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1. 56003 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Adaptation of West Nile virus replicons to cells in culture and use of replicon-bearing cells to probe antiviral action

Rossi, Shannan L, Zhao, Qizu, O'Donnell, Vivian K, and Mason, Peter W

Virology 2005. 331(2): 457-470

2. 56004 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Evolution and Variation of the SARS-CoV Genome

Hu, J, Wang, J, Xu, J, Li, W, Han, Y, Li, Y, Ji, J, Ye, J, Xu, Z, Zhang, Z, Wei, W, Li, S, Wang, J, Wang, J, Yu, J, and Yang, H

Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 2003. 1(3): 216-25


3. 56005 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

FK778, A Synthetic Malononitrilamide

Fitzsimmons, WE and First, MR

Yonsei Med J 2004. 45(6): 1132-5


4. 56006 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Suppression of hepatitis C virus replicon by TGF-b

Murata, Takayuki, Ohshima, Takayuki, Yamaji, Masashi, Hosaka, Masahiro, Miyanari, Yusuke, Hijikata, Makoto, and Shimotohno, Kunitada

Virology 2005. 331(2): 407-417

5. 56007 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibitory properties of nucleic acid-binding ligands on protein synthesis

Malina, A, Khan, S, Carlson, CB, Svitkin, Y, Harvey, I, Sonenberg, N, Beal, PA, and Pelletier, J

FEBS Lett 2005. 579(1): 79-89


6. 56008 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A strategy for obtaining near full-length HCV cDNA clones (assemblicons) by assembly PCR

Sheehy, P, Scallan, M, Kenny-Walsh, E, Shanahan, F, and Fanning, LJ

Journal of Virological Methods 2005. 123(2): 115-124

7. 56009 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Albuferon (Tm) - a Novel Therapeutic Agent for Hepatitis C: Results of a Phase 1/2 Study in Treatment Experienced Subjects With Chronic Hepatitis C

Balan, V. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 280A-281A


8. 56010 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Expression of Hcv Protease in the Liver of Mice Results in Liver Injury Which Can Be Inhibited by Vx-950, a Vertex Hcv Protease Inhibitor

Kalkeri, G. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 281A


9. 56011 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of respiratory viruses by nasally administered siRNA

Bitko, V, Musiyenko, A, Shulyayeva, O, and Barik, S

Nat Med 2004.


10. 56012 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of respiratory syncytial virus infection with intranasal siRNA nanoparticles targeting the viral NS1 gene

Zhang, W, Yang, H, Kong, X, Mohapatra, S, Juan-Vergara, HS, Hellermann, G, Behera, S, Singam, R, Lockey, RF, and Mohapatra, SS

Nat Med 2004.


11. 56013 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

In Vitro Anti-Viral Effects of Interferon and Ribavirin at Their Clinical Concentrations Against Hepatitis C Virus.

Kato, T. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 321A


12. 56014 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Impact of mycophenolate mofetil versus azathioprine on early recurrence of hepatitis C after liver transplantation

Kornberg, A, Kuepper, B, Tannapfel, A, Hommann, M, and Scheele, J

International Immunopharmacology 2005. 5(1): 107-115

13. 56015 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

(Z)- and (E)-[2-Fluoro-2-(hydroxymethyl)cyclopropylidene]methylpurines and -pyrimidines, a New Class of Methylenecyclopropane Analogues of Nucleosides: Synthesis and Antiviral Activity(1)

Zhou, S, Kern, ER, Gullen, E, Cheng, YC, Drach, JC, Matsumi, S, Mitsuya, H, and Zemlicka, J

J Med Chem 2004. 47(27): 6964-6972


14. 56016 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A Phase Ii, Randomized Trial Evaluating the Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Antiviral Activity of Clevudine for 12 Weeks in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B

Marcellin, P. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 652A


15. 56017 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Non-Nucleoside Benzimidazole-Based Allosteric Inhibitors of the Hepatitis C Virus NS5B Polymerase: Inhibition of Subgenomic Hepatitis C Virus RNA Replicons in Huh-7 Cells

Beaulieu, PL, Bousquet, Y, Gauthier, J, Gillard, J, Marquis, M, McKercher, G, Pellerin, C, Valois, S, and Kukolj, G

J Med Chem 2004. 47(27): 6884-92


16. 56018 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

N-1-Aza-4-Hydroxyquinolone Benzothiadiazines: Inhibitors of Hcv Genotype 1 Ns5b Rna-Dependent Rna Polymerase Exhibiting Replicon Potency and Favorable Rat Pharmacokinetics.

Pratt, J. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 697A


17. 56019 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Final Phase I/Ii Trial Results for Nm283, a New Polymerase Inhibitor for Hepatitis C: Antiviral Efficacy and Tolerance in Patients With Hcv-1 Infection, Including Previous Interferon Failures

Afdhal, N. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 726A


18. 56020 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Sensitivity of Hepatitis C Virus Rna to the Antiviral Enzyme Ribonuclease L Is Determined by a Subset of Efficient Cleavage Sites

Han, J. et al.

Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research 2004. 24(11): 664-676


19. 56021 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Hcv Infective Virions Can Be Carried by Human Platelets

Pugliese, A. et al.

Cell Biochemistry and Function 2004. 22(6): 353-358


20. 56022 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The pneumonia virus of mice infection model for severe respiratory syncytial virus infection: identifying novel targets for therapeutic intervention

Rosenberg, Helene F, Bonville, Cynthia A, Easton, Andrew J, and Domachowske, Joseph B

Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2005. 105(1): 1-6

21. 56023 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Receptor modulation in viral replication: HIV, HSV, HHV-8 and HPV: same goal, different techniques to interfere with MHC-I antigen presentation

Piguet, V

Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 2005. 285: 199-217


22. 56024 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The management of chronic viral hepatitis: A Canadian consensus conference 2004

Sherman, M, Bain, V, Villeneuve, JP, Myers, RP, Cooper, C, Martin, S, and Lowe, C

Can J Gastroenterol 2004. 18(12): 715-28


23. 56025 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and antiviral activity against Coxsackie virus B3 of some novel benzimidazole derivatives

Cheng, Jun, Xie, Jiangtao, and Luo, Xianjin

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2005. 15(2): 267-269

24. 56026 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Studies on Acyclovir-Dextran Conjugate: Synthesis and Pharmacokinetics

Tu, J., Zhong, S., and Li, P.

Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 2004. 30(9): 959-965


25. 56027 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Modulation of drug metabolism and antiviral therapies

Lauterburg, Bernhard H 2005.: 233-251

26. 56028 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Implication of proprotein convertases in the processing and spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus

Bergeron, E, Vincent, MJ, Wickham, L, Hamelin, J, Basak, A, Nichol, ST, Chretien, M, and Seidah, NG

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2005. 326(3): 554-63


27. 56029 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Development of an Efficient and Scalable Process of a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibitor

Provencal, D. et al.

Organic Process Research & Development 2004. 8(6): 903-908


28. 56030 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Mode of selection and experimental evolution of antiviral drugs resistance in vesicular stomatitis virus

Cuevas, Jose M, Sanjuan, Rafael, Moya, Andres, and Elena, Santiago F

Infection, Genetics and Evolution 2005. 5(1): 55-65

29. 56031 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Therapeutic effects of dengue 2 virus capsid protein and staphylococcal nuclease fusion protein on dengue-infected cell cultures

Qin, CF, Qin, E, Yu, M, Chen, SP, Jiang, T, Deng, YQ, Duan, HY, and Zhao, H

Arch Virol 2004.


30. 56032 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Ribavirin and interferon-b synergistically inhibit SARS-associated coronavirus replication in animal and human cell lines

Morgenstern, Birgit, Michaelis, Martin, Baer, Patrick C, Doerr, Hans W, and Cinatl, Jindrich

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2005. 326(4): 905-908

31. 56033 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Pegylated Interferon Alfa-2a or Alfa-2b With Ribavirin in Treatment Naive Patients With Genotype 1 Chronic Hepatitis C

Di Bisceglie, A. et al.

Hepatology 2004. 40(4): 734A


32. 56034 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Quaternary Structure of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) Coronavirus Main Protease

Chou, C. et al.

Biochemistry 2004. 43(47): 14958-14970


33. 56035 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Picornavirus IRES: structure function relationship

Martinez-Salas, E and Fernandez-Miragall, O

Curr Pharm Des 2004. 10(30): 3757-67


34. 56036 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of phenylacetamides and phenyl ureas as inhibitors of papilloma virus

Tsantrizos, Youla S, Faucher, Anne-Marie, Rancourt, Jean, and White, Peter

PATENT: WO 2004108673 ISSUE DATE: 20041216

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 80 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Boehringer Ingelheim International G.m.b.H., Germany and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma G.m.b.H. & Co. K.-G.)

35. 56037 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Herpes simplex virus type 1 amplicons and their hybrid virus partners, EBV, AAV, and retrovirus

Oehmig, A, Fraefel, C, Breakefield, XO, and Ackermann, M

Curr Gene Ther 2004. 4(4): 385-408


36. 56038 DMID-LS-83; PUBMED-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Recent advances in rhinovirus therapeutics

Charles, CH, Yelmene, M, and Luo, GX

Curr Drug Targets Infect Disord 2004. 4(4): 331-7


37. 56039 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of heterocyclic peptides as hepatitis C inhibitors

Llinas-Brunet, Montse

PATENT: US 2004229818 ISSUE DATE: 20041118

APPLICATION: 2004-5555 PP: 42 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh, Germany

38. 56040 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Tri-peptide hepatitis c serine protease inhibitors

Miao, Zhenwei, Sun, Ying, Nakajima, Suanne, Tang, Datong, Wang, Zhe, and Or, Yat Sun

PATENT: WO 2004113365 ISSUE DATE: 20041229

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 84 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA

