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1. 59435 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

New treatment strategies against hepatitis C viral infection

Bilodeau, M and Lamarre, D

Can J Gastroenterol 2006. 20(11): 735-739


2. 59436 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Anti-influenza virus activity of biflavonoids

Miki, K, Nagai, T, Suzuki, K, Tsujimura, R, Koyama, K, Kinoshita, K, Furuhata, K, Yamada, H, and Takahashi, K

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2006.


3. 59437 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Antiviral treatment of hepatitis C: present status and future prospects

Koike, K

J Infect Chemother 2006. 12(5): 227-232


4. 59438 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

SARS Coronavirus Protein 6 Accelerates Murine Coronavirus Infections

Tangudu, C, Olivares, H, Netland, J, Perlman, S, and Gallagher, T

J Virol 2006.


5. 59439 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

The Old World and New World alphaviruses use different virus-specific proteins for induction of the transcriptional shutoff

Garmashova, N, Gorchakov, R, Volkova, E, Paessler, S, Frolova, E, and Frolov, I

J Virol 2006.


6. 59440 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Synthesis of novel potent hepatitis C virus NS3 protease inhibitors: Discovery of 4-hydroxy-cyclopent-2-ene-1,2-dicarboxylic acid as a N-acyl-l-hydroxyproline bioisostere

Thorstensson, F, Wangsell, F, Kvarnstrom, I, Vrang, L, Hamelink, E, Jansson, K, Hallberg, A, Rosenquist, S, and Samuelsson, B

Bioorg Med Chem 2006.


7. 59441 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Mycophenolic Acid Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus Replication and Acts in Synergy With Cyclosporin A and Interferon-[alpha]

Henry, Scot D, Metselaar, Herold J, Lonsdale, Richard CB, Kok, Alice, Haagmans, Bart L, Tilanus, Hugo W, and van der Laan, Luc JW

Gastroenterology 2006. 131(5): 1452-1462


8. 59442 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Targets of emerging therapies for viral hepatitis B and C

Yerly, D, Di, Giammarino L, Bihl, F, and Cerny, A

Expert Opin Ther Targets 2006. 10(6): 833-850


9. 59443 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Mechanism of activation of {beta}-D-2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-2'-C-methylcytidine and inhibition of hepatitis C virus NS5B RNA polymerase

Murakami, E, Bao, H, Ramesh, M, McBrayer, TR, Whitaker, T, Micolochick, Steuer HM, Schinazi, RF, Stuyver, LJ, Obikhod, A, Otto, MJ, and Furman, PA

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2006.


10. 59444 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Efficacy and safety of peg-IFN alfa-2a with ribavirin for the treatment of HCV/HIV coinfected patients who failed previous IFN based therapy

Rodriguez-Torres, Maribel, Rodriguez-Orengo, Jose F, Rios-Bedoya, Carlos F, Fernandez-Carbia, Alberto, Gonzalez-Lassalle, Elsa, Salgado-Mercado, Rosa, and Marxuach-Cuetara, Acisclo M

Journal of Clinical Virology 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


11. 59445 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Ribavirin and mycophenolic acid markedly potentiate the anti-hepatitis B virus activity of entecavir

Ying, C, Colonno, R, De, Clercq E, and Neyts, J

Antiviral Res 2006.


12. 59446 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Derivation of a novel SARS-coronavirus replicon cell line and its application for anti-SARS drug screening

Ge, F, Luo, Y, Liew, PX, and Hung, E

Virology 2006.


13. 59447 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Rapid Decline of Viral RNA in Hepatitis C Patients Treated With VX-950: A Phase Ib, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Study

Reesink, Hendrik W, Zeuzem, Stefan, Weegink, Christine J, Forestier, Nicole, van Vliet, Andre, van de Wetering de Rooij, Jeroen, McNair, Lindsay, Purdy, Susan, Kauffman, Robert, Alam, John, and Jansen, Peter LM

Gastroenterology 2006. 131(4): 997-1002


14. 59448 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Discovering Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 3CL Protease Inhibitors: Virtual Screening, Surface Plasmon Resonance, and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Assays

Chen, L, Chen, S, Gui, C, Shen, J, Shen, X, and Jiang, H

J Biomol Screen 2006.


