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1. 58536 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-virus activity of recombinant adenoviral vector HBV-TRL

Gong, Weidong, Yi, Jun, Zhao, Ya, Liu, Jun, Ding, Jin, and Xue, Caifang

Disi Junyi Daxue Xuebao 2005. 26(15): 1345-1348

2. 58537 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Structure-guided design of a novel class of benzyl-sulphonate inhibitors for influenza virus neuraminidase

Platis, D, Smith, BJ, Huyton, T, and Labrou, NE

Biochem J 2006.


3. 58538 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

In vitro antiviral activity of marine sponges collected off brazilian coast

Cordeiro da Silva, Alexandre, Kratz, Jadel Muller, Farias, Fabiane Maria, Henriques, Amelia Terezinha, dos Santos, Josivete, Leonel, Rosa Maria, Lerner, Clea, Mothes, Beatriz, Barardi, Celia Regina Monte, and Simoes, Claudia Maria Oliveira

Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 2006. 29(1): 135-140

4. 58539 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Lactoferrin inhibits early steps of human BK polyomavirus infection

Longhi, G, Pietropaolo, V, Mischitelli, M, Longhi, C, Conte, MP, Marchetti, M, Tinari, A, Valenti, P, Degener, AM, Seganti, L, and Superti, F

Antiviral Res 2006.


5. 58540 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The synergistic effect of IFN-alpha and IFN-gamma against HSV-2 replication in Vero cells is not interfered by the plant antiviral 1-cinnamoyl-3, 11-dihydroxymeliacarpin

Petrera, E and Coto, CE

Virol J 2006. 3(1): 45


6. 58541 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-viral treatment methods using phosphatidylethanolamine-binding peptide derivatives

Thorpe, Philip E, Soares, MMelina, and He, Jin

PATENT: US 2004214764 ISSUE DATE: 20041028

APPLICATION: 2003-52293 PP: 181 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 621,269.


7. 58542 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Exotic emerging viral diseases: Progress and challenges

Geisbert, Thomas W and Jahrling, Peter B

Nature Medicine (New York, NY, United States) 2004. 10(12, Suppl.): S110-S121

8. 58543 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Influenza virus proton channels

Pinto, LH and Lamb, RA

Photochem Photobiol Sci 2006. 5(6): 629-32


9. 58544 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of dengue virus replication by mycophenolic acid and ribavirin

Takhampunya, R, Ubol, S, Houng, HS, Cameron, CE, and Padmanabhan, R

J Gen Virol 2006. 87(Pt 7): 1947-52


10. 58545 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Is there an ideal animal model for SARS?

Subbarao, K and Roberts, A

Trends Microbiol 2006.


11. 58546 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Assembling a smallpox biodefense by interrogating 5-substituted pyrimidine nucleoside chemical space

Fan, X, Zhang, X, Zhou, L, Keith, KA, Kern, ER, and Torrence, PF

Antiviral Res 2006.


12. 58547 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Effect of Various Pyrimidines Possessing the 1-[(2-Hydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)ethoxy)methyl] Moiety, Able To Mimic Natural 2'-Deoxyribose, on Wild-type and Mutant Hepatitis B Virus Replication

Kumar, R, Semaine, W, Johar, M, Tyrrell, DL, and Agrawal, B

J Med Chem 2006. 49(12): 3693-3700


13. 58548 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Discovery of a Novel Family of SARS-CoV Protease Inhibitors by Virtual Screening and 3D-QSAR Studies

Tsai, KC, Chen, SY, Liang, PH, Lu, IL, Mahindroo, N, Hsieh, HP, Chao, YS, Liu, L, Liu, D, Lien, W, Lin, TH, and Wu, SY

J Med Chem 2006. 49(12): 3485-3495


14. 58549 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Isatin Compounds as Noncovalent SARS Coronavirus 3C-like Protease Inhibitors

Zhou, L, Liu, Y, Zhang, W, Wei, P, Huang, C, Pei, J, Yuan, Y, and Lai, L

J Med Chem 2006. 49(12): 3440-3


15. 58550 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

An Efficient RNA Aptamer against Human Influenza B Virus Hemagglutinin

Gopinath, SC, Sakamaki, Y, Kawasaki, K , and Kumar, PK

J Biochem (Tokyo) 2006. 139(5): 837-846


16. 58551 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A Bacterial Reporter System for the Evaluation of Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides Directed against Human Papillomavirus Type 16 (HPV-16)

Guapillo, MR, Marquez, MA, Benitez-Hess, ML, and Alvarez-Salas, LM

Arch Med Res 2006. 37(5): 584-592


17. 58552 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Discovery and development of compounds with anti-West Nile Virus activity

Goodell, John R, Shi, Pei-Yong, and Ferguson, David M

37th Great Lakes Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society Abstracts 2006.: GLRM-354

18. 58553 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of nucleoside analogs for treating Hepatitis C and other Flaviviridae family viral infections

Keicher, Jesse D, Roberts, Christopher D, and Dyatkina, Natalia B

PATENT: US 2006111311 ISSUE DATE: 20060525

APPLICATION: 2005-18840 PP: 23 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Genelabs Technologies, Inc. USA

19. 58554 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of hepatitis C replicon RNA synthesis by b-D-2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-2'-C-methylcytidine: a specific inhibitor of hepatitis C virus replication

Stuyver, Lieven J, McBrayer, Tamara R, Tharnish, Phillip M, Clark, Jeremy, Hollecker, Laurent, Lostia, Stefania, Nachman, Tammy, Grier, Jason, Bennett, Matthew A, Xie, Meng-Yu, Schinazi, Raymond F, Morrey, John D, Julander, Justin L, Furman, Phillip A, and Otto, Michael J

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2006. 17(2): 79-87

20. 58555 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Oral administration of exopolysaccharide from Aphanothece halophytica (Chroococcales) significantly inhibits influenza virus (H1N1)-induced pneumonia in mice

Zheng, W, Chen, C, Cheng, Q, Wang, Y, and Chu, C

Int Immunopharmacol 2006. 6(7): 1093-9


21. 58556 DMID-LS-121; PUBMED-DMID-6/19/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Cell line dependency for antiviral activity and in vivo efficacy of N-methanocarbathymidine against orthopoxvirus infections in mice

Smee, DF, Wandersee, MK, Bailey, KW, Wong, MH, Chu, CK, Gadthula, S, and Sidwell, RW

Antiviral Res 2006.