39. 56041 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Hepatitis c virus inhibitors

Lim, Jae-Hong, Yoon, Joo-Yong, Song, Jeong-Uk, Sung, Lee-Taek, Choi, Sung-Pil, Song, Ho-Young, Kim, Jong-Yup, Kim, Yong-Zu, Cho, Young-Gyu, Kim, Chang-Myung, Kim, Won-Sup, Kang, Seung-Wan, and Park, Ji-Hyun

PATENT: WO 2004111013 ISSUE DATE: 20041223

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 147 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (LG Life Sciences Ltd., S. Korea

40. 56042 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Pyridine n-oxides as antiviral agents

Colarusso, Stefania and Narjes, Frank

PATENT: WO 2004110442 ISSUE DATE: 20041223

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 36 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia Molecolare P. Angeletti S.p.A., Italy

41. 56043 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of [(morpholino)ethylamino]pyridine derivatives as antiviral agents

Kim, Jong-Woo, Lee, Sang-Wook, Lee, Geun-Hyung, Han, Jae-Jin, Park, Sang-Jin, Park, Eul-Yong, and Shin, Joong-Chul

PATENT: WO 2004108719 ISSUE DATE: 20041216

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 23 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (B & C Biopharm Co., Ltd. S. Korea

42. 56044 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of substituted imidazole derivatives as antiviral agents

Roberts, Christopher Don, Shi, Dong-Fang, and Griffith, Ronald Conrad

PATENT: WO 2004108687 ISSUE DATE: 20041216

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 54 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Genelabs Technologies, Inc. USA

43. 56045 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Conventional Protein Kinase C Inhibition Prevents Alpha Interferon-Mediated Hepatitis C Virus Replicon Clearance by Impairing Stat Activation

Fimia, G. et al.

Journal of Virology 2004. 78(23): 12809-12816


44. 56046 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-viral activity of cationic peptides of the cathelicidin family including LL-37, homologs and variants thereof, and diagnosing atopic dermatitis by detecting LL-37 or its gene

Gallo, Richard L, Leung, Donald YM, and Jones, James F

PATENT: WO 2004098536 ISSUE DATE: 20041118

APPLICATION: 2004 PP: 55 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The Regents of the University of California, USA and National Jewish Medical and Research Center)

45. 56047 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Induction of gene mutations by 5-(2-chloroethyl)-2'-deoxyuridine (CEDU), an antiviral pyrimidine nucleoside analogue

Suter, Willi, Plappert-Helbig, Ulla, Glowienke, Susanne, Poetter-Locher, Franziska, Staedtler, Frank, Racine, Robert, and Martus, Hans-Joerg

Mutation Research 2004. 568(2): 195-209

46. 56048 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Tyrosine Dephosphorylation of Stat3 in Sars Coronavirus-Infected Vero E6 Cells

Mizutani, T. et al.

Febs Letters 2004. 577(1-2): 187-192


47. 56049 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis of certain 6-(arylthio)uracils and related derivatives as potential antiviral agents

El-Emam, Ali A, Massoud, Mohamed AM, El-Bendary, Eman R, and El-Sayed, Magda A

Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2004. 25(7): 991-996

48. 56050 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of thienopyridine-ethanolamine derivatives as antiviral agents

Schnute, Mark E, Cudahy, Michele M, Eggen, Marijean, Anderson, David J, Judge, Thomas M, Kim, Euibong J, and Collier, Sarah A

PATENT: WO 2004106345 ISSUE DATE: 20041209

APPLICATION: 2003 PP: 95 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Pharmacia & Upjohn Company, USA

49. 56051 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Preparation of cytidine nucleoside analogs as antiviral agents

Girardet, Jean-Luc, Koh, Yung-Hyo, An, Haoyun, and Hong, Zhi

PATENT: WO 2004080466 ISSUE DATE: 20040923

APPLICATION: 2003 PP: 59 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Ribapharm Inc., USA

50. 56052 DMID-LS-83; WOS-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Potent and Selective Inhibition of Sars Coronavirus Replication by Aurintricarboxylic Acid (Vol 320, Pg 1199, 2004)

Adonov, A. et al.

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2004. 324(3): 1152-1153


51. 56053 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Anti-influenza virus compounds comprising biflavonoid-sialic acid glycoside

Yamada, Haruki, Nagai, Takayuki, and Takahashi, Kunio

PATENT: WO 2004076471 ISSUE DATE: 20040910

APPLICATION: 2003 PP: 81 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (The Kitasato Institute, Japan

52. 56054 DMID-LS-83; SCIFINDER-DMID-1/5/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Cromoglycic acid and its salts as antiviral agents for prevention and treatment of influenza

Hiroi, Jun, Tsujii, Eisaku, Suzuki, Yasuo, Hidari, Ippachi, and Miyatake, Akihiko

PATENT: JP 2004352712 ISSUE DATE: 20041216

APPLICATION: 2004-6194 PP: 11 pp.

ASSIGNEE: (Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Japan

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