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1. 56231 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Rapid identification of emerging pathogens: coronavirus

Sampath, R

Emerg Infect Dis 2005. 11(3): 373-379


2. 56232 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Novel strategies for prevention and treatment of influenza

Kandel, R and Hartshorn, KL

Expert Opin Ther Targets 2005. 9(1): 1-22


3. 56233 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

A Hepatitis C Virus (Hcv) Internal Ribosome Entry Site (Ires) Domain Iii-Iv-Targeted Aptamer Inhibits Translation by Binding to an Apical Loop of Domain Iiid

Kikuchi, K. et al.

Nucleic Acids Research 2005. 33(2): 683-692


4. 56234 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Filling the hole: evidence of a small molecule binding to the fusion core pocket in human respiratory syncytial virus

Gao, GF

Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2005. 14(2): 195-197


5. 56235 DMID-LS-88; EMBASE-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis of 5',9-anhydro-3-([beta]-d-ribofuranosyl)xanthine, and 3,5'-anhydro-xanthosine as potential anti-hepatitis C virus agents

Chun, Byoung-Kwon, Wang, Peiyuan, Hassan, Abdalla, Du, Jinfa, Tharnish, Phillip M, Stuyver, Lieven J, Otto, Michael J, Schinazi, Raymond F, and Watanabe, Kyoichi A

Tetrahedron Letters 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


6. 56236 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Agents and strategies in development for improved management of herpes simplex virus infection and disease

Kleymann, G

Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2005. 14(2): 135-161


7. 56237 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antisense approaches for inhibiting respiratory syncytial virus

Cramer, H

Expert Opin Biol Ther 2005. 5(2): 207-220


8. 56238 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis and Evaluation of S-Acyl-2-Thioethyl Esters of Modified Nucleoside 5'-Monophosphates as Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus Rna Replication

Prakash, T. et al.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005. 48(4): 1199-1210


9. 56239 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Pyrazolopyridine antiherpetics: SAR of C2' and C7 amine substituents

Johns, BA, Gudmundsson, KS, Turner, EM , Allen, SH, Samano, VA, Ray, JA, Freeman, GA, Boyd, FL Jr, Sexton, CJ, Selleseth, DW, Creech, KL, and Moniri, KR

Bioorg Med Chem 2005. 13(7): 2397-2411


10. 56240 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Human Cathelicidin (Ll-37/Hcap-18) Demonstrates Direct Antiviral Activity Against Adenovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus in Vitro

Gordon, Y. et al.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2004. 45: U810


11. 56241 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis of Pyranoindole Derivatives as Hcv Polymerase Inhibitors.

Park, K. et al.

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 2004. 228: U931


12. 56242 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The substrate specificity of SARS coronavirus 3C-like proteinase

Fan, K, Ma, L, Han, X, Liang, H, Wei, P, Liu, Y, and Lai, L

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2005. 329(3): 934-940


13. 56243 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Tripeptide Inhibitors of the Hepatitis C Virus Serine Protease.

Ghiro, E. et al.

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 2004. 228: U932


14. 56244 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

From genome to antivirals: SARS as a test tube

Kliger, Y, Levanon, EY, and Gerber, D

Drug Discov Today 2005. 10(5): 345-352


15. 56245 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Identification of a critical neutralization determinant of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-associated coronavirus: importance for designing SARS vaccines

He, Y, Zhu, Q, Liu, S, Zhou, Y, Yang, B, Li, J, and Jiang, S

Virology 2005. 334(1): 74-82


16. 56246 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Crystal structures of the RNA dependent RNA polymerase genotype 2a of hepatitis C virus reveal two conformations and suggest mechanisms of inhibition by non-nucleoside inhibitors

Biswal, BK, Cherney, MM, Wang, M, Chan, L, Yannopoulos, CG, Bilimoria, D, Nicolas, O, Bedard, J, and James, MN

J Biol Chem 2005.