15. 59449 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Olefin ring-closing metathesis as a powerful tool in drug discovery and development - potent macrocyclic inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus NS3 protease

Tsantrizos, Youla S, Ferland, Jean-Marie, McClory, Andrew, Poirier, Martin, Farina, Vittorio, Yee, Nathan K, Wang, Xiao-jun, Haddad, Nizar, Wei, Xudong, Xu, Jinghua, and Zhang, Li

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


16. 59450 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Influenza virus resistance to neuraminidase inhibitors

Mendel, DB and Sidwell, RW

Drug Resist Updat 1998. 1(3): 184-9


17. 59451 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Antiviral Effect of Aqueous Extracts from Species of the Lamiaceae Family against Herpes simplex Virus Type 1 and Type 2 in vitro

Nolkemper, S, Reichling, J, Stintzing, FC, Carle, R, and Schnitzler, P

Planta Med 2006.


18. 59452 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Interferons alpha and lambda Inhibit Hepatitis C Virus Replication With Distinct Signal Transduction and Gene Regulation Kinetics

Marcello, T, Grakoui, A, Barba-Spaeth, G, Machlin, ES, Kotenko, SV, Macdonald, MR, and Rice, CM

Gastroenterology 2006.


19. 59453 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Molecular virology of hepatitis B virus and the development of antiviral drug resistance

Locarnini, S and Omata, M

Liver Int 2006. 26 Suppl 2: 11-22


20. 59454 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Peginterferon alfa-2b Therapy in Acute Hepatitis C: Impact of Onset of Therapy on Sustained Virologic Response

Malnick, Stephen DH and Basevitch, Alon

Gastroenterology 2006. 131(2): 683


21. 59455 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Structure and antiviral activity of sulfated fucans from Stoechospermum marginatum

Adhikari, U, Mateu, CG, Chattopadhyay, K, Pujol, CA, Damonte, EB, and Ray, B

Phytochemistry 2006. 67(22): 2474-82


22. 59456 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Cleavage preference distinguishes the two-component NS2B-NS3 serine proteinases of Dengue and West Nile viruses

Shiryaev, SA, Kozlov, IA, Ratnikov, BI, Smith, JW, Lebl, M, and Strongin, AY

Biochem J 2006.


23. 59457 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Hcvns2 Protein Inhibits Cell Proliferation and Induces Cell Cycle Arrest in the S-Phase in Mammalian Cells Through Down-Regulation of Cyclin a Expression

Yang, X. et al.

Virus Research 2006. 121(2): 134-143


24. 59458 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Integerrimides A and B, cyclic heptapeptides from the latex of Jatropha integerrima

Mongkolvisut, W, Sutthivaiyakit, S, Leutbecher, H, Mika, S, Klaiber, I, Moller, W, Rosner, H, Beifuss, U, and Conrad, J

J Nat Prod 2006. 69(10): 1435-41


25. 59459 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

3'-Carbon-substituted pyrimidine nucleosides having a 2',3'-dideoxy and 2',3'-didehydro-2',3'-dideoxy structure: synthesis and antiviral evaluation

Kumamoto, H, Onuma, S, Tanaka, H, Dutschman, GE, and Cheng, YC

Antivir Chem Chemother 2006. 17(4): 225-34


26. 59460 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Disease Mechanisms Implicated by Human, Animal Model, and in Vitro Data Facilitate Vaccine Strategies and New Therapeutics

Moore, M. and Peebles, R.

Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2006. 112(2): 405-424


27. 59461 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

The combination of type I interferon and ribavirin has an inhibitory effect on mouse hepatitis virus infection

Sone, S, Izawa, A, Narumi, H, Kajita, A, Tanabe, J, and Taguchi, F

Hepatol Res 2006.


28. 59462 DMID-LS-132; PUBMED-WOS-11/20/2006

Drug resistance among influenza A viruses isolated in Italy from 2000 to 2005: are the emergence of Adamantane-resistant viruses cause of concern?

Ansaldi, F, Valle, L, Amicizia, D, Banfi, F, Pastorino, B, Sticchi, L, Icardi, G, Gasparini, R, and Crovari, P

J Prev Med Hyg 2006. 47(1): 1-3


29. 59463 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Downregulation of Protein Disulfide Isomerase Inhibits Infection by the Mouse Polyomavirus

Gilbert, J. et al.