22. 58557 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Mycophenolic Acid Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus Replication Independent of Guanosine Depletion and Acts in Synergy With Interferon-a

Henry, S. et al.

Liver Transplantation 2006. 12(5): C109


23. 58558 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A guided tour through the antiviral drug field

De Clercq, E

Future Virology 2006. 1(1): 19-35

24. 58559 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and antiviral evaluation of alkoxyalkyl esters of phosphonopropoxymethyl-guanine and phosphonopropoxymethyl-diaminopurine

Ruiz, Jacqueline C, Aldern, Kathy A, Beadle, James R, Hartline, Caroll B, Kern, Earl R, and Hostetler, Karl Y

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2006. 17(2): 89-95

25. 58560 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibitory Activity of Cyclohexenyl Chalcone Derivatives and Flavonoids of Fingerroot, Boesenbergia Rotunda (L.), Towards Dengue-2 Virus Ns3 Protease

Kiat, T. et al.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. 16(12): 3337-3340


26. 58561 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Identification of One Peptide Which Inhibited Infectivity of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus in Vitro

Peng, B. et al.

Science in China Series C-Life Sciences 2006. 49(2): 158-163


27. 58562 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis, Reactions, and Antiviral Activity of 1-(1h-Pyrazolo[3,4-B]Pyridin-5-Yl)Ethanone and Pyrido[2 ',3 ': 3,4]Pyrazolo[5,1-C][1,2,4]Triazine Derivatives

Attaby, F. et al.

Phosphorus Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements 2006. 181(5): 1087-1102


28. 58563 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Compositions comprising pyranocoumarin enriched Prickly ash preparations and uses thereof as antiviral agents

Bafi-Yeboa, Nana Fredua A, Baker, John, Arnason, John T, and Hudson, Jim A

PATENT: WO 2006026853 ISSUE DATE: 20060316

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 104 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., Can.

29. 58564 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiherpes activity of 5-alkynyl derivatives of 2,-deoxyuridine

Andronova, VL, Pchelintseva, AA, Ustinov, AV, Petrunina, AL, Korshun, VA, Skorobogatyi, MV, and Galegov, GA

Voprosy Virusologii 2006. 51(1): 34-38

30. 58565 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Application of Stable Hepatitis C Virus (Hcv)-Secreting Human Hepatoma Cell Lines for Antiviral Drug Discovery

Luo, G. et al.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(1): A35


31. 58566 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral Strategies Against Nipah and Ebola Virus: Exploring Gene Silencing Mechanisms to Identify Potential Antiviral Targets

Enterlein, S. et al.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(1): A38


32. 58567 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Recombinant human super-compound interferon with decreased side effects and increased antiviral and antitumor activity for treating viral infection and cancer

Wei, Guangwen

PATENT: US 2006035327 ISSUE DATE: 20060216

APPLICATION: 2005-12277 PP: 72 pp., Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 927,975.

ASSIGNEE: (Peop. Rep. China)

33. 58568 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of Multiple Influenza a Subtypes in Cell Culture With Antisense Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomers

Iversen, P. et al.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(1): A49


34. 58569 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of Influenza Virus a and B Production by Rna Interference

Saitoh, H., Miyano-Kurosaki, N., and Takaku, H.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(1): A50


35. 58570 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The Antiviral Activity of S11, a Natural Herb Extract, Against Influenza Virus Infections in Mice

Kwon, J. et al.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(1): A51


36. 58571 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Mammalian genes showing altered levels of expression in reovirus infection and their use in development of therapeutics preventing viral replication

Rubin, Donald H

PATENT: WO 2006047673 ISSUE DATE: 20060504

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 143 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Vanderbilt University, USA

37. 58572 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Cage Compounds as Inhibitors of Arenaviruses Reproduction

Klimochkin, Y. et al.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(1): A80-A81


38. 58573 DMID-LS-121; WOS-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Identification and Analysis of Fitness of Resistance Mutations Against the Hcv Protease Inhibitor Sch 503034

Tong, X. et al.

Antiviral Research 2006. 70(2): 28-38


39. 58574 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

T-cell antigen determinants of SARS coronavirus and their applications as therapeutic agents

Liu, Gang, Cheng, Guifang, Li, Li, and Yang, Hongzhen

PATENT: CN 1746181 ISSUE DATE: 20060315

APPLICATION: 1007-4566 PP: 17 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peop. Rep. China

40. 58575 DMID-LS-121; SCIFINDER-DMID-6/20/2006 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation peptides for inhibition of SARS virus infection

Fujii, Nobutaka, Otaka, Akira, Yamamoto, Naoki, and Yamamoto, Norio

PATENT: WO 2006025536 ISSUE DATE: 20060309

APPLICATION: 2005 PP: 47 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Kyoto University, Japan and Tokyo Medical and Dental University)

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