17. 56247 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

QSAR for anti-RNA-virus activity, synthesis, and assay of anti-RSV carbonucleosides given a unified representation of spectral moments, quadratic, and topologic indices

Gonzalez-Diaz, H, Cruz-Monteagudo, M, Vina, D, Santana, L, Uriarte, E, and De, Clercq E

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005. 15(6): 1651-1657


18. 56248 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibitors of HCV NS5B polymerase: synthesis and structure-activity relationships of N-1-heteroalkyl-4-hydroxyquinolon-3-yl-benzothiadiazines

Pratt, JK, Donner, P, McDaniel, KF, Maring, CJ, Kati, WM, Mo, H, Middleton, T, Liu, Y, Ng, T, Xie, Q, Zhang, R, Montgomery, D, Molla, A, Kempf, DJ, and Kohlbrenner, W

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005. 15(6): 1577-1582


19. 56249 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Parallel Synthesis of Pteridine Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors for Hepatitis C Virus Ns5b Rna-Dependent Rna Polymerase

Ding, Y. et al.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2005. 15(3): 675-678


20. 56250 DMID-LS-88; EMBASE-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Effect of the anti-cytomegalovirus (CMV) drug maribavir (MB) on the activities of cytochrome p450 (CYP) 1A2, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6, 3A, N-ACETYLTRANSFERASE-2 (NAT-2), and xanthine oxidase (XO) as assessed by the cooperstown 5+1 drug cocktail

Ma, JD, Nafziger, AN, Villano, SA, Gaedigk, A, Victory, J, and Bertino, JS

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2005. 77(2): P19


21. 56251 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Identification of small molecule inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from a pyrrolidine combinatorial mixture

Burton, G, Ku, TW, Carr, TJ, Kiesow, T, Sarisky, RT, Lin-Goerke, J, Baker, A, Earnshaw, DL, Hofmann, GA, Keenan, RM, and Dhanak, D

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2005. 15(6): 1553-1556


22. 56252 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Sialobiology of influenza: molecular mechanism of host range variation of influenza viruses

Suzuki, Y

Biol Pharm Bull 2005. 28(3): 399-408


23. 56253 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Novel [(biphenyloxy)propyl]isoxazole derivatives for inhibition of human rhinovirus 2 and coxsackievirus B3 replication

Makarov, VA, Riabova, OB, Granik, VG, Wutzler, P, and Schmidtke, M

J Antimicrob Chemother 2005.


24. 56254 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Prospects for adenovirus antivirals

Kinchington, PR, Romanowski, EG, and Jerold, Gordon Y

J Antimicrob Chemother 2005.


25. 56255 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthesis of Phosphonated Carbocyclic 2'-Oxa-3'-aza-nucleosides: Novel Inhibitors of Reverse Transcriptase

Chiacchio, U, Balestrieri, E, Macchi, B, Iannazzo, D, Piperno, A, Rescifina, A, Romeo, R, Saglimbeni, M, Sciortino, MT, Valveri, V, Mastino, A, and Romeo, G

J Med Chem 2005. 48(5): 1389-1394


26. 56256 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Development and Preliminary Optimization of Indole-N-Acetamide Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus NS5B Polymerase

Harper, S, Pacini, B, Avolio, S, Di Filippo, M, Migliaccio, G, Laufer, R, De Francesco, R, Rowley, M, and Narjes, F

J Med Chem 2005. 48(5): 1314-1317


27. 56257 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Current status of anti-SARS agents

Shigeta, S and Yamase, T

Antivir Chem Chemother 2005. 16(1): 23-31


28. 56258 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

New antiviral drugs, vaccines and classic public health interventions against SARS coronavirus

Oxford, JS, Balasingam, S, Chan, C, Catchpole, A, and Lambkin, R

Antivir Chem Chemother 2005. 16(1): 13-21


29. 56259 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Poxvirus tropism

McFadden, G

Nat Rev Microbiol 2005. 3(3): 201-213


30. 56260 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

The proton pump inhibitor lansoprazole inhibits rhinovirus infection in cultured human tracheal epithelial cells

Sasaki, T, Yamaya, M, Yasuda, H, Inoue, D, Yamada, M, Kubo, H, Nishimura, H, and Sasaki, H

Eur J Pharmacol 2005. 509(2-3): 201-210


31. 56261 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of West Nile Virus Entry by Using a Recombinant Domain Iii From the Envelope Glycoprotein

Chu, J. et al.