Journal of Virology 2006. 80(21): 10868-10870


30. 59464 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Synthesis and antiviral evaluation of alkoxyalkyl-phosphate conjugates of cidofovir and adefovir

Ruiz, Jacqueline C, Beadle, James R, Aldern, Kathy A, Keith, Kathy A, Hartline, Caroll B, Kern, Earl R, and Hostetler, Karl Y

Antiviral Research 2006. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


31. 59465 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Three Dimensional Model of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Helicase Atpase Catalytic Domain and Molecular Design of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Helicase Inhibitors

Hoffmann, M. et al.

Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 2006. 20(5): 305-319


32. 59466 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Recommendations and Potential Future Options in the Treatment of Hepatitis B

Yuen, M. and Lai, C.

Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy 2006. 7(16): 2225-2231


33. 59467 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Hepatitis B and C Virus Antiviral Resistance

Saez-Lopez, A. and Aguero-Balbin, J.

Enfermedades Infecciosas Y Microbiologia Clinica 2006. 24(9): 576-584


34. 59468 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

In Vitro Antiviral Activities of Chinese Medicinal Herbs Against Duck Hepatitis B Virus

Leung, K. et al.

Phytotherapy Research 2006. 20(10): 911-914


35. 59469 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

HBV drug resistance: Mechanisms, detection and interpretation

Shaw, Tim, Bartholomeusz, Angeline, and Locarnini, Stephen

Journal of Hepatology 2006. 44(3): 593-606


36. 59470 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Validation of Coronavirus E Proteins Ion Channels as Targets for Antiviral Drugs

Wilson, L, Gage, P, and Ewart, G

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 2006. 581: 573-578


37. 59471 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Identification and Evaluation of Coronavirus Replicase Inhibitors Using a Replicon Cell Line

Scandella, E, Eriksson, KK, Hertzig, T , Drosten, C, Chen, LL, Gui, CS, Luo, XM, Shen, JH, Shen, X, Siddell, SG, Ludewig, B, Jiang, HL, Gunther, S, and Thiel, V

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 2006. 581: 609-613


38. 59472 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Characterization of drug-resistant recombinant influenza A/H1N1 viruses selected in vitro with peramivir and zanamivir

Baz, Mariana, Abed, Yacine, and Boivin, Guy

Antiviral Research 2006. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


39. 59473 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Susceptibility of highly pathogenic A(H5N1) avian influenza viruses to the neuraminidase inhibitors and adamantanes

Hurt, AC, Selleck, P, Komadina, N, Shaw, R, Brown, L, and Barr, IG

Antiviral Research 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


40. 59474 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Bicyclol for Chronic Hepatitis B

Wu, T. et al.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2006.(4)


41. 59475 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Increased adamantane resistance in influenza A(H3) viruses in Australia and neighbouring countries in 2005

Barr, IG, Hurt, AC, Iannello, P, Tomasov, C, Deed, N, and Komadina, N

Antiviral Research 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


42. 59476 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Influenza virus inhibits RNA polymerase II elongation

Chan, Annie Y, Vreede, Frank T, Smith, Matt, Engelhardt, Othmar G, and Fodor, Ervin

Virology 2006. 351(1): 210-217


43. 59477 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Avian Influenza: Exploring All the Avenues

Treanor, J.

Annals of Internal Medicine 2006. 145(8): 631-632


44. 59478 DMID-LS-132; WOS-DMID-11/20/2006

Fatal Outcome of Human Influenza a (H5n1) Is Associated With High Viral Load and Hypercytokinemia

De Jong, M. et al.

Nature Medicine 2006. 12(10): 1203-1207


45. 59479 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Discovery of adamantane ethers as inhibitors of 11[beta]-HSD-1: Synthesis and biological evaluation

Patel, Jyoti R, Shuai, Qi, Dinges, Jurgen, Winn, Marty, Pliushchev, Marina, Fung, Steven, Monzon, Katina, Chiou, William, Wang, Jiahong, and Pan, Liping

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2006. In Press, Corrected Proof


46. 59480 DMID-LS-132; EMBASE-DMID-11/20/2006

Novel 5,7-disubstituted 6-amino-5H-pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrazine-2,3-dicarbonitriles, the[no-break space]promising protein kinase inhibitors with antiproliferative activity

Dubinina, GG, Platonov, MO, Golovach, SM, Borysko, PO, Tolmachov, AO, and Volovenko, YM

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006. 41(6): 727-737


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