, E

Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health 2005. 36(4): 901-5


27. 58056 DMID-LS-107; PUBMED-DMID-12/6/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Treating HCV with ribavirin analogues and ribavirin-like molecules

Gish, RG

J Antimicrob Chemother 2005.


28. 58057 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Homo-oligomerization of Marburgvirus VP35 is essential for its function in replication and transcription

Moeller, Peggy, Pariente, Nonia, Klenk, Hans-Dieter, and Becker, Stephan

Journal of Virology 2005. 79(23): 14876-14886

29. 58058 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of peptidomimetic compounds as HCV NS3 serine protease inhibitors

Rosenquist, Asa, Thorstensson, Fredrik, Johansson, Per-Ola, Kvarnstroem, Ingemar, Ayesa, Susana, Classon, Bjoern, Rakos, Lazlo, and Samuelsson, Bertil

PATENT: WO 2005073216 ISSUE DATE: 20050811

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 179 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Medivir AB, Swed.

30. 58059 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Novel antiviral helioxanthin analogs

Yeo, Hosup, Austin, David J, Li, Ling, and Cheng, Yung-Chi

PATENT: WO 2005107742 ISSUE DATE: 20051117

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 90 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Yale University, USA

31. 58060 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of morpholinylanilino quinazoline derivatives for use as antiviral agents

Spencer, Keith, Dennison, Helena, Matthews, Neil, Barnes, Michael, and Chana, Surinder

PATENT: WO 2005105761 ISSUE DATE: 20051110

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 55 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Arrow Therapeutics Limited, UK

32. 58061 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Immunophenotyping Profile of Cpg 10101, a New Tlr9 Agonist Antiviral for Hepatitis C

Mchutchinson, J. et al.

Hepatology 2005. 42(4): 539A-540A


33. 58062 DMID-LS-107; WOS-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis of Novel 4 'alpha-Phenyl and 5 'alpha-Methyl Branched Carbocyclic Nucleosides

Oh, C. and Hong, J.

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2005. 26(10): 1520-1524


34. 58063 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Cytomegalovirus disintegrin-like peptides

Compton, Teresa and Feire, Adam Lloyd

PATENT: US 20050260199 ISSUE DATE: 20051124

APPLICATION: 2005-62065 PP: 45 pp.


35. 58064 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of purine derivatives as antiviral agents

Wang, Xuechao, Liu, Zhongrong, Li, Bogang, Wu, Fengwei, Zhong, Chaobin, He, Min, and Huang, Yu

PATENT: CN 1566118 ISSUE DATE: 20050119

APPLICATION: 2003-4232 PP: 15 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Chengdu Diao Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Peop. Rep. China

36. 58065 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-herpes virus type 1 activity of oleanane-type triterpenoids

Ikeda, Tsuyoshi, Yokomizo, Kazumi, Okawa, Masafumi, Tsuchihashi, Ryota, Kinjo, Junei, Nohara, Toshihiro, and Uyeda, Masaru

Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 2005. 28(9): 1779-1781

37. 58066 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral composition comprising p-menthane-3,8-diol

Clarke, Paul Douglas

PATENT: WO 2005087209 ISSUE DATE: 20050922

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 37 pp.


38. 58067 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Design and Characterization of Viral Polypeptide Inhibitors Targeting Newcastle Disease Virus Fusion

Zhu, Jieqing, Jiang, Xiuli, Liu, Yueyong, Tien, Po, and Gao, George F

Journal of Molecular Biology 2005. 354(3): 601-613

39. 58068 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Orally active lipid esters of antiviral nucleoside phosphonates

Hostetler, Karl Y and Beadle, James R

Collection Symposium Series 2005. 7(Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Components): 95-103

40. 58069 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The anti-SARS-CoV effects of remedial horse anti-SARS-CoV immunoglobulins

Zhao, Guangyu, Ji, Xiaoguang, Shi, Xinfu, Liu, Jianyuan, Li, Yan, Zhang, Shumin, Wang, Junzhi, Zhang, Liangyan, Zhang, Songle, and Wang, Xiliang

Zhonghua Weishengwuxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 2005. 25(2): 121-123

41. 58070 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-SARS coronavirus agents containing flavonols or grape extract and their use as foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment

Tokutake, Masakazu, Katayama, Hiroshi, Yoshinaga, Yoshiyuki, and Yamamoto, Naoki

PATENT: JP 2005314316 ISSUE DATE: 20051110

APPLICATION: 2004-4390 PP: 12 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Kikkoman Corp., Japan

42. 58071 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Sequences of SARS coronavirus nucleocapsid protein epitopes and uses in diagnosis and antiviral therapy

Kelvin, David, Persad, Desmond, Cameron, Cheryl, Bray, Kurtis R, Lofaro, Lori R, Johnson, Camille, Sekaly, Rafick-Pierre, Younes, Souheil-Antoine, and Chong, Pele

PATENT: WO 2005103259 ISSUE DATE: 20051103

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 314 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (University Health Network, Can., Beckman Coulter, Inc., Universite De Montreal, and National Health Research Institutes)

43. 58072 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Polypeptide drug for inhibiting SARS coronavirus from infecting host cell

Deng, Hongkui, Ding, Mingxiao, Yuan, Kehu, Qing, Tingting, Chen, Jian, Xiong, Zikai, Nie, Yuchun, Wang, Zai, Yi, Ling, Jiang, Pengfei, and Ren, Lichen

PATENT: CN 1566142 ISSUE DATE: 20050119

APPLICATION: 2003-11965 PP: 19 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Peking University, Peop. Rep. China

44. 58073 DMID-LS-107; SCIFINDER-DMID-12/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Polyoma virus infection of renal allografts: relationships of the distribution of viral infection, tubulointerstitial inflammation, and fibrosis suggesting viral interstitial nephritis in untreated disease

Meehan, Shane M, Kadambi, Pradeep V, Manaligod, Jose R, Williams, James W, Josephson, Michelle A, and Javaid, Basit

Human Pathology 2005. 36(12): 1256-1264

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