Journal of General Virology 2005. 86: 405-412


32. 56262 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Lambda interferon inhibits hepatitis B and C virus replication

Robek, MD, Boyd, BS, and Chisari, FV

J Virol 2005 . 79(6): 3851-3854


33. 56263 DMID-LS-88; EMBASE-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Synthetic peptides derived from SARS coronavirus S protein with diagnostic and therapeutic potential

Lu, Wei, Wu, Xiao-Dong, Shi, Mu De, Yang, Rui Fu, He, You Yu, Bian, Chao, Shi, Tie Liu, Yang, Sheng, Zhu, Xue-Liang, and Jiang, Wei-Hong

FEBS Letters 2005. In Press, Uncorrected Proof


34. 56264 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Practical Synthesis of a Potent Hepatitis C Virus Rna Replication Inhibitor

Xu, F. et al.

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 2004. 228: U121


35. 56265 DMID-LS-88; EMBASE-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Design of recombinant protein-based SARS-CoV entry inhibitors targeting the heptad-repeat regions of the spike protein S2 domain

Ni, Ling, Zhu, Jieqing, Zhang, Junjie, Yan, Meng, Gao, George F, and Tien, Po

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


36. 56266 DMID-LS-88; EMBASE-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Interferon alfacon1 is an inhibitor of SARS-corona virus in cell-based models

Paragas, Jason, Blatt, Lawrence M, Hartmann, Chris, Huggins, John W, and Endy, Tim P

Antiviral Research 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


37. 56267 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

New Triterpenoid Saponins From the Roots of Platycodon Grandiflorum

He, Z. et al.

Tetrahedron 2005. 61(8): 2211-2215


38. 56268 DMID-LS-88; EMBASE-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibitory effect of mizoribine and ribavirin on the replication of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-associated coronavirus

Saijo, Masayuki, Morikawa, Shigeru, Fukushi, Shuetsu, Mizutani, Tetsuya, Hasegawa, Hideki, Nagata, Noriyo, Iwata, Naoko, and Kurane, Ichiro

Antiviral Research 2005. In Press, Corrected Proof


39. 56269 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Susceptibilities of several clinical varicella-zoster virus (VZV) isolates and drug-resistant VZV strains to bicyclic furano pyrimidine nucleosides

Andrei, G, Sienaert, R, McGuigan, C, De Clercq, E, Balzarini, J, and Snoeck, R

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005. 49(3): 1081-1086


40. 56270 DMID-LS-88; PUBMED-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Evaluation of anti-herpetic and antioxidant activities, and cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of synthetic alkyl-esters of gallic acid

Savi, LA, Leal, PC, Vieira, TO, Rosso, R, Nunes, RJ, Yunes, RA, Creczynski-Pasa, TB, Barardi, CR, and Simoes, CM

Arzneimittelforschung 2005. 55(1): 66-75


41. 56271 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Phenolic Profile, Antioxidant Property, and Anti-Influenza Viral Activity of Chinese Quince (Pseudocydonia Sinensis Schneid.), Quince (Cydonia Oblonga Mill.), And Apple (Malus Domestica Mill.) Fruits

Hamauzu, Y. et al.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2005. 53(4): 928-934


42. 56272 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Antiviral Efficacy of Dipeptide Ganciclovir and Acyclovir Prodrugs, Val-Val-Ganciclovir (Vvgcv) and Gly-Val-Acyclovir (Gvacv), Against Hsv-1 Corneal Epithelial Keratitis in the Rabbit

Itahashi, M. et al.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2004. 45: U127


43. 56273 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Novel Inhibitors of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Rna-Dependent Rna Polymerase.

Bordeleau, J. et al.

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 2004. 228: U931


44. 56274 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Methylenecyclopropane Analogues of Purine Nucleosides as Agents Against Drug-Resistant Cytomegalovirus.

Zemlicka, J. and Drach, J.

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 2004. 228: U937


45. 56275 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Inhibition of the Measles Virus Cell Entry: Fusion Blockade.

Sun, A. et al.

Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 2004. 228: U968


46. 56276 DMID-LS-88; WOS-DMID-3/15/2005 ; DMID-LSLOAD

Design and Synthesis of a New Furanosic Sialylmimetic as a Potential Influenza Neuraminidase Viral Inhibitor

Bianco, A. et al.

Letters in Organic Chemistry 2005. 2(1): 83-88


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